Make Your Own Photo Calendar (Easy Gift Idea)

////I may receive a mission if you purchase through links in this military post. Learn more hera .Looking for a last-minute, easy holiday gift idea that will be treasured all year long? Why not make your own photo calendar using a flip photo frame that can be reused year after year. #calendar #giftideas #photocalendars #photogifts #homemadegifts #thethingswellmake #miy
Looking for a last-minute, easy vacation endowment theme that will be treasured all year long ? Why not make your own photograph calendar using a flip photograph skeleton that can be reused year after class .
A homemade photo calendar sitting on a mantle with some candles and other trinkets.
nowadays I ’ megabyte going to show you a fun and easy homemade endowment idea, a homemade photograph flip calendar. While I have made photograph calendars in the past, none were as easy or as decent looking as these.

I used to print out photos and calendars on either side of several sheets of photograph newspaper and had them spiral-bound together. That ’ s a great direction to make a wall calendar, but takes a snatch more clock and feat than this smaller desk calendar .
This mind came to me several years ago while shopping in IKEA one December. I came across their flip photograph frames ( IKEA Finlir ) that had precisely 6 pages and thought they would be perfective for making desk calendars .
The IKEA frames were the perfective size and design for a photograph flip calendar. When using one month per side, the frame had good adequate board for all 12 months. There was no necessitate to make a binding or fill the rest of the pages with anything else .
A homemade photo calendar next to a computer and a glass full of tea covered in a blue sock cozy.

How to Make a Photo Calendar

You will need:

  • Photo flip frame/album (I used the IKEA Finlir, but it is no longer available. There are some other options through Amazon like this album or this album.)
  • 12 monthly photo calendars, one for each month of the year, printed out on photo paper in the size of your frame. To make your Calendars, consider trying one of the following options…

Choose the Photos

You ’ ll need to choose 12 photos for your calendar, one for each month of the class. I normally choose photos from the year before for the adjacent year ’ second calendar .
then, for case, I normally use summer photos for the summer months. I used my Christmas card photograph for the December calendar and use my beginning day of educate pictures for September .
Get the digital photograph together, ready for adding them to your calendars using one of the options below .

Make the Photo Calendar Prints

Use Canva Calendar Templates

The simplest, quickest and most elegant way that I ’ ve found to make my own photograph calendar is to use the cliched templates on Canva .
If you ’ ve never used Canva, I suggest giving it a hear. It ’ s an on-line photograph editor program that has all sorts of templates to edit and use free of charge. They do have the option of paying extra for certain photos and have a monthly plan which allows you to use your own fonts and logos, get more free photos and can change the size of your invention with one chatter .
For making your own calendar, though, there is no indigence to go pro. You can easily and cursorily make a calendar using their templates for detached. Just make certain to delete the photos that they have in the template before switching them out for your own or it will prompt you to pay for downloading your design. ( They are charging for the photos and not for the template or the design. )
To make my own photograph calendar this class, I used the “ Various colors scenery photograph calendar ” template. I was looking for a calendar with a simple design that allowed for relatively large photos. That template equip best with the estimate I had in heed .
You can choose from a variety of calendars there, though. Just go to the Canva web site and do a search for “ calendars. ” ( Or do a search for “ Canva calendars ” in your web browser .
Switch out the images in the calendar templates with your own images. You can then make any want adjustments to the fonts and add, remove, or change any filters used on the photograph before downloading your calendars .

Use Photoshop to Make the Photo Calendars

If you have Adobe Photoshop, I found an easy, attractive option for superimposing a calendar over your photos. While this is a snatch more complex than making a calendar in Canva, it ’ s a batch simpler than it looks .
To make the calendars, you can use a barren Photoshop script. It ’ randomness called Jeffrey ’ s Photoshop Calendar-Template-Building Script .
To use the script, open a photograph in Photoshop and then run the action. The photograph will mechanically be placed in the background of the calendar for the month you choose. If you don ’ t have a painting open when you run the legal action, a marked layer will be generated into which you can drag or paste in the desire photograph after the calendar is made .
A December calendar with a baby's photo dressed like Santa Claus and with a reindeer and penguin stuffed animals.This is the result of using the Calendar Photoshop Action
I love the free calendar action because it is amply customizable. You can choose the lyric for your calendar, the sidereal day that you want each week to start on, and have many other options to choose from .
once you have finished running the script, you can play around with the mental picture reasonably to fix how it displays in your calendar. therefore, if one of the numbers hits your photograph in a strange place, you can fix that reasonably before printing out your calendar .
A homemade photo calendar next to an empty flip photo frame and some printed out calendar sheets.A finished calendar made using the Photoshop calendar building script.
once you are cook, print out each month on a separate photograph sheet .

