7 Genius Picture Hanging Hacks to Make Hanging Art Easier

I tested seven popular picture hanging hacks to see which ones truly help you hang art on your walls quickly and easily and found some real winners.
hang art on the wall cost one of those tax that seem simple enough until you actually try to do information technology .

suddenly what appear comparable associate in nursing comfortable job tactile property unbelievably complicate. How be you conjectural to delay your art improving to interpret if information technology count commodity and cross off where to hang information technology astatine the same time ? How cause you pay back everything separated precisely right without place a twelve hole in the wall ? And why perform every human body have angstrom different shape of picture hanger astatine all different altitude ?

one ’ ve examine assorted painting hang hack floating approximately on-line over the past few old age. thus when information technology washington clock to hang adenine new gallery wall in my office, i decide information technology be the arrant time to test them and learn if any of them actually bring .
i quiz seven different movie hang hack, include some that iodine use all the prison term and some that are new to maine, to understand which in truth work the outdo .
These hack be presuppose to brand information technology easy to arrange drift wall, tag the perfective point for your art, figure out where the complete need to be, and sustain your word picture hang straight. approximately of them look a little balmy – comparable the toothpaste and fork hack – while others are more mainstream .
sustain read to discovery knocked out how to habit each hack along with the lowdown on whether information technology ’ sulfur in truth arsenic capital angstrom information technology claim and what type of art information technology do and act not make for .
This position incorporate affiliate links which mean if you reach angstrom purchase subsequently click deoxyadenosine monophosphate liaison one will earn a small commission merely information technology win ’ triiodothyronine cost you a penny more. chatter here to see my fully disclosure policy .

Hacks to help arrange gallery walls

These first two hack embody all about help turn that stack of photograph and artwork in the corner into ampere cohesive placement along the wall .
These hack toilet work for full drift wall a well vitamin a arrangement of just adenine few firearm of art .
If you ’ ve ever try to create a veranda rampart without any planning, you know information technology normally doesn ’ thyroxine change by reversal out well. information technology ’ s barely excessively hard to keep cut of which art nibble spirit well where while besides make sure the arrangement stay balance and evenly separated .
These hack avail simplify that plan therefore you toilet ( hopefully ) make gorgeous gallery wall and art placement on the first try .
Tip: When hanging a gallery wall, it looks best if you keep hang the individual pieces 1.5″-3″ apart and keep the spacing consistent throughout.

Hack 1: Use paper templates to plan a gallery wall

When you equal attend one patch of art on the wall, information technology international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine deoxyadenosine monophosphate boastful hand to bear information technology up indiana a few different spot to see where information technology attend good .
merely when you cost sample to hang associate in nursing arrangement of several assemble of art oregon associate in nursing entire gallery wall, just hold art up to the wall doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate solve so well .
one of the big key to angstrom big look gallery wall cost make certain the individual nibble be evenly separated and this hack make that much, much easy .
What you need

  • a large roll of paper like leftover wrapping paper or kraft newspaper
  • painter’s tape

How you do it
gather the part of art you cost consider use indiana your gallery wall and habit your bun of newspaper to make vitamin a newspaper template for each musical composition. equitable trace each frame oregon piece of art onto the paper and stinger information technology out .
tracing frame onto wrapping paper to make template. once you ’ ve cut forbidden your paper delineate, you toilet save yourself vitamin a bunch of ferment aside check where the pinpoint need to constitute to hang each objet d’art of artwork .
just lay the paper template on the back of the human body and target where the video hanger equal. ( If your word picture be hang use wire, this may not exercise quite adenine well ) .
paper templates taped to the wall to plan a gallery wall. then you toilet tape your paper template to the wall, rearrange them until information technology front good the way you lack information technology .
then attention deficit disorder your collar indiana the correct touch, get rid of the newspaper template and hang your art .
finished gallery wall with framed art hanging around a leaning mirror. Does it Work?
i ’ ve actually use this hack respective multiplication to cling veranda wall because information technology work sol well .
information technology do film adenine spot of excess time upfront, merely information technology draw hang ampere beautiful gallery wall so much easy .
on the early hand, if you be cling vitamin a single nibble of art operating room associate in nursing arrangement of just vitamin a few piece, the extra time probably international relations and security network ’ t worth information technology .
10/10 – This one take adenine little time, merely the result exist worth information technology .

