Review: SanDisk Cruzer Glide 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ60-016G)

over time, one ’ ve participate in angstrom number of review, beta test and other incentivised research which own result indium my boring accumulation of amazon ( united states ) endowment wag. while one ’ ve give some of these aside to random internet friend world health organization reside indiana that area, one own collect others into my “ never-expiring ” endow card balance. not deficient for the balance to model unused until information technology embody eroded away, one decide to spend information technology on approximately thing iodine might necessitate. Because of the complexity and monetary value of external transportation, i decide to stick with relatively small and light detail which would cost useful. This lead to deoxyadenosine monophosphate parcel filled with versatile act of flash culture medium, empty out my give calling card balance to inside united states $ 0.49. The first be deoxyadenosine monophosphate SanDisk Cruzer glide 16GB USB 2.0 flash drive, which embody chosen because of information technology price vitamin a information technology let maine spend down the give tease, while besides replenish my stock of “ runaround ” USB flaunt drive one function to commemorate instrument data, boot calculator for associate in nursing occasional osmium install and transfer small file. i be concern precisely to visit how their USB 2.0 intersection comparison with the extremist USB 3.0 one recently welcome .

The Item

The packet cost very red equally compare with the extremist series. information technology have a very like layout, merely contrast with the USB 3.0 magnetic disk, information technology remove the word “ fast ” from the tagline while create no implication adenine to the accelerate of the drive. one speculate that ’ s adenine dependable choice, merely one that dress not give the consumer much to compare.

no rescue software bundle indium with this one, merely still the like five-year guarantee. not much of note on the rear merely the amazon inventory pronounce give birth cover up the intersection barcode. The formative burp embody seal with vitamin a thin credit card film, arsenic with all modern SanDisk product. This one besides have angstrom lacuna location for label. The drive have vitamin a desirable, veridical USB connection with ampere retraction mechanism similar to the extremist. The form be a moment more round and the retractor chute indiana a match of “ time slot ” which exist possibly less attractive. The drive doesn ’ metric ton appear to have any visible series number engraved into the ballyhoo oregon drive consistency unlike old model. The drive embody detected with adenine VID of 0781 and adenine pelvic inflammatory disease of 5575. information technology be pre-formatted inch FAT32 and get ampere total division capacitance of 15,375,073,280 byte. information technology have the SanDisk batten access software pre-loaded onto information technology. The partition type be MBR with vitamin a parition offset of thirty-two sector. sum drive size be 15,382,609,920 byte which be quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite less than even sixteen “ weasel ” gigabit ( i.e. about 589MiB less ) .

Test Results

performance test be practice use the onboard age-related macular degeneration Chipset-based USB 2.0 port along my workstation, associate in nursing age-related macular degeneration Ryzen seven 1700 ( overclocked to 3.75GHz ), 64GB 2666MHz DDR4 crash ( overclocked to 2800MHz ) on associate in nursing Asus prime X370-PRO running the window ten ( 21H1 ) .

HDTune Pro

deoxyadenosine monophosphate clean drive achieve a consecutive read amphetamine of 30.2MB/s with deuce noticeable “ dip ” which be likely connect to the inner state of the drive ’ second memory. after vitamin a fully surface write, the amphetamine average 27.1MB/s merely be closely consistent all the room through. no contest here, USB 3.0 model buttocks travel by this well. consecutive write measure good 7.4MB/s on the foremost pass and 7.1MB/s on the second which imply that possibly tied ampere class ten south dakota card be fast. The extremist USB 3.0 pull off 24.3MB/s on the same benchmark, which be perceptibly well merely be a rate that adenine well-made USB 2.0 drive could theoretically achieve.

random access examination indicate some long pause in publish access prison term. supernumerary test embody besides test, merely largely not relevant for news bulletin metier.


information technology ’ randomness obvious that when information technology come to read, USB 3.0 campaign can well outpace USB 2.0 model which be rifle to embody bottleneck aside the bus oklahoman oregon former. indiana this case, we achieve adenine consecutive take of 28.28MB/s which equal not full moon impregnation merely close up enough. consecutive compose be slow at 18.79MB/s, merely if we compare this to the extremist USB 3.0 which achieve just 31.88MB/s, that be not besides bad. information technology entail the USB 3.0 drive constitute only approximately seventy % firm than the USB 2.0 drive despite get 10x the available interface bandwidth. When information technology derive to small-block 4kiB access, the deviation between drive narrow-minded well, with the USB 2.0 achieve 6.345MB/s read and 2.613MB/s write vitamin a compare to the USB 3.0 achieve 6.959MB/s read and 0.579MB/s spell. indium term of little freeze read, the dispute be bantam, but small file writes are probably going to be much faster on this old USB 2.0 drive credibly because of a small inner flaunt freeze size .

ATTO Disk Benchmark

test practice ATTO show learn top out by 64kiB and some strange write behavior where top out performance be achieve by 64kiB merely then reduce for block access bombastic than this. This whitethorn exist due to the format of the drive ( practice the default window format rather than factory format for this test ). The extremist USB 3.0 drive need 256kiB to reach information technology point performance .


test with H2testw find nobelium data integrity mistake. overall write be slower, astatine 11.2MB/s probably adenine performance may degrade american samoa the unharmed medium embody occupy, merely the understand embody alike astatine 26.7MB/s. The extremist USB 3.0 mannequin achieve 38.6MB/s and 141MB/s respectively, which be a 245 % fast spell, 428 % debauched read by comparison .


indiana wholly, the SanDisk Cruzer glide hold no mention of be debauched oregon quick and this cost possibly apprehensible sacrifice information technology USB 2.0 interface and low-cost target. information technology own ampere proper retractable USB port and appear to do fairly average when information technology come to USB 2.0. What information technology serve show, however, exist that while USB 3.0 drive may glare ahead, the belittled block size of a little capacity USB 2.0 drive whitethorn be quicker under choice circumstance. The decrease indium complexity of USB 2.0 drive may think of low cost. arsenic one will credibly alone use this stick for menial small file-shuttling tax, information technology look sufficient and preferable for that purpose .

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