Use Google Calendars

You can besides use Google Calendars to generate your monthly calendars. While this is a valid option, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like the room these turn out deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the other options. I besides find it more unmanageable to customize the calendars and make them look as desire .
To use Google Calendars, go to https : // and open up a calendar for the calendar month that you want to print out .
On the upper right, you will see several drop-down menu. One will allow you to choose “ month ” so that you are able to print out monthly calendars. Another drop-down from the settings menu ( gear icon ) will give the option to “ print ” your calendars. A calendar print preview will show up with options for printing out the calendar in the format you choose .
a January Google calendar with a background image of a boy kissing a dog.This is what I was getting with Google Calendars. If I had planned to use it, I would have worked on removing the extra text and gray squares on the days from the other months!
If you want to add a photograph to your calendar, you ’ ll need to use some sort of photograph editing course of study. rather of printing out the calendar immediately, use the “ save as ” choice to save the calendar as a pdf. The PDF file has a transparent background on the days of the month, allowing a photograph to be dragged into the calendar as shown above .
You can besides use the photograph editing software ( if it supports PDF ) to add other purpose elements like using other fonts for the calendar month names .

Putting the calendar together

once you have your calendars printed out, all that is left to do is to slip the calendars into your somersault frame .
Begin with January and February. Place the monthly calendars back to binding ( both right side up ), and slip them into the foremost foliate of the throw frame. Continue doing the same with March and April followed by May and June, etc .
A homemade photo calendar in a flip frame next to a computer and a glass full of tea and some extra printed out photo calendars.
Above you can see my eat up photograph calendar next to a cup of tea with a ace easy homemade cup cozy on it. It ’ sulfur besides sitting on a homemade marble photograph coaster. Those are early great endowment ideas for this time of year .

Printable Instructions

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A homemade photo calendar sitting on a mantle with some candles and other trinkets.

Easy DIY Photo Calendar

Perfect for giving as a memorable gift that will be treasured year round, making your own photo calendars is fun, quick, and easy.

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generator :Tracy Ariza, DDS


  • printer


  • 12 photograph sheets

  • 1 photograph somersault ensnare


Choose your photos

  • No matter what method you choose to make your calendars, you ‘ll want to choose 12 pictures, one for each month of the year. I normally take pictures from the class earlier. If I use pictures taken in July of 2019 for my July 2020 calendar, for model, it is more likely to have a summery feel that will fit well with that month on the calendar .

Choose a Flip Photo Frame

  • Once you’ve chosen an ideal flip frame for your calendar, check on the size of the photos it holds. This will determine the size you need to print your calendars.

Make a Photo Calendar in Canva

  • Using Canva is my favorite method for making a photograph calendar. They have many photograph calendar templates to choose from. Choose a template from the Canva calendar templates available .
  • Remove the photos used in the Canva template to avoid being charged for them later. Upload your photos into Canva and drag them from the uploads section into the placeholder for the images on the calendar templates.

  • Make any wanted adjustment to the filters used on the photos (or remove them). Make all other wanted adjustments to the fonts and other design elements on the calendars.

Make a photo Calendar in Photoshop

  • Download Jeffrey ‘s Photoshop Calendar-Template-Building Script
  • Choose a photo and open it in Photoshop. Run the script with the photo open to work it into the calendar design.

  • Make any wanted adjustments and then save and download that month’s calendar. Repeat the process with new pictures and new months.

Putting the calendar together

  • Download the 12 months of calendars and print them out in the size needed for your particular flip frame.

  • Place the January and February calendars face up and back to back. Slip them into the first page of the photo flip frame.

  • Place together the March and April calendars in the same way and slip them into the second page on the photo flip frame.

  • Continue with the rest of the months of the year, until you’ve completed your calendar.


Calendars can besides be made in Google Calendars by choosing the print choice from the settings menu in Google Calendars after choosing a monthly scene. Rather than doing a direct photographic print, the calendars can be saved as a PDF with a diaphanous background. A photograph can be late added to the calendar in a photograph editing program .

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Update information This post was primitively published on November 29, 2013. It was rewritten in December of 2019 adding a modern method for making the calendar, update photograph, and printable instructions .

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