7 Best Free Cloud Storage Options in 2022

now that most of us have extremely high-quality cameras on our phones, we ’ ra documenting more of our daily lives than at any time in history .
Saving all of those photos and videos for posterity takes up a draw of outer space in the form of calculator memory. That ’ s where cloud repositing comes in .
In this article, we ’ ll take a look at where you can get free obscure repositing and just how a lot repositing you can get without spending a single dollar .

The Best Places To Store Your Photos and Videos in the Cloud for Free

When you shoot photos and videos on your phone, those images take the shape of data. In many cases, people accumulate so a lot data that they run out of memory on their phones and even on their base computers or laptops.

With cloud storage, you can upload that datum to a third base party, which will then host it in the cloud .
The “ overcast ” is basically a collection of data centers that could be located anywhere. Those data centers can host far more data than any person could even fathom storing locally .
For easy reference book, this chart shows our clear free cloud storage picks and how much space you get from each. All of them offer extra storehouse for a fee, so we ’ ve included that information deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .

Provider Free Space Offered Additional Space Upgrade Options
Google One 15 GB – 100 GB for $1.99/month
– 200 GB for $2.99/month
– 2 TB* for $9.99/month
Media Fire 10 GB – 1 TB for $3.75/month
pCloud 10 GB – 500 GB for $175/lifetime membership
– 2 TB for $350/lifetime membership
– 10 TB for $990/lifetime membership
Microsoft OneDrive 5 GB – 100 GB for $1.99/month
– 1 TB for $6.99/month
Sync.com 5 GB – 2 TB for $8/month
– 6 TB for $20/month
Amazon Photos 5GB
(Prime Members get more free storage)
– 100 GB for $1.99/month
– 1 TB for $6.99/month
– 2 TB for $11.99/month
Apple iCloud 5 GB for owners of Apple products
1 GB for everyone else
– 50 GB for $0.99/month
– 200 GB for $2.99/month
– 2 TB for $9.99/month

* 1 TB = 1,000 GB
here are the cloud repositing options that let you store the most photos and videos for spare .
Google Drive
We lead off our list with Google One, which offers a humongous 15 GB of free cloud storage merely for signing up for a Google score. For position, that ’ s adequate space to hold around 9,000 photograph. ad

Google One allows you to upload, share and access your files on any device, from anywhere in the world .
Google Drive is another cloud storage choice worth checking out. With a complimentary account, you can store up to 15 GB of photos and videos. You can besides upgrade to Google Workspace for arsenic low as $ 6/month per user with 30GB of storage .
Media FIre
MediaFire lets you store up to 10 GB of any kind of file for free, allows you to access the files from anywhere and share them via e-mail, link or social media .
Downloads of those files are ad-supported, though. so if you find advertisements annoying, that ’ s something to consider .
PCloud offers 10 GB of free storage and claims to be used by people working for Nike, Twitter, Coke and dozens of other high-profile companies.

Microsoft OneDrive
Tech behemoth Microsoft offers 5 GB of free cloud storage through its OneDrive Basic plan. The design promises a “ lightning-fast search ” of your files and a “ premium web-based experience ” when you access your files with Office apps .
Sync.com offers 5 GB of storage for free and promises that you can access your files from anywhere, using any device .
Sync claims to have “ end-to-end ” encoding to protect your privacy and offers other security features like the ability to control permissions for access to your files .
Amazon Drive
Amazon Photos offers 5GB of storage for photos. If you ’ re an Amazon Prime member, you ’ ll have access to even more exempt storage .
Prime members can store an unlimited number of photos and 5 GB of video at no additional cost. If you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a Prime Member, you can calm store up to 5GB of any file type, but you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to store outright photos, according to the web site. ad

The spare repositing can be used to store photos or videos on Amazon Photos and early types of files on Amazon Drive. here are the most common file types stored on each platform, according to Amazon ’ s web site :
Amazon Photos:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • MP4, etc.

Amazon Drive:

  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • ZIP
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • MP4, etc.

Apple ’ sulfur iCloud is another absolve storage option that comes with a catch. If you ’ re the owner of an Apple product, you mechanically get 5 GB of free cloud space .
tied if you don ’ thyroxine own an Apple product, you can still sign up for 1 GB of release space with a web-only access report.

Final Thoughts

There are a draw of services out there that will provide you with free cloud storehouse distance for your photos and videos .
If you take advantage of one or more of these options and use them in combination, you could have all the space you need without shelling out a dime .
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