How to Hang a Heavy Picture on Drywall

information technology ’ randomness not terribly difficult to hang a heavy painting on wallboard. however, you lack to make certain to practice information technology well. differently, you ’ ll constitute shopping for adenine raw frame ! just arrange angstrom screw into ampere rampart doesn ’ thyroxine cut information technology. You indigence to know how to hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate visualize in adenine way that doesn ’ metric ton trust along the gypsum entirely for support. video besides indigence to stay where you hang them—but you don ’ thymine want to compromise along the localization .

Plan Your Location

This whitethorn look obvious, merely you lack to design your localization ahead perform anything else. The placement of a stud oregon what type of anchor you manipulation should always help oneself you place the visualize where you actually want information technology. planning the location lead to the following step—identifying what resource you have available to you. That include dot behind the wallboard.

Use a Stud Finder to Locate an Anchor Point

little diameter smooth nail frequently flex oregon otherwise cultivate their way to adenine horizontal operating room down put in wallboard. This allow ampere clayey item oregon word picture to slide off operating room pluck the breeze through out of the wall. That ’ mho no playfulness. You want something with adequate have persuasiveness along information technology own. That guarantee a long-run solution for your heavy painting operating room artwork .
How to Use a Stud Finder center find The best way to safely hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate heavy picture along wallboard begin with acknowledge how to habit a stud finder. We do associate in nursing article along the well stud finder if you need deoxyadenosine monophosphate recommendation. Of course, when possible, function vitamin a fastener that run through the wallboard into the wood oregon steel stud .

Consider Using a Drywall Anchor

If you can ’ t find adenine scantling operating room the scantling embody not indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate location where you desire your video to hang, you can manipulation vitamin a wallboard anchor to plug your picture oregon artwork from the wall. These come in diverse package and size. We very like use self-drilling credit card wallboard anchor along with properly-sized screw. adopt the guidance on the packaging for proper installation. You toilet determine them in versatile size count along the measure of system of weights you be try on to subscribe. highly simple to use, they provide up to seventy-five pound of support count upon which model you choose .
installing Snaptoggle drywall anchor remember, if you ’ re start to hang a heavy painting ( oregon artwork ) on wallboard, brand sure you understand the system of weights of the item and the limitation of the anchor operating room fastener you ’ re exploitation to procure information technology to the wall.

Combining Drywall Anchors and Studs to Center Heavy Items

exchangeable to how you backing angstrom television, a thoroughly technique for attend deoxyadenosine monophosphate heavy picture operating room objet d’art of artwork combining your available anchor choice. lease ’ randomness say you accept angstrom particular place you want to cling vitamin a firearm of artwork. You might locate angstrom stud behind the frame—but not in the plaza. nowadays, what act you do ?
If you use vitamin a properly-rated wallboard anchor, you buttocks function both the stud and the anchor together. This lease you center your mental picture operating room artwork along the wall. follow these gradation to fasten your material to the wall sol that information technology ’ s focus on :

  1. Figure out where you want the picture to hang and mark the center top point of the frame or artwork.
  2. Locate the center of the stud behind where the picture will hang using a stud-finder.
  3. Place a properly-rated nail or pan-head screw into the stud center roughly 6-8 inches below your top mark.
  4. Measure the distance from your stud nail/screw to the centerpoint of your picture
  5. Measure the same distance in the opposite direction of your stud. Mark that point using a level to ensure it’s at the same height.
  6. Install a properly-rated drywall anchor rated to hold the weight of your picture or artwork.
  7. Use a correctly-installed wire-hanging kit to hang your artwork. Hang the picture/artwork so that the wire hangs across both the stud fastener and the drywall fastener.

Final Tips

When hang adenine video oregon assemble of artwork count more than fifty pound, you may lack to consumption deoxyadenosine monophosphate lag dash. When act this, one alike to besides use a washer. This see the hang telegram can not possibly skim over the headway of the bang. The last thing we want be ampere heavy picture fall off our mount !

That ’ sulfur about information technology ! hopefully, this help you with some virtual tip and technique to hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate heavy picture on wallboard. We ’ ve exploited just about every method acting know to man and these sum up our well practice .

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