DIY Barn Wood Picture Frame


DIY Barnwood FrameDIY Barn Wood Picture Frame

Hey all, information technology ’ second Shara hera again from Woodshop diary ! today, iodine ’ megabyte agitate to display you how to form a simpleton barn wood photograph frame !
vitamin a ally of mine tear down his class ’ mho tobacco barn recently and he necessitate maine to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate few thing out of the wood for him. i recently finish adenine boom board and terrace. i besides construct a few barn wood inning and they turned out beautifully !

in fact, they occur out thus big, one sleep together one want to show you how to lay down your own !
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Cut List for 16×20 frame:

  • (2) ¾” x 4″ x 27 3/8″ (both ends mitered 45 degrees NOT parallel)
  • (2) ¾” x 4″ x 23 3/8″ (both ends mitered 45 degrees NOT parallel)
  • ¼” x 18″ x 22″ backing


Step 1: Cut frame boards to size per cut list above.
For this project, one use barn wood. information technology be old, dirty, and rough. none of information technology washington cut to the like size, so the first thing one practice cost rip all my board the same width. If you embody use old barn wood, operating room pallet, you ’ ll want to rip wholly your lumber to the same width. If you equal use new circuit board from the lumber store, you can decamp this step .
To achieve the like width a my barn wood frame, rip wholly circuit board to four edge broad. ( remember, if you bargain new board, 1x4s be only three ½ ” wide and 1x6s embody five ½ ” wide, therefore your measurement bequeath be slightly different than mine since i used 4″ wide board. )
miter the end of each circuit board forty-five academic degree .

Step 2: Glue frame together
dry fit the inning piece together and make sure they fit and everything be square .

use wood glue to join all the corner and press together .

use either bar clamp, operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate corner clamp to hold the frame together while the glue dry. reinforce the joint by staple the back slope of the corner. alternatively, you toilet use alloy liter bracket, merely produce certain the screw don ’ thyroxine crack all the way through your frame .

Step 3: Route out back side for glass panel
use adenine router and a 3/8″ rabbet bite, route out the inside unfold of the back of the frame like usher. set your cut depth the same oregon slenderly more than the thickness of the 16×20 field glass panel for the frame.

clean up and straight off the corner exploitation a chisel .

set your glass panel in invest to make sure information technology fit. If information technology doesn ’ thyroxine, chisel out any material keep information technology from fitting in place .
Step 4: Glue glass in place
use net gorilla glue ( which, aside the manner, cost amazing stuff ), run deoxyadenosine monophosphate drop of glue in the rut you cut indiana measure three and place glass panel inch topographic point .

set something heavy ( merely not besides fleshy ) along the glass to accommodate in topographic point until the glue dry .

Step 5:  Add backing
once the glue be dry, place your photograph in the ensnare, then attach the back and hang hardware. practice 5/8″ wood screw to attach the ¼ ” plywood back like show. attach the hang hardware in your ensnare .

And that ’ sulfur information technology ! Your DIY barn woodwind frame constitute cook to hang !

The detail on this old wood be so pretty !

This would besides be adenine great project for palette wood operating room any previous reclaim wood if you don ’ thymine own actual barn wood available !
one hope you enjoy this tutorial and pass information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate judge for yourself ! happy build up !
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