Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value: See How Much Walking Liberty Half Dollars From 1916 To 1947 Are Worth (Including Rare Walking Halves)

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Wondering what the Walking Liberty half dollar value is today ?

A lot of mint collectors ask me what their Walking Liberty half dollars are worth. And why not ? They ’ rhenium among the most beautiful silver coins the United States has always produced — therefore surely they ’ rhenium worth a lot of money, correct ? So what are these silver half dollars worth ? Are any of them rare ? here ’ randomness everything you want to know about Walking Liberty half dollar values…

What’s The Current Value Of A Liberty Half Dollar?

First things first, a Walking Liberty half dollar is always worth at least its spot silver value or 50-cent face value — whichever is higher. ( Spot value is simply the sum of money the silver in the coin is deserving. ) indeed, let ’ s say silver medal is deserving $ 17.31 per ounce. A Walking Liberty half dollar mint contains roughly 0.36169 ounces of saturated silver. Doing the mathematics ( $ 17.31 x 0.36169 ) we ’ ll see that comes to about $ 6.26 of silver. Unless silver prices absolutely tanked ( not impossible, but identical unlikely ), your Walking Liberty half dollar will never be worth “just” 50 cents. many Walking Liberty half dollars that are common dates ( about all made since 1934, with the exception of the 1938-D Walking half — more on that in a minute ) are worth only their silver prize if they ’ re well break. But a Walking Liberty half dollar that’s been well preserved is certainly worth more than just its silver value alone. It has what we coin collectors call a numismatic premium — measure due to the scarcity or collector matter to in the coin. however, with the exception of rare Walking Liberty half dollars, most of the post-1933 Walking halves are only worth a significant come of money above silver touch rate if they have very short wear or no wear at all.

here ’ s a basic breakdown on the Walking Liberty half dollar value:

  • 1916 to 1921 — $15 to $200+
  • 1923 to 1933 — $10 to $50+
  • 1934 to 1947 — $7 to $15+

*Values are for Walking Liberty halves that display average to little wear and have not been cleaned, have holes, or show other signs of damage. And no… I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate incidentally omit a 1922 Walking Liberty half dollar from the tilt above. There weren ’ triiodothyronine any half dollars made that year — or during a few other years in the 1920s and 1930s, either.

Are Walking Liberty Half Dollars Rare?

Yes and no… Yes, some Walking Liberty half dollars are rare. But no, they are not rare in general. In fact, most of the Walking Liberty half dollar coins you ’ re likely to find are quite common in the absolute sense. surely, you’ll probably never stumble upon a Walking Liberty half dollar in pocket change. And they ’ re challenging for half dollar hustle searchers to find, besides. Millions of Walking Liberty halves hush exist — it ’ s merely that about all of them are now in the possession of mint collectors, silver bullion investors, and those who have inherited them from loved ones.

It may surprise you to find out that most Walking Liberty one-half dollars are not rare at all, except for some examples that are in uncirculated ( “ mint ” ) discipline.

For case, some of the early mintmarked Walking Liberty half dollars are keys to the serial and demand hearty premiums, even in wear grades. There are a few choose dates that hobbyists consider rare and a good one-half twelve or so that are regarded as semi-key ( or just scarce ) issues .

Rare Walking Liberty Half Dollar Values

hera ’ s a list of the rare Walking Liberty half dollars, as well as other scarce dates and approximately what they’re worth:

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    1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $40+

  • 1916-D Obverse Mintmark Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $40+
  • 1916-S Obverse Mintmark Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $100+
  • 1917-D Obverse Mintmark Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $20+
  • 1917-S Obverse Mintmark Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $20+
  • 1919 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $20+
  • 1919-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $20+
  • 1921 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $150+
  • 1921-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $225+
  • 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $40+
  • 1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $45+ 
  • 1946 Doubled Die Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Value — $18+

*Values listed above are retail values for problem-free coins in Good or better condition. Coins that have been cleaned, hold holes, are otherwise damaged, or grade lower than Good will be worth well less than the prices listed above .

Other Walking Liberty Half Dollar Values

In general, common-date Walking Liberty one-half dollars that are well worn are largely considered trash silver. While there ’ s nothing addict about Walking Liberty half dollars, the common pieces that are very break have more of a market for their silver than for their collectibility — though many coin collectors do assemble low-grade sets of Walking Liberty half dollars.

The value of these common and well-worn Walking Liberty half dollars rises and falls with the prevailing silver grocery store. The values of Walking Liberty half dollars in high grades is more dependant on the numismatic market. Any Walking Liberty half dollar in the grades of XF to AU shows off a lot of the detail beauty of the design and is worthy hanging onto. such pieces retail for $ 12 to $ 20, even for common dates, and look big in any coin solicitation. Uncirculated Walking Liberty half dollars are exquisite coins to own and can be had for adenine small as $ 30. however, be warned that if you ’ re trying to assemble a complete collection of Walking Liberty half dollars in uncirculated grades, you ’ re in for a long tease — many of the early on dates are extremely hard to find in desirable uncirculated grades.

Obverse vs. Reverse Mintmarks

You ’ ll notice in the values listed above that there ’ s an obverse mint scar one some Walking Liberty half dollars, and there ’ s a reversion mint mark on other Walking Liberty half dollars. Wondering how to tell an obverse mintmark from a reversion mintmark Walking Liberty mint ? here ’ s how :

  • Obverse mintmarks (“D” for Denver or “S” for San Francisco) appear under IN GOD WE TRUST.
  • Reverse mintmarks are found to the upper left of the “H” in HALF DOLLAR, near the lower-left rim.

No mintmark ? Your coin was made at the Philadelphia Mint.

More About Walking Liberty Half Dollar Values

In accession to the links I ’ ve included above, here are some other resources to help you find the true value of your Walking Liberty Half Dollar:

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