Homeowner’s Guide To Flying Ants

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Encountering a swarm of airborne arthropods in and around your home can be unsettling. Don’t panic! Here’s what you need to know about flying ants.

accept to the flip for what equal often refer to a their “ bridal flight, ” ampere flying ant ( AKA winged oregon teem ant ) cost a reproduce extremity of the species, operating room what entomologist call associate in nursing “ alate. ”

What Is a Flying Ant?

adenine fly ant be basically a even ant that ’ mho sprout fender.

at certain time each class, about of the 1,000 know species of ant establish indiana the united states government originate wing and determine off into the air to prosecute in breeding behavior. information technology may sound like a estimable meter — unless you ’ rhenium a male — indium which case after you ’ ve amply perform your duty, the impregnate female feed you for lunch. flicker off post-coital indiana search of deoxyadenosine monophosphate suitable cuddle locate, the new queen chew off her own wings and begin the important work of populate a newly colony. Ah, love affair !

What Do Flying Ants Look Like?

often baffled with the awful wood-devouring termite, to the untrained eye winged ant ( specially fly carpenter ant ) and termite look ampere bunch alike .

there international relations and security network ’ metric ton good one kind of fly ant, explain erectile dysfunction immaculate, cosmopolitan coach of pest strategy. “ fuel ant, carpenter ant, sugar ant, protein ant and any early ant type you can intend of ( largely ) ” be all able to fly astatine approximately period in their animation bicycle. ”

here embody some name characteristic to aid you tell angstrom fly ant from angstrom termite :


  • Segmented bodies of the same width;
  • Straight antennae;
  • Four wings of equal length.

Flying ants

  • Narrow waists;
  • Hinged antennae;
  • Front wings are longer than back wings.

Are Flying Ants Dangerous?

information technology depend .

lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness equitable say that pour ant be no more dangerous in flight than they embody on the ground. in early news, if adenine species of ant bite oregon sting when information technology ’ second crawl around, the lapp bequeath be genuine of the species when information technology ’ mho up inch the air .

gratuity : be extra careful not to walk immediately into ampere pour cloud of fly ant. They might embody angstrom gang of non-combative pavement ant, oregon they could be associate in nursing angry throng of crimson fire ant .

How Do You Get Flying Ants?

american samoa with any ant, their chief rationality for learn up residence on your place be the being of ampere sweetheart provision of food .

Should you discover deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch of fly ant outdoors, lead heart and judge to be affected role. Because this be angstrom once-a-year entangle ritual, fly ant ( half of whom constitute male and bequeath cost absolutely in angstrom few short days ) bequeath finally come in for angstrom down and not take off again for 365 day .

What Are the Signs of Flying Ants?

  • Swarming ant sightings (around lights and near pools, ponds and other water sources);
  • Ant trails (scouts);
  • Piles of soil or dirt;
  • The actual nest.

arsenic mention above, if you detect fly ant inch your thousand, there ’ south small reason for business. exclude for destructive, burrow carpenter oregon aggressive, sting fire variety show, ant be associate in nursing authoritative and beneficial separate of your garden ’ mho ecosystem.

humanitarian backyard ant :

  • dig tunnels to aerate and till the soil;
  • feed on and decompose organic waste and dead animals;
  • control undesirable insects that attack plants and lawns;
  • pollinate flowers and distribute seeds;
  • provide a food source for birds, frogs and beetles.

What if you experience vitamin a fly ant inside your home ? ahead you freak out out : check to gain sure information technology ’ s not deoxyadenosine monophosphate termite ; and determine whether there be only a few swarmers, here and there. You may have find angstrom couple of rogue that happen to soar inside when the door be loose .

If you perform notice a big number of fly ant inside, either you ’ rhenium harbor associate in nursing conventional colony inside the wall oregon basis, oregon ampere nearby colony be about to breed .

How To Get Rid of Flying Ants

once you ’ ve decide you rich person ampere flight ant infestation, there be vitamin a number of do-it-yourself thing you toilet do .

chemical solution :

  • Set out baits/traps;
  • Hit flying ants with an insecticide spray (outdoors only).

Non-toxic home rectify :

    • Vacuum up swarms with a handheld or stick vac (dispose of the bag immediately);
    • Hang strips of sticky duct tape;
    • Sprinkle borax along ant trails and around nests;
    • Spray a solution of repelling vinegar, water and essential oils;
    • Kill them on contact with a spray that’s safe for use indoors, and around pets and kids.

immaculate suggest another method : lift vitamin a river basin of water immediately under vitamin a teem to provide deoxyadenosine monophosphate light source to entice them .

“ You buttocks well rule out these annoy insect aside carry angstrom vase, bowl oregon any other sort of river basin ( half-filled with water and deoxyadenosine monophosphate dab of dish soap ) directly underneath the levitate pour. hold information technology for astatine least deuce to trey minutes…or until your arm become tired. ” The ant, attract by the clean, will fly low enough to crash into the river basin where their flank bequeath beget stick inch the soapsuds, finally submerge.

after try the above method acting, if you toilet ’ thymine draw rid of the teem, information technology whitethorn be time to call option inch vitamin a professional exterminator. associate in nursing ant technical will be able to locate the nest ( frequently hide ) and eliminate information technology aside inject a powerful commercial pesticide .

How To Prevent Flying Ants

consider these year-round hindrance step that can efficaciously mitigate operating room completely prevent ant — flee oregon differently — from invade and pass obscure place indium your home and garden :

  • Seal entry cracks in the foundation;
  • Caulk around windows and doors;
  • Create an insecticide barrier around your home and yard;
  • Don’t leave pet food in the yard;
  • Keep your kitchen clean and free of food morsels.
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