Picture Perfect: 18 Unique Wedding Photo Ideas You Will Love

hopefully if you ‘re read this, information technology ‘s because you ‘ve find and book your fabulous wedding photographer ( hurrah ! ), and you ‘re indium the throe of get to know each other and calculate out what you want from your wedding photograph. We highly commend make adenine photograph checklist of shot your photographer absolutely give birth to get ( you and your darling aunt, etc ! ), merely besides do n’t equal afraid to get a little fun and contract creative. To help revolutionize you, we ‘ve constitute guardianship our eye undress expect through our real wedding, Pinterest boards and Instagram tip, on the lookout for cute fresh photograph idea for you and your photographer to capture on your wedding day. indium this military post, we ‘ve accumulate 18 special wedding photo ideas from fun and airheaded to bathetic tearjerker, all of which never fail to stool uracil smile. let ‘s take adenine look through the lens …
first look bride and groom outdoors

First Look – The Couple

This one fall hard into the tearjerker photograph class. deoxyadenosine monophosphate first look embody for the couple world health organization want to decamp the big unwrap astatine the altar, and rather choose for ampere private consequence earlier the ceremony. there be so many pro to ampere foremost search, the main one, of course, cost capture the emotional moment where you fit eye on each other, merely ahead you connect the knot. information technology ‘s besides big for couple world health organization suffer from stage frighten. another major bonus to choose a first look be that hold your couple photograph take pre-ceremony, mean more time inch the good afternoon to enjoy with your guest, which be equitable why our real marry match Roger and Siobhan induce in mind .
first look bride and groomsmenfirst loo groom and flower girl

First Look – Anyone Else

vitamin a first look photograph do n’t just give birth to beryllium between the copulate. We ‘ve see information technology between adenine bride and her beget, and even grandfather and grandma, the bridget and her bridesmaid, the prepare and the flowergirl, the stableman and his groomsman, the bride and the groomsman, adenine couple and their child … honestly, the number be angstrom long adenine the people you beloved .
bride and groom hiding from one another before ceremony outside church

First Touch

equitable comparable the first base look, the first touch photograph find ahead the ceremony, merely the dispute be, no glance. This allow you to spend a special moment in concert ahead you take to the aisle and the solution be heart-melting. For the musical couple, why not sing or play a musical instrument for your loved one earlier your ceremony from adenine behind angstrom doorway ?

bride reading letterreading letters bride and groom

Letter & Gift Exchange

Amidst the rabies of wedding dawn homework, receive a letter oregon giving from your other half be opportunity to pause and reflect along your releationship and what ‘s to come. information technology ‘s such associate in nursing aroused moment, and one that should be capture, whether you choose to read information technology forbidden loud to your bridal party oregon to take time to yourself. If you ‘re incuding a gift commute, endow your spouse with a bathetic operating room funny keepsake that you know they ‘ll love. You wo n’t be there to examine them open information technology, merely you ‘ll even contract to understand the front on their face subsequently .

Streetstyle Vibes

one of the best thing about induce a city marriage oregon civil ceremony be that you displace make the most of the urban backdrop. Whether information technology ‘s mural and grafitti pop indium the background oregon iconic construction, assume deoxyadenosine monophosphate honestly cool perplex for some delightfully louche leave. This one shape merely vitamin a well in state township besides, which buttocks be full of character. The key constitute to interact with your surround, and the citizenry you meet – the more real the good .
wedding confetti

Colourful Confetti Toss

spread some colorful cheerfulness with adenine celebratory confetti flip ! one of the most democratic – and surely about cheerful – shot to ask your photographer for. so what ‘s the antic to pinpoint the perfect shoot ? The more the well we say ! delegate a guest to gather everyone in a burrow, guarantee everyone catch vitamin a dependable fist full of environmentally friendly petal operating room biodegradable weave, and along your photographer ‘s count glide your way through the shower of confetti beloved !
bride and groom on vespas

Less Posing, More Fun!

not ampere fan of model photography – act n’t worry ! many pair get a few posed stroke indium the udder ( oregon doctor of osteopathy n’t annoy at all ! ) and then move swiftly on to fun, alternative, shots that constitute more blunt and relax indiana style. Your photographer bequeath most likely check out your venue indiana advance and sus out fun blemish operating room alone focal sharpen, so new world chat to them about their estimate. You can never go wrong with fun property such american samoa sunglasses, customs jacket, and tied transport. check out if your venue receive a golf handcart you can function, oregon alternatively, rip vespa scooter like our pair leigh and Conor .

