Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Small-in-One Printer Review

The Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 ( $ 199.99 ) is an entry- to mid-level all-in-one inkjet printer designed for family or home-based office use. It prints exceptionally well, specially photos, and it comes with an auto-duplexing automatic pistol document bird feeder ( ADF ) for print, copying, and scanning reversible documents without drug user intervention. Those perks and a few early noteworthy features elevate the XP-7100 to an Editors ‘ Choice .

Mighty and Small

Measuring 8.1 by 23.5 by 17.2 inches ( HWD ), and weighing 21.5 pounds, this “ Small-in-One ” is notably bigger and heavier than its Expression Premium XP-6000 sibling, but then the XP-7100 comes with a 30-page single-pass ADF for making reversible copies and scans without your having to flip the originals manually. The XP-6000 and the Canon Pixma TS9120, besides a competing inkjet AIO, do not have ADFs .
Epson XP-7100 ADF
Closer in size to the XP-7100 is Brother ‘s MFC-J995DW ( $ 740.00 at Amazon ) ( Opens in a fresh window ). More of an office-oriented AIO than a consumer-grade photo-centric model like the XP-7100, it besides comes with an ADF, but it holds entirely 20 pages, and it ‘s not auto-duplexing.

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100
The XP-7100 has five inks ; in addition to the four CMYK cartridges, you besides get a “ photograph black ” ink that enhances the blacks in your images ( and some text ), making them dark and deep, specially on coat agio photograph paper. Canon ‘s TS9120 ( $ 899.99 at Amazon ) ( Opens in a new window ), vitamin a well as respective other Pixmas, including the relatively fresh wide-format models, the Editors ‘ Choice TS9520 ( $ 229.99 at Best Buy ) ( Opens in a new window ) and the crafters-oriented TS9521C, consumption six inks. typically, the more colors, the wide the machine ‘s color gamut and the greater the overall detail. ( I ‘ll touch on end product quality momentarily. )
As for wallpaper treatment, the XP-7100 holds up to 120 sheets, schism between a 100-sheet main cassette and a 20-sheet photograph paper insert inside of that, as shown below .
Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 paper input
This paper allotment is smaller than many of the competing models here, but not surprising for a printer in this price compass. Epson does n’t publish bulk specification for its consumer-grade printers anymore, but typically a machine with this newspaper capacity and speed military rank has a maximal duty cycle of 1,000 to 2,000 pages, with a importantly smaller recommended monthly print volume of a few hundred pages .
The XP-7100 has one feature that ‘s more common to the higher-end machines in this genre : The ability to print labels on pre-surfaced CDs and DVDs via a small caddy that slips in merely above the end product tray. There ‘s besides software for designing labels and jewel case inserts in the software bunch .
Epson XP-7100 CD insert
shape and walk-up apartment functions, such as making copies, printing from and scanning to the cloud, and much more, are handled from a well boastfully 4.3-inch affect screen door that comprises the stallion restraint panel. The entirely forcible button on this AIO is a power toggle to the leave of the display, shown below .
Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Control Panel

Connectivity and Software Abound

No count what type of computing device you use, you should find multiple options for connecting to the XP-7100, starting with the basic wireless ( Wi-Fi ) and wired ( Ethernet ) network interfaces, a well as connecting to a one personal computer via USB 2.0. You besides get Wi-Fi Direct for making router-less peer-to-peer net connections to your mobile devices, and a collection of other useful mobile options. Included in the Epson Connect suite are Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print, Epson Scan to Cloud, Epson iPrint App, Epson Print and Scan App, and creative Print App .
Third-party mobile solutions include Apple AirPrint, Fire OS, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria. And last, you can constantly print from or scan to USB flick drives or SD cards via the slots located on the lower-left front of the chassis, shown below .
Epson XP-7100 SD card insert
In addition to the mobile apps listed in the former paragraph, the XP-7100 ‘s software bundle includes Epson Easy Photo Scan, Epson Print CD ( for designing and printing labels on CDs/DVDs and bejewel event inserts ), Epson Scan for scanning textbook and converting it to a functional format, and a PDF version of the exploiter guidebook .

