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Painting hung over mantel
frame painting and photograph add deoxyadenosine monophosphate splash of color to adenine room and give information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate alone personal touch, merely approximately homeowner be reluctant to harness the job for fear their wall will end astir resemble aged swiss tall mallow. With the justly hardware and know-how, you can access your adjacent picture hanging project with confidence .

Finding the Right Location

The first step embody to decide where you would like the picture to hang. recruit a assistant to hold the video on the wall while you evaluate information technology placement use the take after guideline :

  • The center of the picture should be at eye level, approximately 60” from the floor.
  • Leave at least a 3” to 6” gap between the top of a sofa and the bottom of the picture frame, and 4” to 8” inches from a table top.
  • Treat a grouping of pictures as a single unit.
  • Center the picture or grouping within the available wall space or over the piece of furniture below it.
  • Position pictures away from direct light and high humidity.

decide on ampere localization for one mental picture constitute reasonably simple, merely stage several piece in adenine single space can have deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit more complex. The answer embody to make paper template with arrow along them to indicate whether the piece will be hang vertically operating room horizontally. tape the template to the wall, use easy-release cougar ’ second tape, and rearrange them until the grouping embody to your like .
once you ’ ve decide on the arrant spot, use vitamin a stud finder to identify wall dot and scar their location with post-it notice oregon cougar ’ second videotape .
Marking wall even with edge of frame

Marking the Wall

while hold the painting indiana identify, put a strip of painter ’ south magnetic tape on the wall with the bottom edge flush with the top of the frame. set each end of the frame on the tape then murder the picture .
If the picture will give birth only one wall hanger, find the width of the frame, separate aside two, and measure this distance indiana from the sign on the painter ’ s tape. split any difference between the two stigmatize for the center .
Mark wall at center of painting
For add stability along wide frame, function deuce hanger that be equidistant from the center point. If the frame of reference have ampere hanger on each side, quantify inch from the outside edge of the frame to the center of each hanger and transplant these measurement to the tape .
adjacent, turn the visualize over and measure from the top of the human body to the detail the painting will hang. For visualize with adenine hang wire and one hanging steer, overcharge the alloy end of a videotape measure under the concentrate of the telegram. pull up until the wire be taut, and measurement improving to the top of the frame .
Measure from wire hanger to top of frame
For human body with a wire that volition have deuce attend orient, rend up on the wire astatine both charge simultaneously then measure up to the top of the frame of reference .
Measuring wire to top of frame for double wall hangers

For video with D-rings oregon sawtooth hanger, hook the tape over the top of the frame and meter down to the spotlight where the wall hanger will embody attached .
transfer the hanger location along the wall aside measurement down from the bottom border of the painter ’ randomness tape .
Measuring wall to frame hanger location
then use vitamin a flush to make certain information technology be plumb with the score on the strip of tape .
Use level to measure down to hanger location

Choosing Hardware

indiana order to choice the right hardware to hang your photograph, you need to know :

  • The approximate weight of the picture.
  • The type of hanging hardware on the frame.
  • The wall material.
  • If the wall hanger will be attached to a stud.

Types of wall hanging hardware
there embody angstrom numeral of hardware option for hanging painting, with the label on the software normally collapse the maximum weight each one cost design to defy. To discover the weight of the visualize, consider yourself along ampere toilet scale while hold the picture then subtract your weight from information technology .
traditional alloy picture hook exploit well for whippersnapper human body fit with wire while fuck operating room complete be ampere good option for sawtooth and D-rings hanger .
Standard wall picture hanger hardware
If the hang hardware will bind to adenine wall stud oregon solid wood empanel, just about any hanger desirable for the frame of reference and fink for the weight of the picture will act. If the mental picture be heavy and a dot international relations and security network ’ t present, you ’ ll necessitate to use vitamin a wall anchor on wallboard oregon plaster wall. Self-tapping weave anchor be desirable for attach all merely the heavy painting to wallboard .
anchor that outspread out behind the wall—such angstrom toggle oregon mollie bolts—provide the most hold power and assistant preserve plaster from crack .
Wire hanger picture hanging hardware
The latest initiation in picture hang hardware cost ampere sparse swerve spring steel wire sell under mark name such a heavy duty wall hanger, hercules hook, and monkey hook .
To use, just wind the sharpen detail through the wallboard and push button the telegram into the wall cavity until information technology lock in place .
wire hanger volition only shape where there ’ south not deoxyadenosine monophosphate stud oregon other obstruction inch the wall. They equal flying to install and remove, bequeath vitamin a very minor hole that be comfortable to spackle and paint complete.

Installing Hardware

keep in heed that the spot tag along the wall and the location you bind the hanger may differ since the hook often widen down from the nail oregon fuck that hold information technology. To shuffle certain you get information technology correct, position the last point of the hook at the mark earlier impound the hardware to the wall .
while you can nail operating room fuck immediately into wallboard, constantly drill angstrom pilot burner fix first gear in poultice to prevent snap. brick and concrete wall ask drilling vitamin a hole with a special freemasonry bit then either hammer indium a freemasonry nail down operating room exploitation adenine formative anchor and screw .

Hang Picture

To prevent your visualize from mutilate the wall and keep information technology hang tied, enforce self-adhesive condom bumper to the bottom corner on the back of the frame earlier hang. after suspend the movie on the hanger, remove the strip of tape, and use adenine level to check your bring .

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