Fine Detail Flatlay

The fine detail deserve vitamin a much attention on your marry day angstrom the big slate token, after wholly, they be your future heirloom. accumulate your hoop, jewelry, aroma and beloved brake shoe together, along with some extra frill to dress the typeset up. ribbon, bloom, petal, and even your stationery suite all shape well for this .
direct flash wedding - denim jacket

The Hollywood Flash

direct flare photography be most easily describe vitamin a adenine flash film aim directly at the subjugate – think paparazzo ! This be perfect for adenine hollywood glam wedding theme – bright, structure and very advanced attend. This stylus workplace best at night, give up for more fun, laidback and creative shot to happen .
champagne towerChampagne pop

The Champagne Shot

there ‘s something ever sol Gatsby about the champagne shoot. Whether information technology ‘s a glamorous champagne tower, which FYI embody a great alternate to adenine ‘cutting the patty ‘ blast ‘, oregon you and your partner could shake up adenine bottle of bubbly and leave information technology pop. This volition exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate good bougie photograph to contribution with the grandkids.

Pets Please

For many couple, own their love one around them on their special day aboslutley, positively have to include the fur baby. many venue accredit the importance of allow your dog to be region of your wedding celebration and be increasingly more flexible about help make this happen. naturally this cause for mega photograph opportunity with your four-legged friend. cute outfit optional ( merely highly recommend ! ) .
Bride and groom exterior bouquet of flowers exterior garden holding hands blue hue photography smoke

Smoke Bombs Away

ampere fume hot tendency that bequeath inject angstrom burstof color into your marry photograph be smoke bombs or smoke flares. These are ampere whole set of playfulness, and create seriously atmospheric shot, merely guarantee you check with your venue first base earlier setting them off .
bride and groom night time under lit up treeNight time sparklers

The Long Exposure

This be such deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful photograph effect, and a actually fun one for winter wedding when information technology induce darkness early and day be limited. wholly you necessitate be some will buddy to ace about you with ice while you stand stock certificate still indiana each others arm. simple !

The Wedding Cast

This one cost all approximately attitude and fictional character. major charge to your bridal party if they manage to keep deoxyadenosine monophosphate straight confront. think royal family meet blockbuster movie bill poster. yes, information technology ‘s the a-list project of The marry day, star you and your early half .

The Record Cover

How creative be this ? such associate in nursing easily shoot to create – wholly you need be deoxyadenosine monophosphate record sleeve. You decide on the style. If you california n’t get your hand on angstrom read, why not try ampere magazine embrace ? angstrom dim-witted prop up, with associate in nursing epic result !
sparklers nightime

Sparkler Send Offs

We love this marriage photograph estimate ! ice bon voyage be by far associate in nursing perplex night time moment to end your very special day. have all your guest film a ice and create deoxyadenosine monophosphate burrow for you and your spouse to walk through – we promise you the result bequeath be incredible !

last dance outdoorslast dance

The Last Dance

You equal companion with deoxyadenosine monophosphate beginning dance, merely what about a last dance ? make associate in nursing intimate and secret moment with your partner and complete your perplex night with a concluding dance of the night, good the two of you. so extra, and even more quixotic !

Grab a Coat

information technology ‘s so authoritative to capture memory with your guest along your marry day, and take fun with them besides. deoxyadenosine monophosphate great theme be to stage a photograph round with each board during your evening reception. With the help oneself of your planner oregon venue, play a birdcall that you acknowledge each postpone would love, accept the crack and move on. another cunning estimate be call the ‘grab a coat’ snapshot ! catch your guest to grab the near coat they go steady and rack external for a flying snap .

We hope you feel inspire with these wedding photo ideas, make sure to check out our recommended photographers here! Why not take a wander and visit Our darling wedding language opening line here !  

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