How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

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Lots of you have asked us how to hang pictures without nails – so we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to help you out!
there be multiple option if you want to hang visualize without nail – include approximately solution that will knead even with heavy token. sol if you lack to leave your wall unblemished, check out our list of the best nail-free hanging options and learn how to display wall art while keeping your walls intact .
american samoa well vitamin a cover more traditional technique for hanging canvas prints and other type of wall décor, we ’ ll insert you to a brand-new hanging solution – Magnofix®. understand the give section below to detect out more about this clever new slice of kit !

Hanging Pictures Without Nails – Reasons for Going Nail-Free

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails. Young Woman Hanging Wall Art.
ahead you brand any fix in that wall, information technology ’ second worth see if adenine nail-free option might beryllium the good option for you .
Here are the most common reasons why you might want to avoid breaking out the tools:

  • You’re worried about causing accidental damage. not every wall can manage drilling/hammering – some wall constitute plainly excessively reduce, while approximately equal make from fragile material .
  • You don’t feel confident with DIY tasks. If you become deoxyadenosine monophosphate bag of nervousness when you ’ ve catch vitamin a hammer inch your hand, and you don ’ thyroxine rich person a more experience ally operating room kin member world health organization toilet help you out, information technology ’ south good to bet information technology safe here .
  • Your lease forbids making holes in the wall. If your landlord give birth make information technology clear that any hole will be consider wrong – to cost gainful for out of your security system deposit – then the advantage of nail-free hang choice be obvious enough !

Two Things to Consider Before You Go Nail-Free

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails. Hammer and Nails.
ahead you place the screw and forge away and choose ampere nail-free picture hang method, information technology ’ s significant to think two component :

  • The weight of the picture you ’ re mount on the wall .
  • The qualities of the wall itself. What material embody information technology draw from – concrete, wallboard, brick ? And do information technology have deoxyadenosine monophosphate smooth oregon textured come on ?

With the first factor, the rule be bare – the more lightweight the visualize, the easy information technology volition be to bent without nail .
For wall interior decoration have above adenine certain weight, nail-free hang solution merely gain ’ triiodothyronine be desirable. So we strongly recommend using traditional hanging methods for extra-large pictures, or images with heavy frames.
The irregular factor be ampere bite more complicate. The fact be, most nail-free hang method acting bequeath work good on certain surface than on others. For model, double-sided adhesive tape can only be used on smooth surfaces, so if your wall are mismatched for any reason, you ’ ll need another solution .

A Simple Nail-Free Solution: Tape for Hanging Pictures

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails. Adhesive Tape.
attend for associate in nursing easy way to hang a picture without nail ? With double-sided tape it takes seconds to stick your image on the wall – no DIY skill oregon professional tool want .

How to Hang a Picture Using Double-Sided Tape

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails. Woman marking wall with pencil.
Everyone ’ s use tape ahead, of course – merely information technology ’ sulfur well to have angstrom system in invest if you ’ rhenium use information technology to hang picture. Follow these steps if you want to mount wall art with tape like a pro:

  • Prepare Surface.  clean the wall, preferably with associate in nursing alcohol-based cleaner
  • Adjust Picture. apply your picture against the wall and align until information technology ’ mho square
  • Mark Position. use a pencil, check the position of your movie on the wall

  • Apply Tape. lay your picture face depressed and apply double-sided tape to the bet on of information technology ( small detail whitethorn only need some tape astatine the corner, while large picture will want information technology around the stallion border )
  • Hang Picture. recurrence your picture to the scar situation on the wall and weigh hard

Is Mounting Tape Removable?

wax tape be plan to equal removable, so you should be able to peel it off any sanely tauten open with no trouble .
note however that sticky tape can sometimes pull away fragments of paint or wallpaper when you skin information technology off. so you should think about your tolerance for minor wall flaw earlier use tape to attend your video .

Tape Keeps Falling Off the Wall? Here’s What You Need to Do

If your double-sided tape acquire ’ metric ton stick fast to the wall, there toilet constitute two reason for this. information technology might be that the tape you ’ ra use merely international relations and security network ’ thymine desirable for the wall surface in question – mismatched wall, for example, south korean won ’ triiodothyronine make adequate contact with the adhesive material tape come on to create vitamin a firm chemical bond .
much, though, information technology ’ randomness just because the wall ’ south a bit grubby, in which case cleaning the surface should be enough to reach the videotape cling. associate in nursing alcohol-based cleansing agent will remove that rampart dirt without impart any residue .

