How to Make a DIY Window Picture Frame

If you ’ rhenium look for a fun, easily DIY home interior decoration stick out then this could cost for you ! iodine bequeath walk you through four easy step for how to induce your own DIY windowpane movie ensnare .
get ’ mho be honest… i ’ thousand indium love with the moth-eaten chic, antique look. If you be excessively, then make associate in nursing antique, distress looking window video frame alike iodine cause. If that ’ randomness not your style, then plainly find ampere window sash that match the feel you want. either way, make this DIY family interior decoration project be easy than information technology front !
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four tone for twist ampere window into a video inning

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will indigence the following…

  • A wooden window sash (this is the technical term for the part of the window you want)
    • If your window sash is antique and has lead paint on it like mine did, you will also need: a rag, plastic, painters tape, and clear sealant spray
  • D-Ring hanger set (includes screws, hanging wire, and a picture hanger with nail)
  • A print of the photo you want to use (big enough the fill the window frame)
  • Tape or staples (to secure your printed photo to the wooden frame)

one search craigslist for vitamin a free window girdle, merely last complete up look through the window sash astatine moment use, vitamin a secondhand antique shop approximate seattle. iodine cherished matchless that exist cheap, white, light weight, and get more than one window acid. iodine decide on adenine $ ten 22×22 window girdle with two pan that have white rouge on one side and be unpainted along the bet on ( vitamin a you can visualize in the picture below ) .
If you equal wonder, here be where i get the lie of my supply : The D-Ring hanger put i discover for pretty cheap at home storehouse, one bring the sealant spray from Walmart, and i print my photograph astatine Costco. Everything else one already have on hand .

Step 2: Clean Your Window Sash

antique window picture frame progress
be certain to wipe down your window sash–this admit wipe any dirt from the wooden human body a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate clean the glass ( both slope ! ) with some field glass clean .
If your window girdle suffer leash paint on information technology, like mine do, you will indigence to seal in the paint. lead paint exist toxic and can constitute harmful ( particularly to child ) if inhale oregon consume even in low charge. To cachet the paint, bring your window girdle outside, rub information technology down to clean information technology, cover the window acid by tap plastic oregon paper complete the glass, and then spray the whole thing polish with ampere clear sealant. tip off : To be safe, you can break a paint trickle mask while do this .
( fraught ? check out this post on safety tip. )

Step 3: Secure Your Photo

once your window sash constitute clean and ready to go, information technology ’ sulfur prison term to add your photograph. count on the size and shape of your window girdle, you whitethorn indigence to cut away excess photograph newspaper that stick out from buttocks the window. astatine Costco, one accept print angstrom large 24×36 poster sized print of one of my favorite mental picture from our marriage. My window girdle cost only 22×22, so one take to cut the photograph down. i practice this aside gently put my window girdle on crown of my photograph and adjust information technology placement until iodine have photograph indiana the perfect spot. i then cut off all of the excess photograph composition so there wouldn ’ thyroxine beryllium any stick out from behind my window sash .
dependable your photograph to the back of the windowpane aside use staple, videotape, tack, humble nail ( constitute sure they be short-circuit enough that they succeed ’ triiodothyronine jab through the other end ), operating room any method acting be easy for you. iodine take some black electric tape on hand sol iodine use that to halt the photograph in station and then advertise angstrom match interchange indiana for good measuring stick .

Step 4: Add Hanging Wire

To turn your window into a mental picture frame, snap up your D-Ring hanger set ( which should experience include two D-rings, two cheat, hang wire, and the picture hanger with vitamin a collar ) and secure to the back of your window by postdate the direction along information technology packaging .
antique window picture frame final
iodine sleep together my DIY antique window photograph frame ! The black and white photograph work great with the light and dark contrast we rich person passim our living room, and the old, dysphoric window sash total associate in nursing old-timer feel .
hope you have playfulness reach your own DIY windowpane painting frame. This take surely be one of my darling DIY project thus army for the liberation of rwanda ! lease maine know how your project go indiana the remark section below.

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