How to Make a Puzzle From a Picture For That Perfect Gift!

ever wonder how to make a perplex from a visualize ? With a Cricut Maker and chipboard, it is a quick and comfortable craft that makes bang-up gifts !
I love giving and receiving photograph gifts. There are so many unique and creative projects you can make with your own photograph and I have to show you one of my newfangled favorites !
I have been playing around with chipboard and the Cricut knife sword recently and I ’ m sol impress with how it cuts. I made a huge wall art piece out of cut letters with the knife blade that turned out actually cunning .
I saw a Cricut puzzle in Cricut Access and knew that I needed to make one. It was then easy and I was able to get a bunch together of other things done while my Cricut did all the study ! ( I am a huge fan of multi-tasking ! ! )

so today I ’ thousand going to show you how to make a puzzle from a picture using the tongue blade, chipboard, and a Cricut Maker. You can make sol much with a Cricut. If you ’ d like more inspiration, make surely to browse my Ultimate Resource of Cricut Ideas .
If you don ’ t have a Cricut Maker, you can always make a photograph puzzle with a sublimation printer excessively !

Materials Needed for DIY Photo Cricut Puzzle

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How to Make a Puzzle From a Picture

( I ’ ll be using Cricut Design Space to design my puzzle. If you need far instruction on CDS, I have a Cricut Design Space Tutorial 101 video serial that will give you some great tips. )
The inaugural thing you ’ ll motivation to do is open the puzzle in Cricut Design Space ( the link is a lead link to the perplex project but sometimes it doesn ’ triiodothyronine like to open ! ). If it doesn ’ thyroxine open, search “ puzzle ” on image blind and tuck on your canvas .
then you ’ ll need to upload a photograph. It ’ south equitable like uploading anything else. Click “ upload ” and “ browse ” and find your photograph file. then save it as “ print then cut ” file. Insert it on your sail .
Ungroup the puzzle so you can move the top layer over your photograph. Click on the photograph and click the stage button on top to “ send back one layer ”. Center it in the perplex frame. If it fits perfectly, you can skip the adjacent step and go to make it section. If you need to trim some of the edges off, continue on .
To Trim off the excess: Move barely the top layer of the puzzle out of the way. Hold your shift key to select both the photograph and buttocks layer of the puzzle ( rectangle ) ( or use your cursor to put a square around both ) and click the SLICE button on the bottom good .
Delete the extra edges that are sliced off .

Make It!

I have a television of the cutting part to show how amazing everything cuts ! Make certain to check it out .

now click the green make it button at the top. You ’ ll see this screen. Click retain and send the first layer to your printer. Print the photograph on printable vinyl. I then just cut it out with scissors alternatively of having the Cricut cut a rectangle !
To cut the chipboard, you ’ ll want to move the white wheels on the Cricut machine to both sides. I move two to each side .
Place one of the chipboard sheets onto the hard fascinate master of arts in teaching. I put the circus tent leave edge about 1/2 – 1″ in from the edge of the mat. Secure it down with tape .
Select “ dense chipboard ” in the dropdown fabric menu. CDS will prompt you to insert the knife blade. Open the latch and put the knife blade it and lock it in position with the latch .
Load the flatness and then the blink go clitoris. You ’ ll notice that the Cricut takes 15-20 passes over the rectangle. This can take quite a few minutes. Just let it finish and unload it when you are prompted to .
For the second man of chipboard, remove the paper backing off the photograph and lay it on the chipboard so there is about an edge on the lead and the bottom. Apply the printable vinyl and push it down truly well. I used a brayer .
In CDS, you ’ ll want to make surely to edit the mat and move the puzzle level to where the top impart lines up 1 inch on top and side like the photograph is .
Attach the chipboard to the master of arts in teaching the same way. Make sure the edge of the photograph aligns at the 1-inch intersection and strike cut. Mine made 20 passes .
When it ’ sulfur done, unload the flat and remove the videotape and pieces .
I turned the border musical composition over and glued it to the buttocks rectangle piece with my tape glider ( but this was a personal preference ). Make indisputable that it ’ mho at the very edge or it will be excessively fast for the pieces to fit it .
If you use hot glue, make indisputable none leaks into the interior of the frame. This will cause problems when you try to insert your puzzle pieces since they won ’ t be able to lay flat with the glue bumps .
That ’ s it ! now you have a cunning picture Cricut puzzle .
If you ’ d like to save this tutorial for late, hover over the top leave of the persona below and PIN IT nowadays ! Thanks !
hera are some printable directions !

Yield: 1 puzzle

How to Make a Puzzle From a Picture For That Perfect Gift!

how to make a puzzle from a picture
Make a cunning photograph giving with a Cricut manufacturer and the knife blade .
Active Time

10 minutes

Cutting Time

30 minutes

Total Time

40 minutes




  • Chipboard – 2 pices of 2mm
  • Printable Vinyl


  • Cricut Maker
  • Knife Blade
  • Printer


  1. In CDS, search for puzzle in image section. I used the 8×8 puzzle.
  2. Upload a photo to CDS and save as print and cut.
  3. Size the photo and puzzle file to same size. Trim edges with slice function if needed. Keep in mind Cricut has set sizes for printed material depending on your browser.
  4. Make It. Print photo on printable vinyl.
  5. Attach chipboard to heavy grip mat with painter’s tape. Cut first layer on heavy chipboard setting.
  6. Remove backing off of vinyl photo and apply it to second chipboard sheet. Make sure to leave about a one inch border on top and left side. Scrape down well.
  7. Edit mat so that the edge of the cut image is one inch down and over to the left. Tape down chipboard on mat. Load mat and cut.
  8. Glue the rim of the puzzle and the bottom together and insert the pieces.
  9. Enjoy your new puzzle!


Please see web log post for full details and pictures of the steps .

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