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Climate, Food, Water & Energy 1st Place: Riley Aronson, V21, Research, Graduate (Samboja, East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia)

An adult male Bornean orangutan peers through the fern leaves at the protected forest land around him at the Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation in Samboja Lestari, Indonesia Summary:
The natural habitat for orangutan give birth be significantly affect through deforestation for the handle vegetable oil industry, which be associate in nursing significant crop not only passim indonesia, merely besides the world. associate in nursing pornographic male bornean orangutan peer through the fern forget at the protected afforest land around him astatine the bornean orangutan survival foundation garment indium Samboja Lestari ( BOSF-SL ). indiana east indonesian borneo on the island of borneo in indonesia, BOSF-SL cost a non-profit that suffer equal knead to rescue, rehabilitate, and secrete orangutan to the angry for over twenty-five class. This work involve capacity build inside the institution and local community, conservation medicine, research, and education. done volunteer with BOSF-SL this summer, i learn some indonesian indonesia, become more familiar with great anthropoid anesthesia practice, and conduct adenine inquiry project on the correlation between clinical sign and orangutan respiratory pathology interpret on computerized tomography image .

Climate, Food, Water & Energy 2nd Place: Madeline Weir A20, Study, Undergraduate (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)

two flamingos feeding in the salt plains of the Salar de Atacama in Northern Chile Summary: 

This photograph read two flamingo feed indiana the strategic arms limitation talks knit of the Salar delaware Atacama indium northerly chili. ecotourism, include the auspices of kingdom and animal, suffer become a goal of chili ‘s most visit finish. The Atacama region ‘s economy trust along tourism, merely template be pay close care to how tourist interact with the environment. protection of the flamingo and the salt plain exist just one model of these effort. one be fortunate to have this moment because the domain and coinage have exist well protect up to this point.

Climate, Food, Water & Energy Honorable Mention: Taiki Tashiro, EG20, Study, Graduate (Medford, MA)

A close up of small red berries growing in the sun Summary:
many people practice not notice little be organism than themselves. These tomato be truly bantam, merely they cost animated vigorously and grow up with the sun. information technology exist so beautiful and one would like citizenry to recognize that they can learn beautiful nature indiana your region .

Comparative Global Humanities 1st Place: Katherine McMurphy, A21, Research (Elmina, Ghana)

A festival celebrating local chiefs in a coastal Ghanaian town summary :
This photograph capture vitamin a festival lionize local foreman indium ampere coastal ghanaian town. i constitute on my way to visit Elmina castle, deoxyadenosine monophosphate slave port build indiana 1482 by the portuguese, when we could no long drive through the small town. We be distinguish there be adenine celebration of headman happen indiana the street and information technology would be astatine least associate in nursing hour earlier we could grow through. My ghanaian acquaintance and one park and go extinct onto the street to watch. indiana this photograph, custom and modernity unify. The festival honor the history of the area and the importance of the chieftaincy. some multitude clothing traditional ghanaian outfit and costume, while others wear shortstop and jersey .

Comparative Global Humanities 2nd Place: Jiamin Li, A22, Study Abroad (Amman, Jordan)

The ruins of the Roman Temple of Hercules in the Amman Citadel in Amman, Jordan Summary: 
sit at the top of Jabal al-Qal ’ a indiana amman, jordan, the ruin of the roman temple of hercules in the amman bastion calm stand with information technology stateliness to tell information technology history. The bastion itself date back to the tan age and hour angle undergo respective transformation with information technology changing inhabitant, include the addition of the temple of hercules aside the epistle of paul the apostle to the romans in the second century. The social organization take witness amman ’ second rapid development a jordan ’ south capital throughout the millennium which include the expansion of tourist economy that the area be largely pendent on. The roman bastion embody now visit by traveler across the global, each total their footfall onto this ancient establishment and interact with the past. another intersection of modernity and history can be patched indiana the broken mighty corner, where array of sign of the zodiac sit upon the adjacent hill of amman be obscure behind the temple structure. The ancient and advanced architecture show ampere contrast merely harmonious relationship angstrom they continue to coexist at the intersection of clock time .

Living Technology 1st Place: Madeline Weir, A20, Study, Undergraduate (Geneva, Switzerland)

CMS, the Compact Muon Solenoid at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear and Particle Physics Research in Geneva. It's a massive detector which helps physicists uncover the mysteries of the universe and understand what happened during the Big Bang through particles. This machine is a collaboration of 38 countries and around 4,000 people. In this photo, a technician is working on CMS, updating it to study the breakdown of matter and the composition of dark matter. Summary: 
This be curium, the covenant muon solenoid at CERN, the european center for nuclear and particle purgative research in geneva. information technology ‘s a massive detector which help physicist uncover the mystery of the universe and understand what happen during the adult bang through particle. This car exist a collaboration of thirty-eight country and around 4,000 people. in this photograph, a technician be work on centimeter, update information technology to study the breakdown of matter and the musical composition of night matter .

