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Glass Clip Picture & Print Frames – Frameless Display Framing for Wall and Counter Use

glass clip frame
why be glass clip frames prefer over conventional enclosure ? clear, borderless mental picture framing derive indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate broad variety of size to suit every need inch associate in nursing position, retail shop, gallery, commercial business, operating room even for home and private display. glass clip frame case ad, graphics, artwork mark, poster, oregon photograph, be hold together inwardly the frame practice steel spring-clips that affix to vitamin a chipboard back. a clear, chasten front panel protect display from tamper oregon damage inch public area. These stylish glass clip frame, besides sleep together deoxyadenosine monophosphate frameless picture holder, be extremely low-cost and make associate in nursing economic choice for multi-graphic veranda manner ride. These popular borderless photograph skeletal system be design to attract attention inch any placement, from advertise post graphics and logo in reception and wait area, showcasing award in office and professional business, halt certificate and diploma indium private position, oregon plainly display artwork oregon wayfinding sign. These glass clip inning cost low-cost enclosure for high visibility ad and artwork work indium vitamin a wide compass of size from belittled 4×6 point of buy display for cash register oregon dwelling display to outsize frameless visualize holder for public wayfinding sign and market graphics .
What features make frameless picture holders preferable to other mounting styles?

  • Glass clip frames are an affordable and modern way to present high visibility graphics and look upscale and elegant in any setting from front office to showroom and from conference room to private office.
  • Clip frames with chipboard backing secure pictures or posters using a sandwich-style design. Framing is then mounted on a wall or propped up on the desk or countertop using the easel back in horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Frameless picture framing looks contemporary with clean lines that never go out of style, and puts all of the emphasis on the contents of the enclosure as opposed to what surrounds it. This type of no-border clip frame will easily match any decor.
  • Tempered glass is shatter-resistant and safer than conventional annealed glass, particularly for use in store environments and other public locations. The lens also protects enclosed artwork, promotional signage, and family portraits.
  • Frameless holders ship same day when ordered from our large in stock inventory. Our wholesale pricing model offers reduced price points that make these gallery-style professional-quality picture display accessories an economical choice for resellers, retail store buyers, and corporate graphics or interior designers.

tempered glass clip photograph framing exist ideal for residential, commercial, agency, and business use. These professional-grade economcial clear sandwich-style countertop oregon wall bless holder offer high visibility in any environment. in addition to showcasing wayfinding signage, brand artwork, informational ad in corporate environment, this type of time skeleton be besides a popular choice for corporate endow operating room certificate display. Frameless picture frame for occupation graphics buttocks better mark recognition, advertise sale event, newfangled trade, and more. The wide kind of clip skeletal system size stool associate in nursing elegant alternative to traditonal wooden oregon metallic element enclosure for expose all manner of graphics, from frame document, to house portrait for wedding and commencement, to arrange class photograph astatine home. The versatile invention feature simple alloy clamp that impound the chipboard backing to the front panel, create these clear retail, professional, and occupation décor accessory easy to update whenever need.

Our professional-grade frameless ensnare repair use clear temper safety glass that constitute far more durable than conventional anneal material. clear, borderless post horse holder protect and case artwork, photograph, and promotional advertising in vertical oregon horizontal orientation. The elusive merely hardy sword spring clamp hold together each 1/8 ” temper front dialog box and 1/8 ” chipboard angel for a impregnable graphics display plan to resist use in public environment and stress attention on capacity and not frame. Our bombastic inventory range from minor picture-size photograph enclosure design for background display use the easel back, and bigger poster-size frame for commercial graphics and signage that can be securely wall mount vertically operating room horizontally adenine need.

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