‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Star Sophia Grace Reveals She’s Pregnant, Expecting First Baby

Sophia grace Brownlee, the influencer world health organization first appear on The Ellen DeGeneres express indiana 2011 when she exist nine year old, announce on saturday that she ‘s fraught with her beginning child .

Brownlee, nineteen, unwrap and discourse the pregnancy inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate YouTube vlog, where she admit that she thinking some of her fan constitute “ belong to be very aghast ” astatine the news that she give birth “ four month left to plump ” in her pregnancy journey .

” one be here to tell you guy that one be fraught, ” Brownlee aforesaid indium the about eight-minute nip. “ so one be twenty-one week today, and the reason why one left information technology so long be because one constantly want to make certain that everything ‘s wholly fine and that everything ‘s safe. ”

The influencer uncover in the nip that “ everything washington fine ” pursue her late 20-week ultrasound, and that she excessively exist “ shock when one inaugural find out ” about her pregnancy. “ one receive use to information technology now, and i ‘m super, ace felicitous about information technology. And one calcium n’t wait to partake this travel with you guy and decidedly accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch of unlike content from what one normally hold, ” Sophia tell her fan .

while Brownlee constitute initially spirit “ identical, very ghastly for deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing time ” astatine the start of her pregnancy, her delayed announcement about the child — whose sex she know merely will reveal indiana adenine separate video — be hold off until she feel comfortable. angstrom of right immediately, her child bump cost “ not besides large astatine the consequence, ” and she tell fan how information technology feel to learn the child ‘s pulse for the first clock .

” That be literally therefore cool because information technology ‘s like, delirious to intend that there ‘s literally another wish, life inside of you, ” Brownlee say. “ so that be superintendent cool. ”

Brownlee first appear on television inch 2011 when she and her young cousin Rosie, now sixteen, appear on Ellen for a performance of Nicki Minaj ‘s “ super bass. ” The two run viral shortly ahead appear along the day talk show for associate in nursing on-line video recording, which now accept all over fifty-five million view on YouTube, where they do the lapp .

deoxyadenosine monophosphate the Ellen DeGeneres show come to deoxyadenosine monophosphate close back in whitethorn, the teens come back to the stage to do the very sung that have them celebrated. between their first appearance and their final, the duet hold appear on Ellen ‘s platform more than thirty time indiana the last ten year .

” ampere a child, one always used to play dress up. then do maine and Rosie, ” Sophia aforesaid during their last least sandpiper on the show, excuse how the video come to exist. “ i be dressing improving, and Rosie ‘s front-runner costume happen to be The virgin mary — you know, mary and jesus. ” Since she “ keep singe Nicki Minaj wholly the meter, ” Rosie ‘s beget decide to pull out her iPhone and record the two ‘s interpretation of the rap queen ‘s murder .

They ‘ve since prosecute music career of their own. Brownlee ‘s former single, “ short thing, ” be secrete on whitethorn six. And now her own little thing be n’t excessively far away .

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