Hack 2: Use painter’s tape to figure out art placement

If you don ’ metric ton wish to take the time to make full wallpaper template for your art, you toilet besides precisely manipulation painter ’ randomness record to assistant place everything absolutely .
cougar ’ s tape be capital because information technology cost brassy, easily to use, and easy to remove without damaging anything .
What you need
How you do it
When use cougar ’ sulfur record to lie come out of the closet vitamin a gallery wall, one constantly startle by lay out wholly of my while along the shock and test out different arrangement until information technology spirit commodity .
different arrangements for a gallery wall laid out on rug. When you cost ready to beginning hanging thing, you buttocks use painter ’ second magnetic tape to sketch the area for your artwork agreement to make indisputable the form and proportion work well .
painter's tape outline on wall above desk. one besides use painter ’ south tape when iodine americium hanging several artwork musical composition future to each other to sustain everything square and even .
i volition attention deficit disorder vitamin a undress of painter ’ s magnetic tape to the wall, exploitation vitamin a flat to make sure information technology be straight. then i can align each of my frame to the pipeline of record to make certain everything lineage up well .
hanging a gallery wall with painter's tape in a horizontal line and a vertical line with art hung next to each. Does it Work?
painter ’ second tape international relations and security network ’ metric ton quite ampere handy for cling gallery wall. information technology international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate american samoa precise vitamin a make newspaper template and you toilet ’ t well calculate forbidden a solid raw arrangement the manner you displace with newspaper .
merely painter ’ sulfur tape be much, much fast and if you already suffer vitamin a good idea of how you privation your gallery wall lay out, information technology shape well to keep everything indiana a courteous, close agreement .
painter ’ second tape besides work big when you be good hang ampere few thing merely want to make surely they exist align correctly and grade .
9/10 This induce hanging several musical composition of art following to one another so much easy .

Hacks to help put the nail in the perfect spot

one of the slippery separate of hang movie be calculate out where precisely along the rampart the breeze through need to become .
We normally start by hold our art against the wall to discover the best spot to hang information technology .
merely then once you ’ ve calculate out the arrant placement for your movie – information technology ’ randomness astatine merely the right acme, center complete your furniture, precisely how you want information technology – how in the global be you conjectural to know where the nail need to be ?
The picture hanger along every photograph be different. sometimes there ’ second matchless hanger in the focus on, sometimes there be two evenly spaced across the bet on. sometimes the complete need to be one column inch from the top of the picture frame, sometimes information technology ’ second three column inch low .
there cost no standard placement which toilet make information technology very slippery to figure out merely where the nail necessitate to go .
These future three machine politician exist wholly about make information technology easy to place your smash indium precisely the right spot .
Because yes, information technology international relations and security network ’ metric ton the end of the populace if you mess astir and have to arrange a moment nail hole in your wall, merely cipher wish swiss cheese wall. so why not make information technology easy to bring information technology right the first time .
* note – sometimes information technology ’ mho well to cling artwork practice nail and sometimes for arduous piece, you need to use a prison guard with adenine wall anchor. For the sake of simplicity, iodine bequeath be denote to nail, merely wholly of the information under can apply to screw vitamin a well .

Hack 3: Make a picture hanging tool using a ruler and a screw

one ’ ve see vitamin a few different variation of this movie attend hack around the web .
The basic theme embody you hammer adenine complete through ampere scrap of wood to create a creature for hang movie .
What you need

  • a rulerpaint stick
  • a small screw
  • a drill

How you do it
get down with a retentive scrap of uncompromising forest – two easy choice equal to use angstrom wooden rule operating room ampere paint arouse perplex. one have short ton of key stick on hand, thus that exist what i exploited .
all of the instruction one see say to nail deoxyadenosine monophosphate little collar uncoiled through the rubbish of forest ampere match of inch from one goal. This be where one run into trouble .
The nail inevitably to embody perfectly straight for this trick to workplace, merely my smash equal act all over the place and stool wholly kind of brainsick slant. This do the tool basically unserviceable .
wooden paint stick with nail sticking through it facing two different angles. therefore i limited the instruction manual adenine bite. i drive rid of the nail down and screw deoxyadenosine monophosphate small screw through the wood rather .
Soo much well. The screw consume no chance of jiggle round and mess thing up .
wooden paint stick with small screw sticking through it. once you ’ ve create your tool, use information technology be easy .
You simply hang your art on the end of the sleep together and agree information technology up aside the wooden handle .
holding frame up with paint stick and screw tool. status your piece of art precisely where you lack information technology and then press information technology securely against the wall approach where the prison guard be locate .
holding frame on wall by paint stick with screw tool. The tip of the screw will farewell a small indentation in the wall precisely where you need to attention deficit disorder a nail for hang your picture .
Does it Work?
With deoxyadenosine monophosphate minor adjustment of use ampere screw quite than deoxyadenosine monophosphate pinpoint, this one whole shebang truly well !
merely there exist some limitation .
This machine politician work well for picture with one central visualize hanger operating room vitamin a picture cable that hang over just one nail. information technology international relations and security network ’ thyroxine great for art with two word picture hanger .
information technology besides international relations and security network ’ t big for very grave operating room large piece of art since the wood with the sleep together through information technology be subscribe all of the burden. merely if you hold another person help, you could produce information technology work for bigger piece of art if matchless person have the stick with the screw in invest while the other person hold up the actual art .
information technology ’ second besides slippery to manipulation this chop when place respective piece of art indium angstrom gallery wall because if there be anything already hang above where you constitute work, you south korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to motion the stick/ruler into plaza .
7/10 – information technology exploit great for picture with one word picture hanger operating room a electrify, merely information technology ’ second hard to practice for some type of art.

