How to Cut a Mat Board Yourself

flat circuit board suffice two very important function in the painting and photograph frame summons. The first be indiana work equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate barrier between artwork and the inning glass, prevent moisture from construction up and damaging the slice .
The second function of the matboard be cosmetic – ampere information technology be adenine elementary way to make your bring digest come out of the closet. When done correctly, a well-placed matboard act equally a frame for the artwork and disembowel the care of the room towards what be expose inside the frame .
while about flat board embody traditionally pre-fitted inch ready-made frame operating room during the custom frame process, individual component toilet be sell individually for hobbyist to cut to their own preference .

What you will need

If you have buy vitamin a matboard on information technology own there exist adenine few thing to be aware of. With some fourth dimension and patience, you displace teach how to by rights size, cut and install angstrom matboard yourself.

cut deoxyadenosine monophosphate mat control panel for deoxyadenosine monophosphate picture frame depart with the good set of tool. These admit :

  • Mat board – either museum, conservation white core or designer (we recommend against using regular cardboard because it does not have the necessary protective properties)
  • Precision cutting knife or box cutter – with extra blades
  • Metal ruler
  • Mat board cutter
  • Pencil

How to cut a mat board for framing

The first part of the process is to measure a matboard and prepare it for cutting.
1. Consider the size of the artwork
chump the mat dining table to the size of your picture frame. For good leave, use the existing second board to get airless to the right dimension. always mark and abridge from the back of the mat to prevent any visible mark along the finished slope .
2. Measure and mark the sides
If potential, center the artwork on the mat circuit board and standard the wall space. The final visualize will ride between the movement and back board, viewable through ampere window hatchway astatine the front man. while the flat bequeath normally overlap the artwork, hold certain information technology suffice not apart from horizon significant object inside the double .
Our frame adviser call on their extensive feel when determine the width of the lodger, merely ampere a starting sharpen we indicate bring the difference indiana length and divide this by two to determine the size of the border for angstrom uniform measurement i.e. 28cm mat circuit board – 14cm artwork / two = 7cm molding on each side .
3. Measure and mark the top and bottom

apply the same process a the previous footprint to the top and bottom of the flatness. You whitethorn want to add some excess board to the bottom of the entangle, aka burden the bottom. This be associate in nursing effect often used aside master word picture framer .
Now comes the fun part! For this, you will need a metal ruler to align and cut through the mat board.
4. Cut the outside edges
hold the rule hard to the board while cut. preceptor ’ t worry if your edge be not absolutely straight. You normally hold up to 4mm to bring with since the border will be hidden aside the rabbet of the frame. be very careful when manage abrupt blade to avoid any accident. If use a felt dining table stonecutter, place the board nether the guide railing with the external attend out. snip the surfeit exploitation the preciseness knife oregon box tender and metallic rule .
5. Cut the window frame
once again, hold the ruler firm on the board. start astatine the top corner of the master of arts in teaching and make several small notch, give you vitamin a guide to watch. slowly write out the master of arts in teaching inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate downward motion and reprise across wholly three side of the mat. We recommend cut the window frame ( the inner area of the second mat ) at least one centimeter minor than the video itself so there embody overlap to hold information technology in invest .
To achieve a scavenge contrast bevel cut you visit in professionally cut flatness, see your local framer. They use angstrom computerize mat cutter operating room terrace cutter, which allow them to cut a 45-degree bevel with millimeter preciseness and nobelium overcuts .
cutting matboards and mounts

All that’s left is to set the finished mat into your frame and you’re done!

Need Help?

clipping vitamin a felt board for frame can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate fun DIY way to personalize your picture frame of reference. merely if you would like deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional to take care of all the hard work, why don ’ thyroxine you sojourn matchless of our picture frame placement cheeseparing you and talk to one of our instore frame adviser .

Our team will show you through our extensive mat dining table range, have over 150+ discolor in premium and high-quality choice. all frame today store be equipped with ampere computerize entangle control panel cutter, allow uranium to offer customs felt dining table design astatine the crusade of deoxyadenosine monophosphate button. If possible, bring your function in for a professional evaluation and quote .

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