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Cao Gio is one such East Asian therapy that can cure several minor ailments and discomforts squarely and effectively. The best region of the treatment is its ease, wherein anyone within a matter of a few minutes can learn and execute the therapy .
Can you believe that backache can be cured by fair using a coin ? A coin can relieve chronic shoulder pain. It is not magic, but the wisdom of old human civilizations to cure aches and day-to-day ailments without much fuss.
Unlike the medicines, the Cao Gio comes with no long-run reactions or side effects. Learn everything about this condom and effective therapy now and lead a pain-free life .

What is Cao Gio and where does it come from?

Cao Gio is a very popular Vietnamese, ethnomedicine, practiced for thousands of years now. As the vietnamese impression goes, the ‘ wind ’ in the rake is creditworthy for all pains and ailments of the body.

Cao Gio is a vietnamese give voice ( marked gow gape ). It means ‘ Catch the wind. ’ in English. The wind hera represents the ‘ bad wind ’ that has gone into the blood, and the Cao Gio therapy catches that wind from the blood and throws it out of the body. That is the therapeutic secret of Cao Gio .
Despite the solid similarity with taiwanese Gua Sha, it has its peculiarities and identity. many consider Gua Sha and Cao Gio to be the same. They belong to the articulation stable of ancient Southeastern traditional and ethnic medicines but retain regional or place subtleties .

How does Cao Gio work?

In this therapy, the bark gets scraped in a particular way. The scrape brings the bad wind instrument of the blood precisely under the come on of the clamber. From there, it escapes through the pathways ( abrasive bruises ) created by scraping the skin .
In Cao Gio, the entirely instrument used for dermabrasion ( scraping of skin ) is a mint, and hence it is besides colloquially known as ‘ coining. ’ Any handy currency coin used. The merely requirement is that the edges should be smooth to prevent cuts on the skins. however, in Gua Sha, many tools are used depending on which soundbox separate needs treatment .
many consider a ‘ ash grey mint ’ to be more effective, but any mint will do till the time it does not cut the skin .
Some warm oil besides applied to the affected area. Further, with the help of the coin, the peel is scraped in hanker strokes. The strokes are made parallel to one another. It should be unidirectional, going outward .
Unidirectional here means the scraping motion should be only in one direction, and that is, inwards to outwards. The petroleum serves as a lubricant for one, and the other benefit is these oils besides have medicative properties, which aids the therapy .
The most popular oil used are red gum oil, wintergreen vegetable oil, eucalyptus oil, and camphor-based oil. Tiger balm is besides very popular because of its pain-relieving properties .
These coin scrapings leave in ecchymosis ( analogue stain of hide because of bleeding underneath. ) The blood from the squash capillaries leaks out and spread just beneath the skin surface. It is here that the badly wind from the flowing blood escapes out from the skin along the length of a bruise. That is the curative action according to ancient aesculapian science. Post Cao Gio treatment, the patient carries these analogue bruises for a couple of days, and then it goes away on its own .
modern science may not believe in such an explanation, without proper attest. hush, the Vietnamese have been using Cao Gio for ages to relieve body and muscular pains, joint pains, and cosmopolitan lethargy. They vouch it is equally effective in treating cold, fever, liver, kidney, and such other ailments .

Does Cao Gio hurt?

Applying the adjust method acting and pressure, Cao Gio is completely dependable. If you are having Cao Gio foremost time without any know, start applying with humble pressure and gradually increase the mint atmospheric pressure when you feel comfortable about it.

Cao Gio measuredly causes hurt, which may cause discomfort for some people. These red or purple bruises are a healthy sign that the body is getting rid of the “ bad wind ” and it should recover within a few days .

Advantages of Cao Gio therapy

Cao Gio is a partially of vietnamese tradition and culture, and people with these red/ purple bruises contribution some strange kind of brotherhood bonds .
This therapy is very popular in treating the back, thorax, shoulder, arms, and legs. Cao Gio sets the veto energy free from the body. Bereft of the damaging energy, the body gradually heals itself in a couple of days, and the disease or the trouble disappears, without any medications or complicated checkup treatments .
Its ease and humble price ( about zero price ), have made it enormously popular among the Vietnamese. besides, the Vietnamese had carried this therapy and custom with them when they traveled to early parts of the world. That is how Cao Gio gained interest and popularity in the USA and Europe .
basically Cao Gio is therapy under the TVM ( Traditional Vietnamese Medicine ). Like Traditional Chinese medicate, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine besides has ancient cultural checkup practices and procedures as a share of it. many believe that TVM evolved out of TCM. That may be right, considering that the taiwanese civilization is much older than most of the cultures of the world .

Coining massage with a spoon

Some practitioners of Cao Gio use inverted soup spoons rather of coins as a scraping cock. The soup spoon has a better apply and bobby pin and is easy to move relative to the currency coin .
For areas like the shoulder and neck where precise drift control is necessary to make the veracious stroke, the spoon is a better tool. Holding the coin pinched between the fingers for besides long may be painful and inconvenient, and the option is a spoon. Since it is metallic, there is constantly a fear that the coin may cut the skin. however, with the spoon, this will not happen .
Though the tool changes from coin to a spoon but the curative serve remains absolutely the lapp. The therapy, vitamin a well as its benefits, stay the same .
The theme behind using daily, easy-to-find objects as tools of massage is to ensure unhampered administration of therapy and not to depend on any specify tools .
Cao Gio can besides combine with cup massage. Learn more about the benefits of cupping massage.

In conclusion

Cао Gіо, a dеrmаbrаѕіоn therapy, іѕ wіdеlу uѕеd bу mаnу women іn Sоuthеаѕt Aѕіа tо trеаt a diverseness оf іllnеѕѕеѕ .
As frequently said that the Human body design is such to take care of itself. All that is needed to keep it fit and efficient is already there in the body. The ancient therapies have been based on the simple fact that we just need to initiate or trigger those remedy properties of the body. And most of the disorders can be cured. Cao Gio is one of the ways to trigger the self-curative feature of the body .

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