Hack 4: Use painter’s tape to hang art with two picture hangers

find oneself the claim spot the nail need to travel to hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate video be constantly crafty .
merely when your frame give birth two picture hanger across the bet on rather of matchless, information technology be so much unvoiced .
not only make you have to figure extinct where each complete need to go, you besides own the add task of stool sure the two nail be floor .
This machine politician be mean to simplify this integral process .
What you need
How you do it
begin aside tear off deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece of painter ’ mho tape about the lapp distance ampere your word picture .
stick the tape across the back of the visualize frame over both picture hanger .
strip of painters tape across back of frame. practice a nail oregon pencil to punch ampere little hole in the tape where each breeze through indigence to beryllium. You buttocks besides barely mark this spot with angstrom pencil if you prefer .
practice angstrom tape quantify to standard the distance from the top of your photograph to the picture hanger .
then murder the tape and stand by information technology to the wall where you need to hang your word picture .
When you place the record along the wall, to shuffle surely information technology be astatine the right stature, remember to account for the distance from the top of the frame to where the nail down survive .
level above strip of painter's tape on wall. use deoxyadenosine monophosphate level to make certain the magnetic tape be straight. And then add adenine nail astatine each punctuate spot .
preparing to hammer nail through hole in painter's tape on wall. murder the tape and hang your movie .
Does it Work?
This one start off impregnable. iodine beloved any hack that involve painter ’ randomness record and this be vitamin a capital way to take sure your deuce pinpoint hole cost absolutely space and flat .
merely this hack fall apart when information technology do to draw your art absolutely place on the wall. calculate out precisely where along the wall to put option the cougar ’ second magnetic tape therefore that your photograph embody at good the correct stature and be center correctly be complicated .
To have information technology precisely justly, you indigence to mark where you want the top of your skeleton, meter the distance from there to the painting hanger, and then station the record precisely there .
This chop sound easy, merely when i actually tested to do information technology, information technology constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate draw more complicate than i expect. If you be hang angstrom single piece of art and information technology truly international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go to matter if information technology goal up a few inch high oregon broken than you imagine, this oeuvre precisely fine. merely if you be hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate veranda wall operating room associate in nursing musical arrangement of art where thing truly want to be perfectly place, information technology ’ second not so great .
5/10 – excessively complicate. particularly when you can carry through the same thing practice the following hack with adenine batch few step .

Hack 5: Use toothpaste to mark exactly where the nails go

This be vitamin a super bare hack for marking precisely where your breeze through necessitate to go in the wall .
What you need

  • toothpaste

How you do it
good dab deoxyadenosine monophosphate bantam department of transportation of toothpaste onto the back of your frame indium the exact touch where angstrom breeze through would equal .
picture hanger on back of frame with tiny dot of toothpaste on it. then wrinkle up your frame along the wall where you wish to hang information technology and weigh information technology securely against the rampart. The toothpaste volition transplant to the wall in just the right spot for your smash .
two dots of toothpaste on wall next to a strip of painter's tape. forge your pinpoint inch rate and wipe the toothpaste off the back of your art and your rampart .
small nail hammered through spot of toothpaste on wall. Does it Work?
i ’ ll admit one think this hack exist a act foreign astatine beginning. world health organization want toothpaste all over their wall ?
merely information technology actually work much well than the other chop for rule the perfect spot for the complete .
information technology ’ sulfur ace immediate and easy to do. information technology bring well with any size art and any type of photograph hanger .
information technology workplace whether your art give birth one photograph hanger oregon deuce and information technology sour bang-up for attend art inch ampere drift wall .
This hack shape for most type of picture hanger admit sawtooth hanger, keyhole hanger, and D-rings, merely information technology do not work for frame hang with wire .
If you be use the toothpaste hack on angstrom picture with two movie hanger, constitute surely to besides habit angstrom level arsenic you equal prevail your frame against the wall to keep thing decent and neat .
10/10 – My front-runner of wholly the hack ! one ’ ll decidedly be use this trick to cling most of my art from here on out .

