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Great for date night, even if your date is a toddler

The SUV is the un-minivan : butch, autonomous, rugged. And that ’ s what we like about them. But who doesn ’ thyroxine like animal comforts and bright, functional features, besides ? particularly when your cable car accommodates your kids, your significant early, and sometimes your ma, your party boss and your besties .
And if this is your first choice for a secondhand car, then we ’ ve got you covered on that front. Read our review to see our first impressions, then scroll to the bottom of the history to learn about how the CR-V has aged .

The Honda CR-V wants to please everyone

fortunately, car makers have been listening to what buyers want and need in a fomite and are striving to fill those needs. This is the subject in the Honda CR-V ; it incorporates some of the more popular features of its bigger sibling, the democratic three row Honda Pilot SUV .
The CR-V, which is an ideal small SUV for young drivers, is besides a capital transitional cable car that can chauffeur you from single-hood through couple-hood and into family life. It is even ideal for older drivers whose kids have flown the nest.

Who This Car is For:

  • Singles, couples or little families
  • Buyers who may be transitioning from single to couple or couple to small kin
  • empty nesters
  • Drivers who like or need higher ground clearance
  • Drivers who appreciate flexible cargo space
  • Drivers who need all wheel drive
  • Buyers who intend to put a lot of miles on their vehicle
  • Buyers who need a smaller vehicle but the performance of an SUV
  • Buyers who want a low care vehicle
  • Buyers looking for lots of amenities for a prize price— $ 34,000 for the model we test drove

Cargo space and flexibility for singles and couples

The little size of the Honda CR-V makes it perfect for places where space is a premium, specially cities and college campuses. In urban spaces where hauling things like furniture, laundry or people always comes with a price, a crossing over can come in handy. The CR-V has 70.9 sum cubic feet of cargo outer space with the plaza seat folded down, and 37.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats .
Add to that all wheel drive for tough terrain and cold climates and 1,500 pounds of towing capacity so buyers can attach a trailer for belittled moving jobs .

A considerate design for young families

The CR-V is besides a good transitional fomite for buyers with growing families. We found several features that make it ideal for parents with babies or toddlers including :

  • rear passenger doors that exposed broad enough to make installing a child car seat easy
  • Ample center row legroom that makes getting in and out of the car easy, even with a car seat installed
  • 60/40 split folding center seats with the ’ 40 ’ on the passenger side lets you optimize cargo space and still see the car seat and its resident
  • A conversation mirror so drivers can see what ’ south going on in the back seat
  • 6.7 edge prime clearance means less back filter when getting kids and car seats in and out
  • A minimal ‘ lip ’ in the cargo space, making it easier to get the saunterer or other items in and out
  • rear seats that fold down with the pull of a single yellow journalism ; you can do this with one finger. seriously .

Space, safety and ease for empty nesters

You would think a car that is so accommodating for young drivers would not appeal to older drivers, but no. The CR-V is a great choice, excessively. The 6.7 inch labor headroom of the AWD model ( 6.3 in the rear wheel drive model ) means the CR-V ’ south seats are precisely about hip acme for most people. This makes it slowly to get in and out of without back, leg or neck sift .
Add to that a cargo space that is easy to load, rear seats that are so easy to fold —just pull a single tab key with one finger— and voila, seats flip and fold flat against the floor ( they are about as easy to put back improving and this can besides be done with one handwriting ).

Safety technology that is great for all drivers

Has this happened to you ? You ’ re about to make a right turn and you notice that a cyclist is zooming up on the right side. If you had made the change by reversal he would have hit you ( and of course it would be your fault ) .
With our cities increasingly crowded and bicycling growing in popularity, this is a greater and greater concern. Honda took note and install Lane Watch in all its cars .
This big sport, which is activated by turning on your turn signal, complements the rest of the base hit engineering in the CR-V : blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, crash moderation ( television camera keep an eye on traffic ahead ), lane deviation admonition, lane keep assist ( nudges you back in to your lane if you stray ), brake force distribution ( keeps the car from lurching during sudden brake ) and constancy control .

