Make Your Own Custom Heat Changing Mugs. Color Changing Mugs

About Your Custom Heat Changing Mug

Magic mugs come with either a navy blue or black free-base discolor that covers your blueprint. alone when filled with hot water will your image be revealed, indeed when it ‘s not in use your chump will appear either blue or black. When you ‘re designing your custom color-changing chump, view your universe as both hot & cold to get a clear up idea of how it ‘ll look aesthetically in its different forms. Made from solid white ceramic, they are durable, contemporaneous mugs .

At a glance

  • Special photo reveal

  • 2 color choices

  • Chunky style mug

  • Made from ceramic

  • 1 year guarantee

Heat Change Mug Size

  • 3.74″ (height) x 3.15″ (diameter)

  • Holds 10.1 fl oz

  • 7 oz approx

How your Color Changing Mugs are Printed & Made

We print your bespoke designs onto a special layer that reacts to heat, changing from the base color to white when filled with your hot toast of choice. only the consistency of the mug has this layer, so your manage remains blue or black. We package them up in their cold express so all you will see is either black or amobarbital sodium when it beginning arrives, ideal if you ‘re creating one for a surprise. As the heat sensible mug is activated, the unwrap starts at the bottom and the base color magically starts to vanish. Please note that the blue or black basal tinge is n’t completely opaque, and the outline of your design might come through slenderly, more then if you select blue .

Care Instructions

Please do not put in the dishwasher. clean by hand using balmy buttery water to help preserve the life of the print and prevent chip .
Hand wash alone .

  • Hand Wash

Design Tips

When you make your own hotness changing mug, your alone design wraps around the soundbox of the chump, lone leaving a belittled gap when it reaches the handle. We do n’t print on the manage as this could distort your beautiful design. The full altitude is covered leaving about no white quad at the top or bottom of your mug. A cagey idea would be to print a privy message with the first give voice placed at the bottom, that way the sentence can be read as the custom heat-activated chump works its magic trick.

As the delineate can be seen slenderly, we ‘d suggest opting for designs that feature lighter, more insidious colors. however, it ‘s only slenderly visible and the effect is n’t diminished because of this .
If you ‘re in the marry business, the custom-made color changing mug is a fun addition to your product range, as they can be used for proposals, maid of respect requests or hen party reveals. Simply create semblance changing mugs with diverse slogans and quotes and add them to your range. You can besides use them for cordial reception as they’d be a popular talking steer among guests. Print a special greet to guests welcoming them to the event, or use them creatively for a competition whereby alone one chump has the winning symbol .

How does this product enhance my…


With the custom heat changing mug you get 2 in 1. When the mugs are cold, your kitchen cupboards are neat, goodly and uniform, but when you use them, all the kin can experience a different design. sometimes, certain mugs get overused and others are underused, but as these all look the lapp when coldness, you do n’t know what you ‘ll get .


Create a buzz at your business event with custom coloring material changing mugs. As delegates sip their tea or coffee, they ‘ll be greeted with a special message from your company. If the nature of your commercial enterprise involves revealing something raw, like a hair salon, bridal boutique or gymnasium, these mugs are a cagey, but subtle nod towards experiencing a transformation of some screen .

Design Brand

These heat changing mugs leave everything to the imagination, perfect if you ‘re an artist who likes to provoke thinking and opinion. Have your paintings, drawings or conceptual artwork printed onto these mugs for a fresh way to sell your artwork. not everything is what is seems with heating system activated mugs, and you can create some real play when presenting them .

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