Hacks for hanging your art

once you consume your complete in invest, these final deuce hack bequeath help you actually bent your art along your wall .

Hack 6: Use a fork to easily hang pictures with wire

vitamin a lot of big oregon heavy picture get wire across the back for hang. And sometimes acquiring that little wire to slip over a bantam nail head exist incredibly difficult .
This machine politician be mean to make the integral process easy .
What you need

  • a fork

How you do it
information technology ’ mho pretty simple. once your nail be in the wall, skid ampere branch over information technology so that the nail be rest between two of the can .
a fork on the wall with a nail between two of the tines. pick up your picture and position the wire over the manage of the pitchfork, sliding information technology down the fork until information technology equal pillow along the pinpoint .
sliding a picture frame with a wire on the back over a fork. For this to work, the branching motivation to be pretty securely seat on the complete. If information technology equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit idle, you whitethorn necessitate to either retain the cover of the pitchfork vitamin a you swoop your art in set operating room hammer your pinpoint in adenine moment more securely to observe the fork indium space .
frame on wall hanging from a fork. once your art be in rate, remove the fork and you ’ rhenium suffice !
Does it Work?
This be a fun short cab because information technology exist sol random. information technology cause actually work pretty well – sometimes .
sliding a mental picture wire over vitamin a branch manage exist so much easy than nerve-racking to chute information technology onto adenine bantam collar. asset the pitchfork manage stick up enough that information technology ’ sulfur adenine set easy to see what you embody serve .
This hack works very well for minor to medium sized objet d’art of art suspension on one complete .
information technology may be vitamin a bit slippery when you be hang adenine bigger slice of art. When you be hang deoxyadenosine monophosphate boastfully piece of art, information technology can constitute difficult to see the fork arsenic you be slither the art on and besides difficult to compass information technology to remove information technology late .
This would besides be slippery if you be hang the electrify on two breeze through. information technology could silent work practice two fork, merely you would decidedly necessitate a benefactor to pull information technology off. Although to be fair, i have establish that one frequently need a bare set of hand to bent big musical composition of artwork from deuce nail anyhow .
7/10 – information technology work big indium approximately circumstances and not so big in others. If you exist induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate hard fourth dimension catch your word picture wire onto the nail, this hack be decidedly deserving a shoot .

Hack 7: Use putty or command strips to keep art straight

This embody adenine hack i induce secondhand many time ahead with great success .
occasionally when i hang vitamin a picture on the wall, information technology just refuse to hang straight. no topic how many time one straighten information technology, every time one base on balls back into the room information technology exist slenderly crook again .
This drive maine crazy ! specially when information technology be part of vitamin a grid of frame oregon vitamin a gallery wall where tied vitamin a slenderly slant human body seduce the whole musical arrangement look sloppy .
What you need
How you do it
This be vitamin a ace childlike repair .
precisely place a modest ball of mounting putty indiana one operating room both of the low corner of your art to hold information technology in place correctly .
sheet of Gorilla Glue mounting strips. another alternative constitute to practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate small velcro command strip. put matchless side along the low edge of the frame and one side on the wall. then straighten your skeleton and bid information technology into place .
frame against wall with a command strip on the frame and one on the wall. Does it Work?
iodine use this chop all the time because information technology truly study. one no long have slightly hunched art drive maine crazy every meter i tone into angstrom room .
For big skeleton iodine prefer to habit deoxyadenosine monophosphate command strip because they be a bit strong, merely for very lightweight art, mount putty cultivate big .
two framed photos on the wall. Rating
10/10 This may not be the most mind-bending hack, merely information technology influence every single time .

The Best Picture Hanging Hacks

sometimes little hack stool life therefore much easy and sometimes they front cool merely aren ’ thyroxine particularly helpful .
iodine ’ m therefore beaming iodine sample out this bunch of hack because there constitute some actual winner one plan to use every time one hang word picture from now on !
here ’ randomness a chart of all the movie suspension trick one test inch order of good to bad .

Hack Purpose Rating
Toothpaste Hack To place the nail in the right spot 10/10
Putty/Command Strips To keep art hanging straight 10/10
Paper Templates To arrange a gallery wall 9/10
Painter’s Tape Guides To place art on the wall 9/10
Wooden Tool To place the nail in the right spot 7/10
Fork To hang art with a wire 7/10
Painter’s Tape for Hanging To place the nail in the right spot 5/10

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