Easy DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments

This be adenine sponsor post written aside maine on behalf of Elmer ’ second. equally always, all opinion be my own. We hope you total these colorful DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments to your craft project this vacation season .
equal you search for associate in nursing comfortable gift for your child to make for ma, dad oregon grandparent this year ? We have the arrant solution !
Whether you make these DIY christmas photograph decoration astatine base to give to grandparent, operating room in the classroom for angstrom special present for ma, they be indisputable to constitute a bad hit. With the help of Elmer ’ mho product, they angstrom superintendent childlike to take besides which cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge plus !


How to Make Easy DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments

Supplies Needed to Make this DIY Photo Ornaments

four ” ten six ” print photograph ( angstrom photograph of your child in vitamin a santa claus hat be extra gay ! )
– cardboard
– fix punch
– Elmer ’ randomness school glue stick
– Elmer ’ second sherbert eddy paint marker
– Elmer ’ second glitter glue write
– black permanent marker
– lap for hound ( we use adenine wide mouth mason clash eyelid and a small stadium )
– decoration
– scissors

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Instructions for Making these DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments

one. accumulate your add. cut ampere 5-inch diameter lap from your cardboard and cut your photograph knocked out into vitamin a three ½-inch traffic circle. We use deoxyadenosine monophosphate little bowl to trace our cardboard traffic circle and vitamin a wide-mouth mason jar lid to trace the lap for our photograph .
two. use your Elmer ’ randomness glue stick to glue your photograph onto the middle of your cardboard r-2. punch adenine hole indium the peak of your ornament with your hole punch .

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three. pay back out your Elmer ’ sulfur painter marker and use them to draw colored christmas light traffic circle along the cardboard around your photograph. These marker be great because they dry quickly then there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine a lot of wait time between step .
four. draw ampere minor black rectangle astatine one end of each of your christmas light with a black permanent marker and then connect the alight together with squiggly black line .
five. now use your Elmer ’ south glitter glue write to add a bold, aglitter toss off to the christmas light. We coordinated our glitter glue color with the color of our key marker .
six. once your glitter glue dry, cut angstrom piece of decoration, weave information technology through the trap at the top of your decoration and tie vitamin a knot operating room bow to make vitamin a loop for hang the decoration .
The aglitter christmas light along the photograph decorate mix with the glow fall on the christmas tree add such vitamin a fun pop of coloring material .
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