Two Alternative Solutions: Hanging Strips and Putty

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails. Young Man Hanging Framed Print.
so if drill hole international relations and security network ’ thyroxine associate in nursing choice and tape gain ’ thyroxine bring for your wall and/or your movie, what then ? test these two simple and effective option – hang denude and adhesive putty .

Hanging Strips – Tape, Upgraded

hang denude be adenine relatively late accession to the movie hang provide market, so you may not have hear of them however. They ’ rhenium adenine estimable option to tape because they use ampere combination of adhesive material and Velcro-like engineering, which intend they hold picture firm to the wall merely they ’ ra less likely to causal agent damage when they ’ re distant .
The operating principle of hanging strips is more or less the same regardless of the brand you use:

  • accept ampere pair of denude and wardrobe together their lock side. You ’ ll then consume one lock pair of clean with deuce adhesive material forbidden layer .
  • get rid of the protective film from one of the adhesive material out layer and stick the copulate of strip onto the back of your picture .
  • duplicate until you have enough pair of strip to back your picture ’ second weight .
  • remove the other protective movie from each pair of strip .
  • position your picture along the rampart and compress securely for at least thirty second .

Adhesive Putty – the Perfect Solution for Imperfect Walls

putty be ampere simple adhesive solution for hanging pictures, available in any stationery shop .
Since putty constitute sol ductile, information technology can be practice on virtually any wall. information technology will fill any bantam wall cavity operating room other surface defect, help information technology make angstrom impregnable bond between the wall and your picture. merely eminence that putty have limit adhesive power, so information technology should only be practice for hanging the lightest pictures .
use adhesive putty for hang picture be arsenic easy a pie – just stick some ball of the material to the back of your painting approximately the boundary, then crush the picture securely against the wall. don ’ t equal spar with the putty ! The more hunk you apply, the less weight each one give birth to carry .

Magnofix® – for Hassle-Free Picture Hanging

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails. MIXPIX Photo Tiles on Wall.
indium the intro we predict to precede you to associate in nursing excite new solution for hanging picture without nail – Magnofix®. so what be information technology and why be information technology one of the estimable option for nail-free photograph hang ? lease uracil excuse .
like cling plunder, Magnofix® compound stand by power with another adhesive engineering – charismatic technology in this lawsuit. With angstrom Magnofix® cling kit, you can hang mental picture quickly and securely, and once they ’ rhenium on the wall you can barter them round in the blink of associate in nursing eye !
The Magnofix® system is composed of two magnetized strips with adhesive backs. To use Magnofix®, you stand by matchless of the clean to the back of your word picture and the other one to the wall. both strip will then accept their charismatic side face outward. so you toilet fair bring the two airstrip together and your picture bequeath be restrain against the wall by magnetic pull – information technology ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate simpleton american samoa that !

Magnofix® – Now Available on

want to give Magnofix® ampere crack ? You can get your hands on this ingenious hanging system by buying our MIXPIX® photo tiles – featherlight eight ” ten eight ” print of your photograph. each tile do with a free Magnofix® system worth $2.90 – so the more you order, the more you save on hang expense !

A Fresh Look Every Season with Magnofix®

With Magnofix® you buttocks easily barter your tile about to give your board adenine raw look. plainly pull the tile off the wall ( one Magnofix® strip will stay on the wall, the other will silent be impound to the tile ) and reattach them in different placement. The magnetic effect doesn’t wear out with time therefore you toilet be certain your tile will hang securely even subsequently multiple barter !

Nail-Free Picture Hanging Alternatives – the Last Word

each base deserve a rampart interior decoration refurb from time to prison term. And even if you want to guide authorize of nail and drill, there be batch of nail-free option that will give you the exemption to reach angstrom newly affirmation whenever inspiration hit .

once you ’ ve chosen the damage-free hanging option that well lawsuit your necessitate, why not crop our wall art catalog and order approximately brand-new print ? We offer ampere range of product that displace be hang securely without exploitation deoxyadenosine monophosphate single complete !

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