The Most Expensive Picture Frames

picture frames can be works of art in their own correct, and they have been featured as such : some of the world ’ s best art galleries have dedicated extra exhibitions entirely to highlight picture frames, including London ’ s National Gallery and New York ’ second Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are even auction houses specializing in picture frames, offering interested customers centuries-old frames with price tags in the thousands .
While there are enough of ways to lower your movie frame costs, including purchasing ready-made movie frames or skipping the archival mat display panel, these tactics won ’ metric ton oeuvre on these particular frames — namely, the most expensive picture frames in the universe .

Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’

da vinci salvator mundi
In 2017, the art populace jointly held its breath when a recently rediscovered original Leonardo district attorney Vinci work, Salvatore Mundi, was finally available for sale ; it is one of only 20 known works by the artist. The work of art, which was put up for auction by Christie ’ south in a frame of reference specially selected for it, fetched a record-breaking price of barely over $ 450 million .
New York-based antique frame and art restoration ship’s company Lowy was tasked with framing Salvator Mundi. They selected a 16th-century italian frame featuring a black finish and gold stenciled details ; by itself, the frame is worth up to $ 50,000 — a monetary value that some very celebrated works of art have sold for themselves.

Hyundai’s Digital Picture Frame

hyundai digital picture frame
Details are scarce on this aim digital picture frame of reference from south korean manufacturer Hyundai, but if it in truth does exist on the market, it ’ mho one of the most expensive ( digital ) mental picture frames available. Said to be a large, four-panel digital frame that is so bombastic that it can serve a dual determination as a board splitter, the inning has an estimated price of $ 70,000.

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Munch’s ‘The Scream’

munch the scream
Edvard Munch ’ s celebrated The Scream was once the most expensive painting sold at auction when the gavel fell at $ 120 million spinal column in 2012. Though the painting itself merits it as one of the most iconic images in the universe, this interpretation of the paint most likely reached such a high price due to the frame in which the paint was sold : the original frame features a rare handwritten poem by the artist himself. There are respective versions of this paint, but only this matchless has the poem — without it, it most probably wouldn ’ thyroxine have reached that monetary value .

Samsung’s ‘The Frame’

samsung the frame
A more accessible type of picture frame, Samsung ’ s The Frame was launched into the grocery store to much bustle in 2017. It ’ s not merely a photograph inning, though, or even a digital photograph human body — it ’ s actually a television. With a depart price of around $ 1,000 for the smallest version, the television transforms into a real assemble of art when not in use. Because of its exchangeable bevels available in a roll of woodwind finishes, it can easily blend in with your existing décor — fair like any early piece of artwork .
Though all of these celebrated frames are impressive, custom picture frames wear ’ thymine have to cost closely angstrom much. Any of Frame Destination ’ s selection of wood word picture frames and metallic element frames can you give your home a similar museum-worthy look — all without the goodly price tag .

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