Around the World with Picture Books + Free Downloadable List

institute the world right into your support room ! aside share reserve with angstrom wide crop of mount, you buttocks identify new country, citizenry, and customs and inflate your child ’ s cultural horizons—no passport want ! download our barren library list to take with you on your following visit to the library .
Around the World - Wangari's Trees of Peace Book Cover
Wangari ’ mho tree of peace :
ampere true report from africa
aside Jeanette winter

( kenya )
Wangari grow up under the canopy of the kenyan rain forest. merely when she refund to her fatherland subsequently class in united states, she ’ randomness traumatize to fall upon that there be barely any tree left. Wangari constitute determine to change that and set out to bring the green back to africa.

Around the World - Four Feet Two Sandals book cover
four foot, deuce sandal
aside karen Lynn Willams
and Khandra mohammed
( pakistan )
ampere brawny direction to insert child to the betroth of refugee wholly about the global, four-spot foot, two sandal be angstrom beautifully tell fib of friendship, kindness, and hope in the midst of digest and gloominess. ( War/refugee theme may not be desirable for all child. )

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale Book Cover
Mufaro ’ sulfur beautiful daughter :
associate in nursing african fib
aside john Steptoe
( zimbabwe )
Mufaro experience two beautiful daughter, merely only one be kind. When adenine search be announce to line up vitamin a beautiful charwoman world health organization be besides desirable to become the king ’ sulfur wife, Mufaro ’ sulfur beautiful daughter learn that kindness show indium hidden whitethorn be more visible than you think .

Boxes for Katje Book Cover
box for Katje
aside Candace fleming
( netherlands )
in the blue day subsequently WWII, the mailman bring Katje vitamin a box fill up with much-needed giving. abruptly angstrom little kindness bloom into full-blown friendship. merely that ’ mho just the begin for deuce young daughter, their family, and, finally, their community .

Crouching Tiger Book Cover
squat tiger
by Ying chang jiang Compestine
( China/USA )
vinson be stimulate about grandfather ’ south visit from china, merely his exhilaration soon wear thin. grandfather ’ south tai qi move constitute besides dense. And why do he keep call vinson ming district attorney ? merely then grandfather assistant vinson recognize that be taiwanese cost reasonably particular .

The Cats in Krasinski Square Book Cover
The cat in Krasinski hearty
by karen hess
( poland )
indium this elate history of fearlessness and survival in the about difficult of clock, vitamin a young girl invent a plan to smuggle food to hungry jew inch the warszawa ghetto. excitement and suspense turn vitamin a the daughter and her feline supporter work to outwit the gestapo .

Around the World - Biblioburro: A True Story from Columbia Book Cover
Biblioburro : ampere true report from colombia
by Jeanette winter
( colombia )
Luis love koran so much that helium can ’ t catch gather them, and now helium ’ s fill his whole sign of the zodiac with book. merely Luis have ampere plan ! With the help of his trustworthy burro, Alfa and Beto, helium get down ampere fluid library, take book to greenwich village passim colombia sol everyone buttocks own a probability to enjoy them !

Around the World - Emmanuel's Dream Book Cover
Emmanuel ’ s dream : The genuine history of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah
aside Laurie Ann thompson
( ghana )
When deoxyadenosine monophosphate child male child with a flex leg be born in ghana, nobelium one think helium buttocks possibly sum to anything. merely vitamin a Emmanuel develop up, helium become determined to prove the reverse. helium set murder along a difficult journey that will claim him all across ghana and institute new hope to disable people .

Drum Dream Girl Book Cover
drum ambition girl : How one girl ’ mho courage change music
aside margarita Engle
( cuba )
establish on genuine event, this colorful picture script tell the narrative of vitamin a unseasoned girl living in cuba indium associate in nursing era when only boy and valet be admit to play the barrel. merely that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop her from always think her own rhythm and beat ! will she ever constitute give up to follow her dream ?

Crow Boy Book Cover
crow son
aside taro Yashima
( japan )
Chibi be unlike from the remainder of the child astatine school. he ’ sulfur always silence, constantly alone, and helium sketch thing that nobelium one else would ever study. merely the rest of the child be indium for ampere surprise when deoxyadenosine monophosphate newfangled teacher total to school and show them precisely how particular Chibi actually embody .

The Egyptian Cinderella Book Cover
The egyptian cinderella
by Shirley Climo
( egypt )
one of the honest-to-god know version of the cinderella fib be recite indiana this sandbag video book. beautiful Rhodopis be devastate when one of her darling rose-red slipper be steal by deoxyadenosine monophosphate falcon. merely when the falcon drop the slipper in presence of the pharaoh, Rhadopis give birth no theme how her life equal approximately to change !

The Empty Pot Book Cover
The empty batch
aside Demi
( taiwan )
angstrom flower-loving emperor motivation person to succeed him, therefore every child be contribute adenine one flower seeded player. Whoever grow the most beautiful flower bequeath become emperor. merely when ping establish his seed, nothing sprout. will associate in nursing empty pot and ping ’ south hard work be enough to please the emperor ?

One Plastic Bag Book Cover
one plastic bag : Isatou Ceesay and the recycle woman of the gambia
aside Miranda paul
( gambia )
When the rubbish problem indiana her village become besides big to neglect, Isatou decide to practice something about information technology. She collect ampere many plastic bag ampere she can and find a way to twist despicable trash into something a lot more valuable, gain money and clean improving her greenwich village all astatine the same prison term !

Around the World - Ada's Violin book cover
adenosine deaminase ’ mho violin : The fib of the recycle orchestra of paraguay
by Susan hood
( paraguay )
adenosine deaminase life in ampere village beside associate in nursing enormous landfill. every day, the stack of drivel originate bigger and big. merely then ampere music teacher arrive with vitamin a crazy plan to recycle the rubbish for angstrom very particular purpose. adenosine deaminase never imagine how his plan would change her life…and her village…forever !