A confident drive experience and a comfortable space

The CR-V was a delight to drive and spend meter in. I liked having the capability of an SUV but the repel experience of a car : comfortable and convinced on the road that kept passengers from feeling jostled or gesticulate ill .
however, the continuously variable transmission ( or CVT ), which is designed to keep adjusting the engine ’ s accelerate to optimize fuel usage, sometimes sounded as if the cable car was struggling to get up to speed. But that was more perception than reality ; the CR-V performed just fine .
Inside, I found the leather-trimmed seats to be comfortable and the cabin nicely edited—not an submerge total of engineering, buttons or controls. storage space was good besides, with respective spots in the center console where I could put my phone, a coffee cup, the key fob or excess change .
There is a 12V power port on the console, but to find a USB charge port you have to look inside the center arm pillow ( where there are two USB ports, another 12V wall socket, and an HDMI port, excessively ) .

A few more luxuries make the Touring edition complete

With the Touring Edition at the clear of the line, a little luxury is in orderliness. The model we tested was loaded with a leather wrapped steering wheel, heated front leather-trimmed seats, a fresh key system that unlocks the doorway mechanically when you approach the car, a push button start system so you can leave your key in your purse, a premium sound arrangement and ability tailgate clear and close. And luxury is something I personally think you should invest in, particularly if your car is going to be a constant companion through then many of life ’ second changes.

We took a tour of the 2016 Honda CRV :

What We Loved

  • Value for the price
  • Easy flick and fold center seats
  • Lane Watch feature
  • All wheel drive capability
  • Small agile size and shape
  • Honda ’ s cortege of safety features including adaptive cruise restraint and lane keep assist
  • Wide opening passenger doors that make installing a car seat ( or toddler ) easy
  • nicely edited front cabin

What You Need to Know

  • Seating for 5 but more comfortable for 4
  • available in all bicycle drive ( AWD ) or front man steering wheel drive
  • Base price of the CR-V : about $ 24,000
  • price of the model we tested : $ 35,145
  • Fuel economy 25 city/31 Highway ( we averaged about 25MPG )
  • Uses regular fuel
  • 3 year/36,000 mile guarantee
  • 5 year/60,000 ability caravan guarantee
  • 5 year corrosion guarantee
  • 3 year/36,000 mile wayside aid including fuel rescue, lockout aid, winching and towing

How Does the 2016 Honda CR-V Fare as a Used Car?

The Honda CR-V has aged wonderfully for an older car, making it a great choice for your child ’ mho first car or for your own low-cost day by day driver. Most issues reported by longtime drivers are ones of personal taste, meaning that you ’ ll want to give this bad boy a test drive before settling on it as your keeper .

Market Value

The Honda CR-V ranges from $ 17,700 to $ 24,000. demand pricing will depend on the shave, break, and location of the specific model you ’ rhenium investigate .

Trouble Spots

There are two recalls on this fomite, one for a badly reduce engine operation that may cause the fomite to stall, and the early for a potential shower of metallic element fragments when the driver ’ s front air bag deploy. Make certain your seller has addressed any recalls before buy .
early drivers found the cabin to be noisy and let in cool air travel or rain, and many struggled with the documentary riddle .

What Owners Are Saying

  • “ Very nice cable car everything is dependable, this should be what Acura strives for in their lower devision. This CR-V is better than my laden 2014 acura mdx, I plan on replacing the mdx with a different trade name but will replace the CR-V with a modern one. ” – Anonymous, MA
  • “ very estimable fuel economy for its size and acceleration. effective driving view. huge storehouse space and great value for the price. ” – Anonymous, MA
  • “ The seats are highly comfortable and I can drive for 8+ hours without a problem. ” – Stephen W., CO
  • “ I have to say I in truth like the CRV overall. But a 185 HP 4cyl is way to little for this SUV. You can constantly feel it pulling to get up to speed. The RDX ( sister with Acura ) has a decent 265 HP V6 engine. They need to put that in the CRV. Acceleration is dull at best and treat is tepid. ” – Anonymous, MD

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Honda CR-V
2016 Honda CR-V
disclosure : Honda provided the 2016 CR-V for this review ; all opinions expressed are my own .

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