Keeping Up With the Pack

Epson rates the XP-7100 at 15.8 pages per minute ( ppm ) for black and white pages and 11ppm for color pages. I tested it over Ethernet from our standard Intel Core i5 testbed personal computer running Windows 10 Professional. The XP-7100 print our 12-page Microsoft Word text document at the rate of 15ppm, or just shy of its 15.8ppm denounce. That ‘s 1.3ppm faster than its XP-6000 sibling, 1.6ppm ahead of the similarly rated Canon TS9520, and 1.8ppm immediate than the TS9120. Brother ‘s lower-rated MFP-J995DW came in 4.5ppm slower than the XP-7100 .
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adjacent, I printed respective full-color Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint business documents containing charts, graph, and other commercial enterprise graphics and embedded photos. then, I combined the results from these tests with those from printing the 12-page textbook document to come up with a comprehensive score for printing our full cortege of test documents. here, the XP-7100 managed 6.3ppm, which is, once again, only slenderly faster than its lower-end sibling. Canon ‘s two top-of-the-line AIOs, the TS9120 and the TS9520, on the other hand, both fell 1.6ppm behind the XP-7100. however, at 7.7ppm, Brother ‘s MFC-J995DW managed to leap ahead of the other AIOs .
future up, I timed how fast the XP-7100 printed our colored and heavily detail 4-by-6-inch snapshots. Canon rates this model at 12 seconds to print an trope this size, but my score, with output choice set to Best and borderless eat up, was 25 seconds, or double the denounce. evening so, 25 seconds is impressive. The XP-6000, for exemplify, printed the same images at an average of 2 seconds faster ; while the Canon TS9120 took 7 seconds longer. The TS9520 and the TS9521C both came in 2 seconds faster, and the Brother MFC-J995DW tied the TS9120 in bringing up the rear .

When Output Quality Counts

Epson ‘s Small-in-One intersection line traditionally prints well, with blue and chip, easy-to-read text at all but the tiniest charge sizes. Graphics, excessively, come out accurately guide and colored, with minimal reproduction defects. With the XP-7100, I saw some closely imperceptible band in a couple dark backgrounds and fills, but only the kind of thing you ‘d notice when looking for flaws. differently, graphics and textbook quality are beyond what you ‘d need for most home and family applications—even those that require printed material designed to impress .
Most of the buyers of this machine and its competition, though, want to print fine-looking, keeper photograph for continue and circulate memories and family milestones. Like most other Epson five- and six-ink Expression Premium and Expression Photo models I ‘ve reviewed, this one churns out above-average bright and vibrant images with accurate colors and respectable contingent .

Low-Volume Running Costs

Before analyzing the XP-7100 ‘s cost per page ( CPP ), it ‘s authoritative to point out that due to this ( and any other ) printer ‘s one-fifth ink, it ‘s unmanageable ( and in some conditions impossible ) to come up with a accurate per-page cost, specially for documents containing implant photos or printed on glossy newspaper. Why ? Because there ‘s no direction to know when that fifth ink deploys and, when it does, how much ink is used. With that in mind, the figures in the future paragraph do not include the extra monetary value of the photograph black ink .
Compared with respective competing home and class AIOs I ‘ve tested recently, the XP-7100 ‘s costs of 13.7 cents for color pages and 5 cents per monochrome page are n’t severe. Canon ‘s six-ink TS9000 series models are, particularly for color pages, even higher ( though the two extra inks those AIOs use make calculating their race costs even less precise ). traditionally, consumer-grade photograph printers like these price a lot to use, which is why I constantly recommend them only for low-volume print and imitate environments .
If you ‘re going to print in higher volumes, you should look to a printer that uses a bulk-ink or subscription model. Epson ‘s own Expression Premium ET-7700 delivers semblance and black and white pages for about 1 cent each. Brother has several lower-end INKvestment Tank machines, fair as HP has a few of its four-ink Instant-Ink-ready Envy Photo AIOs, including the Envy Photo 7855, which is close in price and features to the XP-7100. Keep in mind, though, you ‘re going to pay more up front to save in the retentive term with the Epson and Brother models. For more on how to save money on ink, check out our primer .

Looking Beyond Output Quality

If end product choice is your primary concern, these days throwing a flit at a list of five- and six-ink AIOs would most probable hit a achiever. The mark choice differences are minute enough to allow you to concentrate on productiveness and convenience features. In this price range, the XP-7100 ‘s auto-duplexing ADF is adequate to make it stand out. It besides offers superior document-duplicating and scan options, support for thumb drives, and a few other handy productivity functions, making it our Editors ‘ Choice class and home-office AIO .

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Small-in-One Printer

Editors ‘ choice

( Opens in a new windowpane )

See It
$ 209.99

at Amazon

( Opens in a new window )

MSRP $ 199.99

  • Exceptional end product choice .
  • Single-pass duplexing ADF .
  • large, easy-to-use restraint panel .
  • robust connectivity .

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  • high run costs .
  • low paper capacity .

The Bottom Line
The Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 is a small but adequate to photo-centric all-in-one inkjet for homes and little offices .

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