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What Does a Termite Look Like?

The appearance of a termite depends largely on its caste. Workers, the termites creditworthy for the most damage, have cream-colored or pale bodies with modest heads. Soldiers look alike, except their heads are brown or yellow and perceptibly larger. The generative termite has a bootleg or dark brown soundbox and wings .
Winged termites, besides called swarmers, are frequently mistaken for flying ants, but there are a few cardinal differences between the two. Winged termites do not have a define middle, and they have four evenly size wings. conversely, flying ants have a constrict waist and two sets of wings, one larger than the other. Winged termites besides have straight antennae, while those of the flying ant are bent .

How Big Is a Termite?

While there are many types of termites in the United States, the most coarse in New England is the easterly subterranean species. Depending on the caste, easterly subterranean termites normally measure between one-fourth and one-half of an column inch hanker. however, some workers and soldiers can be even smaller at around one-eighth of an inch .

Termite Photo Gallery

due to their similar size and overall shape, it ’ south easy to mistake a termite for an ant. however, knowing what a termite looks like can save you or your business fourth dimension, money, and try. Check out the termite pictures below to help figure out what kind of infestation you may have on your hands.

extreme closeup image of flying termite Extreme closeup picture of flying termite
A key physical characteristic of flying termites is their straight antenna, which differs perceptibly from the flex antenna of flying ants .
picture of two termites visualize of two termites
Termites have long, broad bodies that differ greatly from the narrow, segment bodies of ants .
closeup photo of termites inside wood Closeup photograph of termites inside wood

Soldier termites have large mandibles that they use to protect the colony from encroaching insects like ants .
image of termites crawling on wood trope of termites crawling on wood
Each caste of termite has a unlike job within the colony. Pictured here are workers feeding on wood while soldiers navigate and protect their territory .

Images Comparing Termites and Ants

termite vs. carpenter ant image Termite vs. carpenter ant prototype

While exchangeable in size and overall human body, termites and carpenter ants are frequently different when it comes to color. Where termites are normally pale white or brown, carpenter ants are dark black or bolshevik .
picture showing differences between a termite and a carpenter ant
picture showing differences between a termite and a carpenter ant
At beginning glance, it can be easy to mistake a termite for a carpenter ant. however, comparing each insects ’ wings makes it easy to tell the difference. Flying termites have broad bodies and four translucent wings of peer size. Narrow-waisted carpenter ants besides have two sets of wings, though they are perceptibly veined and one adjust is smaller than the other. If you aren ’ t indisputable, all Waltham representatives have been trained to know the difference, so contact us in for a dislodge inspection. Both these pests can do major damage, thus good not to wait .

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