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October 7, 2021 Photo canvas prints are an comfortable, economical manner to spruce up your stream home plate interior decoration. This do it yourself project can add a personal touch and showcase your darling memories to your home plate or office space. Follow the steps below to create beautiful canvas photograph prints with equitable a few supplies .

Step one: Gather Materials

Step two: Prep Your Space

Before jumping into this DIY stick out, take the time to prep your space to avoid a mess. Lay a Trimaco Stay Put Canvas Drop Cloth on the surface you ’ ll be working on. Since we ’ ll be painting, this neglect fabric will provide leak-resistant protection, preventing any rouge from seeping through onto the surface .

Step three: Build your Canvas Frame

quantify your wooden frame to determine what size photograph you need. We used 8×10 wooden frames, for a 8×10 photograph. Next, Cut the 10oz canvas drop fabric just slenderly larger than the frame. We recommend cutting the canvass drop roughly 1-2 inches larger than the frame. last, stretch the canvas around the frame and staple into place. Be certain that the canvass is nice and tight !

DIY Canvas Photo Prints

Step 4: Mod Podge your canvas photo print

Brush on a level of modge podge onto the canvas surface. Carefully place your photograph on the canvas tent frame of reference. Flip the frame over and smooth the photograph into place, removing any bubbles. Flip the skeletal system back over and add an extra layer of mod podge on top of your image. This layer will help add texture to your visualize.

* Let this layer dry wholly before moving to the future gradation

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Step 5: Add a Border

This step is optional ! But to give your analyze photographic print a more finished look, add a painted boundary line to the edges of the frame of reference. We used a black acrylic fiber paint, but any color will do ! Keep Trimaco ’ s Wonder Rags handy for any mistakes .

Step 6: Let dry and enjoy

once your molding is complete, let your canvass print dry, hang and enjoy !

Tips we learned along the way

  1. Unless you have a super steady painting hand, we recommend painting a border prior to mod podging your image to the canvas. This will reduce the risk of accidentally painting your image.
  2. Use an image printed with a laser printer on paper. A paper image will mold much easier to the canvas, rather than using a traditional gloss finish photograph.

Handmade Custom Canvas Prints

These DIY poll photograph prints are a great direction to display your darling photos, without breaking the bank. Looking for more home projects ? Explore Trimaco ’ s wax web log !

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