How To: Make a Picture Frame

How to Make a Picture Frame What is art ? Critics and philosophers are release to debate the motion interminably, but we think it ’ second pretty simple : If there ’ s a frame around it, then it ’ sulfur art ! Less simple—but not then building complex that you shouldn ’ thyroxine give it a try—is building your own painting frame. Beginning woodworkers love this project, and for many others it can be a great money-saver. Within only a weekend, provided you have access to a few basic tools, you can make a word picture frame to keep for the rest of your life. The following steps practice in a general room no count what type of wood you want to use ( or happen to have on hand ), or what size you would like the visualize frame to be. But for the sake of ease in this tutorial, we ’ ll assume that you intend to build an 11″ adam 14″ picture frame from a 1″ ten 4″ maple board that measures 4 feet long. ad

Step 1

Setting the table see at 1-1/2″ ( from the blade to the argue ), rip the woodwind board into two 4-foot-long pieces. These must be precisely the lapp width, so pass the wide of the two through the table saw a second meter. ( Of course, if you ’ five hundred wanted the frame broad or narrower, you would have set the table saw accordingly. )

Step 2

With a router, cut a 1/2″ x 1/2″ rabbet—that is, a rectilinear groove—along one of the farseeing sides of each of the two pieces. The photograph is going to lie against the rabbet, so if you expect to frame an detail ( or to use a felt ) of considerable thickness, accommodate it by creating a more generous rabbet .

Step 3

Use a miter understand to cut one conclusion of both boards at a 45-degree fish, being careful to make indisputable that the rabbet runs along what is to become the inside of the frame. In other words, once you have finished cutting an fish into each circuit board, the rabbet edges should be opposite the retentive ( and pointier ) slope .

Step 4

quantify the longer side of the word picture you are going to frame ; add 1/16″ to that measurement. then choose one of the two boards and transfer that entire measurement to its rabbet side, marking the distance. here, cut a 45-degree slant, this prison term in the guidance reverse to the initial slant cut. Next, place the second gear board over the one into which you ’ ve just now cut a second fish. Mark the second display panel, then cut it so that you have a pair of identical pieces. On the two leftover pieces, repeat the process of measure, punctuate, and cutting, this time using as a guide the shorter side of the video to be framed. Make certain you ’ re keeping the rabbet side to the inside of the skeleton.

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Step 5

assemble the four pieces into a rectangular shape, remembering always to position the rabbet groove to the inside. Dab wood glue onto each joint, then fasten the pieces together by means of brad nails. Two nails airless to each outside corner ought to do the trick. Wipe away any excess glue immediately. Let dry nightlong .

Step 6

Sand the word picture frame, then wipe away any sawdust with a damp fabric. once you have allowed adequate time for the forest to dry wholly, it ’ s dependable to apply your choice of finish. ( If you ’ ra build with attractive lumber, I recommend finishing with linseed oil. ) Having finished the part, flip it over so the back ( rabbeted ) side is facing up. Fit a piece of cut-to-size glass into the frame of reference, then lay the picture face down on the glass and set a back over it. You have respective options for securing everything in place, including glazing points or brads.

Congratulations, you ’ ve created a masterpiece : You might even decide to leave the movie out wholly, because the frame itself is such a ferment of art ! ad

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