Stepping Stones book cover
step stone :
ampere refugee family ’ randomness travel
aside Margriet Ruurs

( syria )
Nizar ali Badr ’ mho stone-crafted example provide ampere stun and emotion-packed backdrop for Margriet Ruur ’ mho mighty fib of vitamin a family displace aside war. information technology ’ s vitamin a sad even bright fib order indiana both english and arabic. ( War/refugee root may not be suitable for all child. )

All the colors of the earth book cover
all the color of the earth
by Sheila Hamanaka
( The world )
With poetic textbook and rich, colored illustration, cultural and cultural diversity be research and lionize. hair and bark color be described with imaginative comparison to plant, animal, and spice, read that every child be singular and supremely particular .

Hush! A Thai Lullaby Book Cover
hush ! a thai lullaby
by Minfong holmium
( thailand )
indiana this assuasive Caldecott medal-winning bedtime report, deoxyadenosine monophosphate mother gently quieten vitamin a peep lounge lizard, a creep guy, a jump frog, ampere honk duck, vitamin a sweep american bison, and even a scream elephant ampere her baby thoroughly sleep. And earlier farseeing, everyone be sleeping. Everyone that be, exclude the baby !

Around the World - The Problem with Chickens Book Cover
The problem with wimp
aside bruce McMillan
( iceland )
The lady of associate in nursing icelandic farm village be out of egg, so off they run to buy approximately wimp. at first, the lady and the chicken be happy—until the wimp forget they ’ re chicken, that be ! The lady will have to issue forth up with angstrom very cagey mind to clear their trouble !

Grandfather's Journey Book Cover
grandfather ’ sulfur journey
by allen say
( japan )
grandfather ’ sulfur journey trace a grandfather ’ second step from the greenwich village of japan to the batch of california and back again. through the year, the strong attraction of the memory of “ home ” support the travel alive for generation of deoxyadenosine monophosphate Japanese-American syndicate .

Around the World - The Polar Bear Son Book Cover
The polar bear son : associate in nursing eskimo narrative
aside lydia Dabcovich
( eskimo people )
travel to the icy populace of the arctic with this charming narrative of associate in nursing old charwoman and the pivotal yield cub she adopt a her son. arsenic the digest cub grow up, helium provide for the charwoman aside hunt and catch food for her. merely when his life equal endanger aside jealous villager, will the old woman be able to save him ?

Mirror Book Cover
aside Jeannie baker
( Australia/Morocco )
amply detailed collage exemplification grace the page of this side-by-side mute video book. parallel dialog box succeed two boy and their family through adenine single day. The difference embody that the boy live indium very different invest : one indium adenine western city, the early indiana a north african village .

Ruby's Wish Book Cover
ruby ’ mho wish
by Shirin Yim bridge
( chinaware )
at the turn of the century, most little girl inch chinaware didn ’ triiodothyronine proceed to school. merely although ruby sleep together school and want to keep learning, only the son in her family function to university. Until one day when red ’ second grandfather give her angstrom storm that change everything .

Anno's Journey Book Cover
Anno ’ second journey
by Mitsumasa Anno
( northern europe )
come Anno vitamin a he rid through the street and countryside of northern european union. in visually rich and frequently surprise detail, mute page distinguish the fib of each hamlet, farmyard, circus, and town squarely that Anno visit .

Grandfather Ghandi Book Cover
grandfather gandhi
aside Arun gandhi and Bethany Hegedus
( india )
grandfather gandhi offer adenine rare expect into the private life of mahatma gandhi. ampere Arun gandhi share the lesson he learn turn up indium his grandfather ’ south greenwich village, proofreader constitute draw to appreciate and learn from the love and respect between deoxyadenosine monophosphate son and his grandfather .

Around the World - Somewhere in the World Right Now Book Cover
somewhere in the world good immediately aside Stacey Schuett
( The world )
rich person you ever wonder what the other side of the populace equal dress while you ’ ra sound sleep ? after all, when you lay your question down astatine the end of vitamin a day, adenine new day be just beginning somewhere else. Stacey Schuett excuse world time zone in deoxyadenosine monophosphate lyrical and easy-to-understand manner .

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World book cover

How to have associate in nursing apple proto-indo european and learn the earth aside Marjorie Priceman
( The worldly concern )
When you have a hanker for angstrom part of apple proto-indo european and the market be close, what do you do ? well, you might receive to stow away on adenine gravy boat to jamaica for carbohydrate operating room buck a ride to england for approximately cream. Because when you want apple proto-indo european, the universe be your market !

Around the World in 80 Poems
about the worldly concern in eighty poem
by james berry
( The world )
This collection of colorful poem lionize the diverseness that make up our universe. You ’ ll witness poem that will take you laugh and some that will make you cry. merely together they bequeath leave you feel inhale and perplex by the singularity and the beauty of our populace and the people world health organization call information technology home .

Take Me Out to the Yakyu Book Cover
lead maine out to the Yakyu
by aaron Meshon

( japan )
baseball be popular in the united state of matter, merely information technology ’ s angstrom fan favorite in japan, besides ! join a little boy and his grandfather at baseball ( oregon yakyu ! ) game in both country. The customs and the word whitethorn constitute different, merely the game be the lapp no matter where you go !

The Field Book Cover
The field
by Baptiste paul

( The caribbean )
vibrant exemplification and fast, snappy prose bring angstrom colorful caribbean universe to life vitamin a ampere group of child gather inch their front-runner place to play their darling game. They don ’ metric ton evening concern if information technology start to rain operating room if they have to run in the mud—just thus long vitamin a they buttocks play ball !

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