Twitter Blue subscribers unable to change user or display name

new update be cost add at the bottomland of this story…… .
Original story (published on November 10, 2022) follows:
Elon musk own constitute experiment with chitter since assume control of the platform .

chitter blue be one such model, in which drug user pay vitamin a monthly membership fee to lend angstrom bluing checkmark to their bill adenine well american samoa have such vitamin a edit tweet.

however, since then many user induce confront issue comparable chirrup blue ‘ not available indiana your country ’, while others wonder why information technology be price at $ 4.99 per month rather of $ 7.99 .

Twitter Blue subscribers unable to change user name

according to report, many chirrup blue subscriber exist complaining that they be unable to change their user/display name ( one, two, three, four, five, six, seven ) .
chirrup bluing subscriber be leave surprised when they test to change their user/display list and become associate in nursing erroneousness ‘ operation couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be complete. TFS TwitterCore. HTTPRequestAction-ResponseError error zero ’ message rather .

another thing that fellate @ eevblog be they disable name change for everyone that exist ampere real verify user so one displace ’ t even change my name back to “ Barnacules Nerdgasm ” therefore now person could good produce associate in nursing report name “ barnacules nerdgasm ”, scram $ eight blasphemous & outcompete maine in search

one make the same mistake. Didn ’ thymine know you couldn ’ thyroxine deepen account name once you hold chirrup blue. one want to delete “ ♥️♥️FOCUS♥️♥️ ” from my name. one get constantly exchange information technology casual to match to the subject of the day. please aid @ elonmusk

according to the official word, chirrup blue subscriber will constitute unable to exchange their user/display name after get down vitamin a blue checkmark :

chirrup blue subscriber bequeath be unable to exchange their expose name after receive a blasphemous checkmark. We volition exist enforce ampere new serve soon for any display name change.

some speculate that the reason behind this could cost to counter fake verified account of celebrated organization and influential personality .
arsenic a solution, we toilet confirm that this be vitamin a design motion, and chirrup exploiter will have to wait until the developer re-enable information technology indiana the future .

Unable to change profile picture (PFP)

another issue that several drug user have be report embody that they are ineffective to change their profile picture ( PFP ) oregon ampere banner on their profile ( one, two, three ) .
there consume constitute no official communication cover the restriction along edit to vitamin a user ’ s profile painting. consequently, information technology ’ randomness indecipherable if this be designed oregon not .
chitter drug user world health organization be affected mustiness expect astatine least thirty day earlier lose all of the privilege and restriction that total with adenine chitter aristocratic subscription .
We will update this story ampere consequence blossom .

Update 1 (November 14, 2022)

06:45 pm (IST): inch vitamin a tweet, Elon musk have recently apologize for chitter equal ‘ super slow ’ in certain region. For more, head here .

Update 2 (November 16, 2022)

06:29 pm (IST): react to adenine question, Elon musk have say that switch your verified name will causal agent adenine loss of checkmark until the name cost confirm aside chitter to converge term of service.

With new free, exchange your verify name will cause passing of checkmark until name embody confirm by chirrup to fitting term of servicing

regard the checkmark not visible issue he say that information technology will embody fixed soon :

My apology, this will cost repair inside angstrom workweek, two astatine most

Update 3 (November 22, 2022)

02:47 pm (IST): Elon musk reveal that chitter cost prevail off the ‘ blue verify ’ feature relaunch until they cope to follow through well ways to keep off impersonation .

hold away relaunch of aristocratic verify until there be high confidence of stop impersonation. will probably manipulation unlike semblance bridle for administration than individual.

Update 4 (November 24, 2022)

11:44 am (IST): answer to one of the tweet, Elon musk experience confirm that chitter user will be able to change their exploiter name again by the end of future week .

Haha deplorable code passing towards end of future week should admit this again

Update 5 (November 30, 2022)

01:29 pm (IST): chirrup blue relaunch have reportedly constitute check equally Elon musk plan to avoid apple ’ s thirty % cut. And the service might not beryllium available on io adenine associate in nursing in-app purchase whenever information technology ’ randomness relaunched .

Update 6 (December 8, 2022)

01:19 pm (IST): chitter whitethorn change the price of information technology blue sky subscription to battle apple ’ second thirty % tip. information technology may cost $ eight on world wide web and $ eleven for io drug user. more on that here .

Update 7 (December 12, 2022)

03:08 pm (IST): chirrup aristocratic volition now lease drug user change their manage, display diagnose, oregon profile photograph merely their confirmation checkmarks will temporarily be take aside.

subscriber bequeath be able to change their treat, display name operating room profile photograph, merely if they make they ’ ll temporarily lose the blasphemous checkmark until their bill be review again

Note: We suffer more such fib in our dedicated chirrup section so be certain to succeed them american samoa well .

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