World 6-3 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

World 6-3 is the third base grade of World 6 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is unlock after completing World 6-1, and its own completion unlocks World 6- NSMBW Tower Icon.png. This degree appears to be based on World 2-3 from New Super Mario Bros. In this grade, there are Super Piranha Plants, Stalking Piranha Plants, and Buzzy Beetles. The naturally is a network of Warp Pipes with raising and lowering platforms which the Super Piranha Plants are on circus tent of. Some ? Switchs raise and lower the level of the urine.

layout [edit ]

The horizontal surface starts on an horizontal Warp Pipe, in front of two other, vertical falsify pipes, with one accessible and the other one having a Piranha Plant hiding inside. Once the discipline Warp Pipe entered, the player falls from the top of the screen, land by a ? substitution and, on the other english, a Super Piranha Plant. Once the ? Switch hit, it causes water system to raise from off-screen, allowing the characters to go up and get out of the pit they were standing in. The follow path is a pin down diagonal path with Buzzy Beetles in it. After that, another Super Piranha Plant is on the manner, and has a ? Block above it, which contains a Fire Flower. then, after another narrow path awaits a third Super Piranha Plant, above of which is the foremost Star Coin. then, they have to come across a large board with a ? Switch alike to the previous. Like the early one, it makes water advance from off-screen, and if the player wants the Star Coin they must swim in the passage under the chief one in which is a Super Piranha Plant. The player then finds the center charge in a bedroom invade with Buzzy Beetles on the ground and ceiling, and then arrive in an area with multiple Piranha Plants with two sets of Brick Blocks ; the player has to wall jump above these blocks to get to the last Star Coin. The last board consists of multiple other Super Piranha Plants, another throw on the upper berth depart of the room, and the Warp Pipe leading to the exit. To reach the Warp Pipe, Mario must go to the upper part of the board, and press the interchange to make water advance again. Before the flagpole is a stairway made out of pipes, from which Piranha Plants randomly pop out of.

star Coins [edit ]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is floating above the third Super Piranha Plant. Mario and co. must kill the Super Piranha Plant and then use the platform to rise up to it, or wall kick.
  • Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is next to the fourth Super Piranha Plant. Mario and co. should again kill the Super Piranha Plant to make the Star Coin accessible.
  • Star Coin 3: At least a Super Mushroom is required for this one. Shortly after the midway point, there are three Super Piranha Plants with one guarding a row of Brick Blocks. Mario and co. must break through any but all of the Brick Blocks and wall kick to the area atop them to be brought to the secret area with the third Star Coin.

Enemies [edit ]

Level map [edit ]

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