24×36 Float Frame at Jerry’s Artarama


Illusions 3/4 ” deep floater frames are available in 8 beautiful finishes ! Illusions Canvas Floater Frames come with all adjustment and hanging hardware, all you need is a screwdriver ! With Illusions Floater Canvas Frames, creating the floating analyze effect has never been easier ! Floater Frames are the prefer manner to frame analyze paintings. Back in the 1970 ‘s, artists tried to create this floating effect by placing black tape around the edges of their paintings but today you do n’t need tape ! Illusions does all the exercise for you ! Each ensnare is painted black on the inside rim to increase the “ float ” effect. All you have to do is place your painting in the skeleton, attach it with the included hardware and you ‘re ready to hang and enjoy. Illusions Canvas Floater Frames allow your integral cultivate to be viewed, in fact flush the sides of your analyze are easily seen. The iniquity department of the interior of the frames make it appear as if your poll is floating in quad ! Allow your entire exploit to be viewed ! even the sides of your canvas are easily seen 8 Colors available : Antique Gold/Black, Antique Silver/Black, White/Black, Gold/Black, Silver/Black, Gold/Walnut, Solid Black & Solid Natural Hardware : Includes all hardware for elementary assembly : ashcan school 1/2 ” offset clips, Twelve 3/8 ” screws, Two D-Ring hangers, One 6 ft. coil of hanging wire Minimum eminence : A minimum purchase of 4 assorted or the same color frames is required. keystone Features : * Floater frames for canvas paintings * Create the “ floating canvas ” with rest * 3/8 ” front, 3/4 ” rabbet, 1-1/4 ” overall depth * Show off all aspects of your painting — even the sides ! * Includes all hardware for dim-witted assembly- Eight 1/2 ” offset clips, Twelve 3/8 ” screws, Two D-Ring hangers, One 6 ft. coil of hanging cable * Made of wood * Dark interior for float effect * Unobtrusive spirit that truly lets the painting address for itself while providing a professional, finished appearance * Perfect For : * Creating a analyze floating effect * Visibility of your integral work * 3/4 ” depth canvases * Showing off sides of canvases * Perfect choice for a gallery setting * Enhancing your artwork, not taking off from it ! For 3/4 ” Canvas ( Series 075 ) : 3/8 ” face, 3/4 ” rabbet, 1-1/4 ” overall depth For 1-1/2 ” Canvas ( Series 150 ) : 3/8 ” face, 1-1/2 ” rabbet, 2 ” overall depth Hardware Included ( see images ) : * Eight 1/2 ” offset clips * Twelve 3/8 ” screws * Two D-Ring hangers * One 6 ft. coil of hanging wire Illusions Floater Canvas Frames 3/4 ” Deep Artist Testimonial “ I enjoy using these frames because they always enhance your artwork and never will you have to worry about the frame not focusing on your artwork. Sometimes the amiss frame ruined your artwork or contend it. I highly recommend these frames if your artwork is the focus and not the focus ”

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