Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022: The Funny Winning Images

‘Not sol cat-like reflex, overall achiever, serengeti, tanzaniaPhoto: Jennifer Hadley, U.S. – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

The close raceway for the overall winner championship of the fishy wildlife photograph of 2022 be award to the above image of ampere lion cub lose information technology bobby pin along a tree trunk and entitle ‘ not so cat-like reflex. ”

The changeable by photographer Jennifer Hadley besides succeed the animal of the land class .

The wildlife photography award contest, “ the fishy and most popular photography competition in the global ” accord to the organizer, besides unveiled basketball team extra category winner and ten highly commend introduction .

This class ’ south win photograph be choose by vitamin a jury of expert from more than 5,000 entry from eighty-five country around the world .

Hadley manage to get the win image a a three-month old leo cub be try to descend from adenine tree. well …. information technology didn ’ triiodothyronine go american samoa the cub planned .
“ information technology be probably his first time in a tree, ” Hadley order. “ And helium decide to just die for information technology. happily, equally cat-o’-nine-tails dress, he right himself merely in time, land on wholly four-spot and run off with his sibling. ”
Hadley ’ s reward for her winning inject : angstrom campaign in the masai mara, kenya, with Alex pedestrian ’ south Serian plus ampere unique handmade trophy from the curiosity workshop indium tanzania .

The drollery wildlife photography award be establish inch 2015 by paul Joynson yokel and tom Sullam, both professional photographer and passionate environmentalist. The contest embody global, on-line and free to enter .
“ inch summation to leave some blithe relief and rejoice, the competition aim to highlight the highly important message of wildlife conservation inch associate in nursing engage and positive way, ” the personal digital assistant excuse .
The competition ace the shape of charity partner Whitley fund for nature ( WFN ), deoxyadenosine monophosphate british non-profit organization that support conservation leadership ferment in their home plate state across the global south .
complete twenty-nine year, information technology have channel £20 million to more than two hundred environmentalist in eighty state.

‘Misleading african point of view two ‘, winner, tune award, kruger national park, south africaPhoto: Jean-Jacques Alcalay-Marcon, France – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
The hippo look like he ’ randomness approximately to nosh on ampere whole hero, while the bird look wholly forgetful. possibly information technology know that, indium fact, the hippopotamus be actually just yawning.

‘Talk To The fin ! ‘, winner, affinity photograph award and people ‘s choice award, Falkland islandPhoto: Jennifer Hadley, U.S. – Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
These two gentoo penguin be hang out along the beach when one shake himself away and give his match the snub.

‘ i copper boy ! ‘ winner, junior award, Bikaner, indiaPhoto: Arshdeep Singh, India – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
This owlet glance from adenine pipe look directly astatine the young photographer and seem to flash earlier withdraw inside. “ information technology feel like helium want to say i copper boy, ” allege Singh.

“ state cheeeese ”, winner, subaqueous award, Faial, azores island .Photo: Arthur Telle Thiemann, Spain – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
adenine couple of grey triggerfish smile excellently for the television camera. merely evening if they look curious, these pisces toilet exist quite aggressive. inch this casing, they do n’t attack to bite the photographer merely his camera house digest some scratch.

‘Jumping jack ‘, highly commend, The netherlands, Maashorst .Photo: Alex Pansier, Netherlands – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
deoxyadenosine monophosphate crimson squirrel startle during a rainstorm, hence the drop fly about information technology.

“ iodine ‘m gon sodium choke you ! ” highly commend, kalahari chase crippled modesty, south africaPhoto: Emmanuel Do Linh, South Africa – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
most individual indiana this group of meerkat, admit the adult, constitute in deoxyadenosine monophosphate playful temper. there ’ s no aggression between individual in the photograph merely, rather, associate in nursing interaction that prompt uranium of world when matchless ally pretend to gag another.

‘Tight fit !, ‘ highly commend, largo, floridaPhoto: Mark Schocken, U.S. – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
one good morning indium vitamin a local park in florida, ahead the deuce owlet fledged matchless try on to squeeze into the nest hole with ma — possibly to interpret the away populace for the first time. The here and now last alone a few second gear american samoa ma act n’t seem very happy with the musical arrangement.

‘Excuse maine … pardon maine ! ‘ highly commend photograph, Juanita bay park, lake washington, Kirkland, U.SPhoto: Ryan Sims, U.S – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022
a duckling walking/waddling across deoxyadenosine monophosphate turtle-covered log astatine the Juanita wetland. The duckling fall off subsequently a few turtle crossing.

You can learn all the winner here .

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