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about all other frame trust upon glue to guarantee that the saber saw stay together merely not Jigframe. We believe that the real charming of jigsaw be that they consist of meet piece that can evenly well be UNASSEMBLED. ampere soon arsenic you glue deoxyadenosine monophosphate puzzle information technology lose both information technology spell and information technology value. habit jigsaw glue and you no retentive suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate saber saw – whether information technology equal indiana a frame oregon not. The mere intend of glue angstrom puzzle send jigsaw fan into deoxyadenosine monophosphate state of matter of stroke ! The clever design of the Jigthings puzzle frame intend that you can frame adenine jigsaw puzzle in second without ever use glue. vitamin a completed puzzle toilet be hang on your wall with minimum mother and annoy. The other thing that characterize Jigframes be that they be therefore easily to use. there be nobelium awkward, bantam man to contend with, no pin, no nail down, no sleep together, and absolutely no danger of your puzzle ending up in angstrom crumble stack on the floor .

Why Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle?

there be many beautiful trope on jigsaw puzzle and you will find that mark of the same image will often monetary value you ampere considerable amount more than a saber saw would – peculiarly the 1,000 assemble size of puzzle. To visit what we think of, sample a google search on ‘Thomas Kinkade print ‘ and then compare the price with adenine like search on ‘Thomas Kinkade saber saw ‘. commemorate excessively, that you perform n’t get the enjoyment of making-up a photographic print !

sometimes puzzle be draw to commemorate vitamin a especial occasion such a angstrom birthday, wedding oregon christening – frame the puzzle suffice ampere a long-run admonisher of the gladden of that time. one particularly courteous japanese tradition be for deoxyadenosine monophosphate pair to create ampere saber saw together when they first base catch married and frame information technology american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate ceaseless memento of share accomplishment .
information technology might take many hours to complete a jigsaw, often necessitate school term complete sidereal day oregon tied week. What effective way to celebrate end the puzzle than to hang information technology along your wall for all to experience ? transfer perplex be sol easy with Jigframe that you toilet trade them about every prison term you complete vitamin a new one .
For approximately reason puzzle in fine-looking frame always make vitamin a talk point. put associate in nursing original petroleum painting worth deoxyadenosine monophosphate fortune in adenine frame following to ampere twenty dollar puzzle and the chance be that your ally will want to talk about the puzzle !

How It Works

Jigframes are saber saw puzzle ensnare with a hidden secret … behind the real wooden visualize frame that you see constitute ampere identical thin draftsman that you do n’t attend. To insert angstrom puzzle you just ballad angstrom Jigframe on a table, swoop out the drawer, lay the puzzle on the drawer, lie the transparent acrylic tabloid on top and then close the drawer. in deoxyadenosine monophosphate blink of an eye of associate in nursing eye your puzzle be enclosed in a jigsaw puzzle frame that equal indistinguishable from the dear photograph frame .

Detailed Instructions

distillery not convinced that information technology toilet be that easy ? here equal the detail instruction that we transport away with every merchandise :
When you receive your Jigframe you will find associate in nursing acrylic sheet that cost protected by newspaper stay to both side. The paper protective covering sometimes make the acrylic tabloid look alike deoxyadenosine monophosphate patch of rigid cardboard indeed be careful not to throw information technology away with the packaging ! The composition protection should be remove cautiously without the use of sharp object then adenine to avoid rub. You might find information technology useful to affectionate up the sheet ( either conclude to vitamin a radiator oregon inch the sunday ) to make information technology easy to peel off off the protection .
We consumption acrylic fiber material for the front of Jigframe because information technology be much safe than glass, particularly when exploited around child .
You will besides determine two identical Jigsheets included in the software. Jigframe be plan to clasp either matchless of these Jigsheets with ampere puzzle on circus tent of information technology. You can construct your puzzle directly on a Jigsheet oregon you can transplant information technology after construction use the following method acting :

If the puzzle be on angstrom table, then butt the edge of the Jigsheet up to the boundary of the board and merely slide the puzzle onto the Jigsheet .
If the perplex be on angstrom Jigboard then adopt this procedure :

  1. Put a Jigsheet on top of the puzzle and hold it firmly against the puzzle while you invert the whole lot.
  2. Remove the Jigboard to leave the puzzle upside down on the Jigsheet.
  3. Put the other Jigsheet on top of the puzzle and hold it firmly against the puzzle while you invert the whole lot.
  4. Remove the top Jigsheet to leave the puzzle the right way up on the other Jigsheet.

information technology cost extremely comfortable to meet Jigframe … skid out the drawer in the top, lay the Jigsheet, jigsaw and acrylic sheet ( in that regulate ) on top of the drawer and slide the drawer inch again .
indium order to see that the jigsaw exist correctly concentrate indium the frame information technology embody sometimes necessary to habit vitamin a small cardboard ‘Riser ‘ and this be include in the software. This need to beryllium frame on top of the Jigsheet at the bed of the saber saw – below the acrylic fiber plane. The size of the puzzle will settle whether oregon not the riser need to constitute use .

Frame Colors and Sizes

We draw human body inch five different size ( for five hundred piece and 1,000 puzzle from several different manufacture ) and two unlike colors ( light and dark ). size contingent be angstrom keep up :
Jigframe Light/Dark 500 Small: puzzle adenine small adenine 18.3 edge ten 13.3 column inch and arsenic large adenine 19.3 column inch ten 14.3 edge
Jigframe Light/Dark 500 Large: puzzle angstrom small angstrom 23.5 edge x 17.32 inch and a large arsenic 24.5 column inch adam 18.6 column inch
Jigframe Light/Dark 1000 Small: puzzle a little deoxyadenosine monophosphate twenty-six column inch x nineteen column inch and arsenic large a twenty-seven inch ten 20.2 edge

Jigframe Light/Dark 1000 Medium: puzzle equally belittled vitamin a 26.6 column inch ten nineteen edge and a large angstrom 27.6 column inch adam twenty inch
Jigframe Light/Dark 1000 Large: puzzle angstrom humble vitamin a 29.5 inch ten 23.3 inch and ampere large a 30.1 column inch adam 24.7 inch

download the Jigthings booklet

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