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The best way to do things is to do what works for you. And if you don ’ t have fancy software, Adobe Illustrator, or even photoshop, you can always create graphics the semi-old-fashioned way, using Microsoft WORD.
Yes ! It ’ mho true.
And easy. Word international relations and security network ’ t truly intended as a “ graphics ” program but it ’ sulfur pretty straight-forward and evenly frustrating since the program does have limitations. For exemplify, you can ’ triiodothyronine elongate or squeeze a baptismal font, flip images, place them at an angle, or many other things. Some resources that are well for that are :
picnik ( easy to use photograph web site )
Inkscape ( downloadable software ) But if you ’ rhenium looking for the quick and simpleton method acting you ’ ve come to the mighty place. today, we ’ ll create this header for the Design My Header Contest :
now, don ’ t be scared.
A crowd of screen-grab images with instructions looks overwhelming. But we ’ ll walk through each footprint and soon you ’ ll be a pro !

Let ’ s scram started. Your version of WORD might be slightly different than mine ( if you like nitty farinaceous details, my translation is Word for MAC : 12.2.0 ) But whatever version you have, the concepts are alike. – Start by opening a modern document.
– When making headers, set-up the document as “ landscape ”, so you can create a very wide image.
– To create graphics we ’ ll consumption layers of boxes and shapes, group them together, and then right-click on the solid thing and “ save as picture ”. here are the details… ..

– Grab a shape for your trope. In the toolbox ( which normally pops up to the justly of your document–and is besides located at the top toolbar ), click on the object palette and you ’ ll see tons of form options. I typically use the first two–the rectangle or the round rectangle.
– Click on the shape you want, then go to the document and click/drag to make the form. Make the condition arsenic wide as possible on your document, so the persona is the highest choice possible.
And it looks like this :
Let ’ s format and customize the box.
– First, get rid of the shadow. I don ’ triiodothyronine care for how the shadow looks and it affects the baptismal font arsenic good. so just uncheck that box down there :
– Choose a color for the border, a tinge for the inside of the box, or you can insert a photograph into the box :
I chose easy blue. And nowadays the box looks like this :
But I don ’ t very like that shade of blue…or any of the colors they have listed. so let ’ s customize that excessively.
– Click on “ more colors ” ” and a color wheel pops up.
– Select the accurate shade you want from the semblance wheel. There are countless shades to choose from.
Okay, it ’ mho looking better.
immediately let ’ s add text to the image.
– RIGHT-click on your shiner and choice “ total textbook ”
– Use the toolbox to the right to pick your baptismal font type, size, and color. I used Century Gothic.
now, a major drawback with WORD, is that you can ’ thymine move the text around identical easily inside the corner, unless you place the text inside another layer….meaning… .. unless you place it in another image/box, and then make that box transparent. here ’ s what you do :
– Select another trope.
– Format it so that there is NO tail, NO margin, and NO fill. This makes the box wholly diaphanous. ( btw, side-note here….if you want to make your layer partially transparent–so you can see a photograph behind it, etc–select a meet color for the box and then use the transparency slider to vary the opacity. But that ’ sulfur for another day ).
Okay, now you have another layer. RIGHT-click to “ add text ” and locate the words inside the newfangled box :
now you can move that box around and place the words wherever you like…almost.
I wish the person letters were a moment closer together. But in WORD, I ’ megabyte limited with the baptismal font size and can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate squish them closer. So lease ’ s cheat it.
– Just as you created the layer box above, create 4 individual guileless boxes–one for each letter and smash them ampere stopping point as you like :
lean : You can constantly cheat the letters even more by placing your cursor in front of a letter, selecting a very little baptismal font size ( such as 5 ), and then hitting the spacebar a few times. I besides do this with the Return key if I want to move something up or down precisely slightly. – To group the letters together, hold the Shift key down and click on each image to select them all, then RIGHT-click, and blue-ribbon “ group ”. now you can move the letters around as one arrant image.
And there you go. boastfully letters, close together.
But I ’ megabyte not done yet. It needs something more.
Let ’ s add another layer in there.
– Pull the textbook box out of the visualize.
– Select another rounded rectangle and center it inside the original trope.
– Format the box to be white, without a bound ( I besides removed the border from the out box ).
now, with WORD, you ’ re besides limited to the order in which you ’ ve created things. Meaning….since I created the crystalline box before this new white box, I can ’ thymine pull the textbook box up on crown of the white, or the flannel box will cover it. WORD accepts images in the ordain you create them–with the newest layer on top. You can see that hera :
So…simply cluck on the text box ( the one that says “ MADE ” ), hit copy and then paste and now you ’ ve created a newer adaptation of the corner. immediately you can well pull it up over the white box and the letters will show up.

Read more : ‎Photo Editor

– then, as we did above, hold the Shift key down and click on all the layers of your image ( all the boxes ). When they ’ re all selected, RIGHT-click and blue-ribbon “ group ”. You have one accomplished trope now !
– RIGHT-click and hit “ save as video ” and your prototype will be saved as a png file ( portable network graphics ). Your computer and software programs will recognize the file in a similar way as a jpg. Or, you can constantly import it into your photograph software ( such as iPhoto on my Mac ) and then export it again as a jpg.
Okay, one stopping point step !
here ’ s what it looks like when I import the image into iPhoto. When we created the prototype in WORD, one of the prototype layers extended above the blue molding image….so there ’ s a act of white space at the acme. Let ’ s get rid of that :
I plainly cropped it off in iPhoto and now I have a header !
Of naturally when all was said and done, I thought it needed one more touch.
so I added another text box to the exceed :
And we ’ ra done !
The picture quality is not arsenic great as early programs, which is a drawback to WORD. But the complete header size ( if you make it equally wide as a landscape document ) is big enough for the top of my blog. – To place it on the top of your blog in Blogger, click on Design, and “ edit ” under the heading. then add the picture !
here ’ s one more theme : – To create the graphic/button for the contest, I created many boxes in varying shades of the same color, grouped them all together, then saved as a video.
– Next, I created a modern image–using a encircle shape–and inserted the trope above as a visualize ( preferably than selecting a color ). I added many layers of text boxes, grouped them together, and there you go !
New button :
There are many, many other options and tweaks you can do in WORD.
therefore hold fun designing and research !

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