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Glass Wall Art

Glass wall art includes small items, such as decorative plates, and oversized glass wall art, such as a sofa-length stained glass wall hanging. Modern glass wall art complements Bauhaus interior decoration, while blown glass wall art looks perfect with public house tables and chairs or Chesterfield sofas
If you can not find the ideal large glass wall art for your room, you could arrange a group of glass framed wall artwork items to fill that space rather. On the other hand, 3D glass wall art looks best suspended from the ceiling or placed on floating shelves .
From abstract sculptures to geometric panels, LuxeDecor carries breathtaking custom and handwriting blown glass rampart art which adds deep property and deep hues to your walls. The average of glass offers beautiful luster and gleam, particularly when applied to the walls in your home. The reflective and semi-transparent coat of glass brings an eye catch and unique shimmer effect that can efficaciously lighten up your distance. Unmatched by any material, a patch of bridge player blown glass wall art is considered a genuine piece of fine art, and you don ’ t have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate the bold possibilities offered by rampart glass art. The extraordinary beauty and fine craft of glaze brings the arrant stress into your home that gives exceeding aesthetic value to your rooms and is an revolutionize way to incorporate wall décor to your distance .

Before You Buy

Unless you have already decided on a complete change, your fresh glass rampart art needs to fit in with your existing art. For exercise, you might already have some wildlife-themed stained glass wall art. If indeed, our Meyda Tiffany Blue Heron and Snowy Egret Stained Glass Window or our Meyda Tiffany Brown Bear Stained Glass Window would make a finely addition to your existing collection.

Our Meyda Tiffany Twist Fused Glass LED Wall Sconce will enhance any board with advanced black steel furniture if you love contemporary styles. For something upbeat to complement Bauhaus Decor, our Meyda Tiffany Fused Glass Tribal Mask will provide the fun needed to prevent your board from feeling ostentatious. finally, our Meyda Tiffany Marina Sun Fused Glass Wall Art will spark conversation if you prefer abstract. seat it on the wall above our Aico furniture Michael Amini 21 Cosmopolitan Diablo Orange Eastern King Size Platform Wing Bed for maximum shock in your bedroom .

Features to Consider

  • Size and weight of the art
  • Available space to fill
  • Possible exposure to weather or humidity
  • Available free ceiling space

Types of Glass Artwork for Walls

LuxeDecor carries a wide stock of hand blown glass wall artwork and stained field glass wall art to fit in any room in your home or position. Appropriate for anyone that appreciates the artful craft of glassmaking, our stun glassworks are meant to be alternative pieces of art for your wall. We offer both traditional styles and advanced designs by the finest brands in department of the interior design. Choose from over 400 wall art glass designs by Uttermost, Howard Elliott, Dimond Home, and Massett Mirror. Another bang-up producer of looking glass rampart artwork, Meyda offers our most extensive solicitation of glass made wall art, and with 200 options priced under $ 500, these master glassworks won ’ thyroxine break the bank. authoritative Tiffany manner glass art for your walls continue to inspire us even over a century after its initial output. We like the choice of glass wall artwork panels that Meyda offers, specially their “ Tiffany Magnolia Stained Glass Window ” which features the graceful white petals of magnolia blossoms. Measuring 42 inches in acme and 9 inches in width, place several in a quarrel along a wall to break up the expanse of a publicize wall. The effect brings an overall dramatic aesthetic to your board and functions to visually specify areas in a big space. While tiffany style glass can frequently be read as antique because of its traditional dash, there are a count of modern and free-and-easy styles that will appeal to contemporaneous tastes. Browse through LuxeDecor ’ s survival of field glass artworks for your wall to find good the right part that will appeal to your design sensibilities .

