How to Add Picture to Music & Songs [Offline & Online]

How to Add Pictures to Music Songs (MP3): an Ultimate Guide

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Aug 30, 2022• Proven solutions
Have you always thought about changing the cover photograph of your cute albums ?
We have to admit that customization has become trendy among youngsters. Custom a unique album is actually a aplomb matter, besides. To do this, a professional edit joyride would be a great benefactor ( hence, the reason you ’ re here ). While a big choice of television editors and music management software documentation adding pictures to music, Wondershare Filmora stands out for its chasteness, efficiency, and mighty capability .
Add Picture to Music

With this program, you can add images/photos to all popular music files, including MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and more. then, you can see your front-runner picture when playing the songs by any media player. What an unforgettable feel !
Let ‘s keep on reading the guide and know how to add a painting to an mp3 file in high quality with both background software and on-line tools .

Part 1: How to Add Picture to Music with Filmora

To begin with, get a free trial copy of Wondershare Filmora

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1. Import your files

Click “ Import ” to load your songs from rip four hundred or downloaded from the internet. then dredge and drop your desire photograph in a format like JPG, JPEG, JPE, GIF, BMP, PNG, DIB, JFIF, TIF, TIFF to the media library window. immediately you ’ ll see all imported files displayed as thumbnails in the Media library .

2. Drag and Drop to add pictures to music

Drag songs and pictures from the Media library to the break Timeline consequently. Filmora allows you to add several images to the music in the timeline. Highlight the picture in the Video Timeline, and move your mouse to the ending part. When the “ set duration ” icon on the toolbar appears, click it and set the duration to fit for the duration of your music file .
Tips : You can zoom in or zoom out the timeline by dragging the timeline skidder on the top justly corner to find the accurate put handily .
After that, check the effect in the preview windowpane. If necessity, you can do more to touch up your initiation, e.g. add captions, apply extra effects, transitions, and even create a picture-in-picture consequence .
add image to mp3 audio

3. Save Music with Photos

When you ‘re satisfied with the result, simply click the Export menu to export your universe. In the output windowpane that appears, choice MP4 under the format tab key or if you want to play the media on earphone, you can switch to the device option at Export window and blue-ribbon aim devices like iPhone, iPad, or Apple television, etc., Filmora will create a proper mount for mobile device save .
add picture to music

Bonus tips:

Rip audio from video : If you want to extract sound recording from a film, movie trainer, comedy, television receiver show, etc., just highlight the video file in the Timeline, right-click it and select “ Audio Detach ”, then you can delete the original video stream to save in a new MP3 charge, and now you can freely add your photos to the rip music. Or, you can delete the original audio file and add a fresh one. Watch the video below to check out how to detach the sound recording from video and how to edit audio files .

Part 2: How to Add Picture to Music with Melobytes Online

In fact, if you do n’t want to add audio to picture on-line, we could besides offer you an on-line solution without downloading software. Melobytes ‘ web site is an on-line solution. It is so easy to add pictures to music with just a few steps. The interface is drug user friendly that even a founder can add a photograph cover charge with music well .

1. Upload Picture

Click Melobytes to open the on-line page. At the top, you can see the Upload video clitoris. Click it to import images. Depending on the size of the movie, it may take a few minutes to finish upload .
Melobytes upload image

2. Ready to Download

After the persona is upload, it will be displayed below. You have three options to download the file : MP3, mid, and video recording .
Melobytes export photo video

3. Ready to Download

If you choose Download television, another page will show up. hera you can preview the video. Click the three erect dots to export the video, Or you can choose PIP manner to preview the video .
Melobytes download video


As the upload accelerate is slow, we highly recommend you using Filmora to add photos to music. Besides, Filmora offers more than 50 sounds that you can use. Download it now !

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