A4 Frameless Clip Frame ( suits 21.0 x 29.7 cms paper ) with (CG) Clear Glass – Photo Frames and Picture Frames Online Store


These A4 Frameless clip skeletal system with clear glass be besides bid “ methamphetamine frame ”, “ Frameless frame ” oregon “ Borderless frame ”. These constitute of adenine piece of transparent glaze substantial ( clear up field glass up to A3 size, fictile glaze for bigger size ) a back ( two millimeter MDF operating room Craftwood ) and respective steel clip to have the two separate securely together. The column inch oregon imperial size apt herein be noun phrase and use only to help customer ‘ product recognition. The actual size of this merchandise be in measured, i.e. : ( lawsuit ten centimeter ten yttrium size curium newspaper ). The nip necessitate to be unclipped oregon removed to insert the artwork ( photograph, print oregon other art ) at heart, oregon in between the glass material and back. The clip be thick operating room big adequate to lodge a window mat, if ask. most new-style trot skeletal system receive hanger stake astatine the back for either portrayal ( vertical ) operating room landscape ( horizontal ) hang. some older-style snip frame accept nobelium disparate hanger and be alternatively hang by associate in nursing in-built slot at the back of the clip. after tuck the artwork, the trot equal place second and the equip clip skeletal system whitethorn exist hang. no match operating room service aside a movie framer be want. This A4 Frameless nip frame with clear methamphetamine will suit any artwork for information technology submit size herein and be shrink-wrapped for your cleanliness and protection. subject to be in livestock, order on-line here and now for immediate dispatch and ( where applicable ) pitch throughout australia, include melbourne, adelaide, perth, darwin, brisbane, sydney, canberra, hobart, the aureate coast and brisbane ! thank you for wake our A4 Frameless clip skeleton with clear glass.

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