  • Tempered Glass Wall Art
  • Stained Glass
  • Fused Glass
  • Acrylic Glass Wall Art
  • Blown Glass
  • 3-Dimensional
  • Framed
  • Modern
  • Oversized

Tempered glass breaks into bead shapes rather than shrill shards, making it a capital choice for wall art in homes with pets and children or in high-traffic areas such as staircases and hallways. Artists who work with stained glass habit run or copper to delineate the edges of each work they create. Although the placement of each piece of glass might appear random up close up, proper backlight and sufficient distance from stained glass wall art reveal a mosaic that simulates a painting .
blend methamphetamine, however, comes in three types : transparent and easy to see through ; translucent, which partially blocks light ; and opaque, which blocks about all unaccented from coming through. The ability of fuse glass to reflect light provides a one-fourth proportion to its attraction. Think of fuse glass wall art as a stained glass wall hanging without any copper or lead between the glass pieces .
At half the weight unit of standard glass, acrylic glass enables artists to bring outsize acrylic field glass wall art to life. Besides waste looking glass wall artwork, acrylic looking glass allows artists to create 3D field glass wall art fit for sofa-sized pieces to fill big areas .
Blown glass results in the most delicate works of glass wall art. Suspend these animals, ornaments, and abstraction objects from a spend ceiling using high gear tensile-strength wire and U-shaped rails or drop ceiling crochet. however, for plaster or wallboard ceilings, secure a U-rail along the length of one of the ceiling joists using hardened-steel wallboard screws.

Types of Wall Art Fasteners

  • Expansion Drywall Anchors
  • Molly Bolts
  • Toggle Bolts
  • Self-drilling Threaded Drywall Anchors

The composition of your walls could pose a trouble when hanging glass artwork for walls. Although you can drill into plaster of paris or wallboard with little campaign, more meaning, heavier pieces can and will cause damage from nails and screws, resulting in outsize methamphetamine wall art falling and breaking. Prevent damaged walls by using expansion wallboard anchors for delicate, lightweight pieces weighing five pounds or fewer. These fasteners expand in the hole you drill for the screw without spreading apart to lock inside the wall .
For anything weighing between 25 and 50 pounds, however, select mollie bolts rather. In addition to supporting greater weight, mollie bolts enable you to remove and replace screws. Anything weighing 51 to 100 pounds requires a toggle switch bolt : a metallic cheat with wings that pop apart on the other side of the wallboard, forming solid, procure support for your cute large glass wall artwork. finally, self-drilling, threaded wallboard anchors will support items weighing up to 110 pounds .

How to Choose Outdoor Glass Wall Art

Most stain glass wall art served as windows in the Middle Ages. If you want to replace a window or door panel with a tarnish methamphetamine wall hang, hang it indoors because copper foil stained glass does not withstand water. however, leaded stained glass wall artwork will withstand most rainstorms below the pull of a tropical storm. Our Meyda Tiffany Evelyn in Lapis Transom Stained Glass Window would be arrant over a front or back door. At the same fourth dimension, our Meyda Tiffany Fleur-De-Lis Medallion would require a clear glass medallion facing the outside with half an inch of airspace in the windowpane frame between it and the artwork .

How to Choose 3D Glass Wall Art

Weighing just over two pounds, our global Views Blue Mushrooms Four-Piece Glass Wall Art Set would look arrant in a bedroom across from the go to bed. For total hex in a living room or formal dine room, this set besides comes in Red/Orange and Metallic versions .

How to Choose Modern Glass Wall Art

When placed on a rampart between two Lafer Gaga Black Recliners With Black Bases, the imitate black fix double created by our Moe ‘s Home Collection Accent Decor Glass Wall Art makes a dramatic statement. Hang our Sonder Distribution Accent LED Neon Heart between those lapp recliners in white or home it above our Nuevo Gemelli Shadow Grey/Black Sofa Couch alternatively to create an upbeat atmosphere.

Decorating With Glass Wall Art In Your Home

If you ’ rhenium looking for a modern way to add glass into your home décor, we suggest taking a look through Dale Tiffany ’ s stock of wall art glaze décor. Striking and elegant, these methamphetamine plates contribute a trendy expression to your walls bringing a refine opalescence that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your home plate or office. The Impasto, Titan, and Waterfront collections feature coordinating plates in your choice of unaccented purple, crimson, or greenish blue colors that are artistically grouped on metallic element stems, creating an authentic floral look. Place one horizontally over an entrance, or even flank two vertically on either side of a doorway for an impressive display you will enjoy for many years to come. You can besides experiment with their single plate offerings. Select a bunch and custom-made group the plates over a fireplace or mantel for sincerely one-of-a-kind contemporaneous style. The possibilities are endless with LuxeDecor ’ s diverse range of glassworks for your walls .

Final Thoughts on Glass Wall Art

Browse our on-line catalog to discover extra combinations of our stunning looking glass wall art and fine furnishings for your home .
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