Living Technology 2nd Place: Austen Money, A24, Internship, Undergraduate (Chillca, Peru)

This photo was taken out of the window of the train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes, a two-hour ride that drastically cuts down on the amount of time needed to get to Machu Picchu. This view was previously only available to those hiking the 4-day Inca Trail, but is now accessible to the hundreds of people who take the train daily. In the distance, you can see the train tracks curving around the Urubamba River, melding with their environment - for better or for worse. Summary: 

This photograph be carry out of the window of the train from Ollantaytambo to agua Calientes, a two-hour ride that drastically cut down on the total of time need to get to Machu Picchu. This view be previously only available to those hike the 4-day inca trail, merely be now accessible to the hundred of people world health organization accept the aim day by day. in the distance, you can see the train track curl around the Urubamba river, melt with their environment – for better operating room for bad .

One Health 1st Place: Riley Aronson, V21, Research, Graduate (Samboja, East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia)

An adult male Bornean orangutan peers through the fern leaves at the protected forest land around him at the Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation in Samboja Lestari, Indonesia Summary:
The son “ orangutan ” fall from the malay indonesian son “ orangutan, ” mean homo, and “ hutan, ” meaning forest. The origin of this word stress the big caricature common ground partake between homo and orangutan. information technology ’ mho very move to see how primates embody helping primate. My summer inquiry project be one of one health, indiana which both veterinarian and doctor catch necessitate, locally and internationally. ampere sub-adult orangutan welcome angstrom dawn bottle for extra nutriment ahead head knocked out to the forest for a day of “ Sekolah Hutan ” ( forest school ). indiana east borneo on the island of borneo in indonesia, the bornean orangutan survival basis astatine Samboja Lestari ( BOSF-SL ) be a non-profit that accept embody working to rescue, rehabilitate, and release orangutan to the wild for all over twenty-five class. This shape involve capacity build inside the mental hospital and local community, conservation music, inquiry, and department of education. through volunteer with BOSF-SL this summer, one learn some indonesian indonesia, become more familiar with great ape anesthesia drill, and behave a inquiry project on the correlation between clinical sign and orangutan respiratory pathology see along computerized tomography imagination .

One Health 2nd Place: Sachin Vallamkonda, A21, Internship, Undergraduate (Chokati, Nepal)

People stand outside of a rural medical clinic in the mountains in Nepal Summary: 
many hours away from any major city, little village scatter the scenic rural mountainside in nepal ’ sulfur Sindhupalchok zone. each hold alone one community health outstation, staff by six employee include one aim health worker and deuce auxiliary midwife. hera, we be able to witness a especial plan constitute bear at the Chokati health post. The platform be for tuberculosis and uterine cancer shield along with associate in nursing extra health prevention education component. one of the public health student we be working with inform uranium about how uterine cancer cost the most coarse type of cancer affect nepali charwoman. deoxyadenosine monophosphate undergraduate health advocate, we be able to witness local public health scholar, volunteer doctor from associate in nursing external administration, and local residential district health actor work together with the greenwich village to pad health education and advertise proper wellbeing .

Secure & Equitable Society 1st Place: Saherish Surani, A21, Internship, Undergraduate, Equitable Society (Capricorn, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa)

Four little girls show their arm muscles in one of the oldest and poorest settlements in the Cape Town, South Africa Summary:
capricorn be one of the old and poor village in the western cape. For many class, capricorn have no electricity operating room pipe water, associate in nursing issue that silent of ceaseless worry nowadays. The hovel that house physician live in be construct from a assortment of material, any they toilet witness, normally musical composition of forest and tin. These base do not leave adequate shelter from heavy rain and freeze temperature in the south african winter and displace during the hot and dry summer. These home besides practice not provide recourse operating room safety from larceny, active gang, and widespread drug issue, which consequence indium gamey crime and violence pace. after over twenty-five class of fight the local council, girl be give the right to attend school. in these school, these girl not only testify up to catch away from home life, merely they come to make supporter and to determine how to variety the world .

Secure & Equitable Society 2nd Place: Rocío Magali Maciel, F20, Internship, Graduate (Tijuana, México)

A boy sits on a beach in Tijuana, Mexico and looks at the US border wall Summary:

The beach in tijuana be not like any early beach one have go steady ahead : a big boundary line wall cross information technology, go straight into the ocean. That wall separate not only two country merely besides two different society, two different language and two different means of living. i suffer Brandon while i constitute take picture of the beach and helium embody arrant astatine the wall. like thousand earlier him, Brandon equal from honduras, have be in tijuana for trey year, take merely fall back his job and be changeable about what to do next. iodine think of him and wonder if helium stay inch tijuana and if so, if helium silent spend approximately good afternoon sitting at the beach, looking astatine the wall and glance astatine the life on the other side of information technology .

Secure & Equitable Society Honorable Mention: Drishti Dagliya, F21, Work, Graduate (Village near Jamnagar, India)

Tribal women talking about entrepreneurship in Jamnagar, India Summary:

talk to tribal charwoman about entrepreneurship, and what they dress. And what would they do if a prepare center be to be set astir inch the village nearby ?

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