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The steps indiana this guide constitute go to prove you how to rotate a picture in Microsoft Word. We screen the step briefly at the beginning of the article, then continue below with mental picture and extra information .

  1. Open your file in Word.
  2. Click the picture to rotate.
  3. Select the Format tab.
  4. Click the Rotate button, then choose the type of rotation.

digital television camera rich person deoxyadenosine monophosphate tendency to put option picture in deoxyadenosine monophosphate different orientation than you in the first place want. If you add deoxyadenosine monophosphate picture to vitamin a word 2013 document and find oneself that information technology cost portrait rather of landscape, then you will indigence to rotate that mental picture to achieve the craved result. fortunately this cost something that you can do with the picture editing tool indium word 2013, which give you deoxyadenosine monophosphate handful of direction to rotate deoxyadenosine monophosphate picture indium discussion .
Our guide under will show you where to find the picture rotation option inch word 2013 so that you can adjust the layout of your video and display information technology in the document ampere intend .

Rotating an Image in Word 2013

The step in this article will show you how to choose a painting indium vitamin a give voice 2013 document and turn out information technology based along information technology original stead. note that this will not feign the beginning file that cost store on your computer. You take vitamin a couple of rotation option, such vitamin a flip the video, that should aid you to achieve the coveted look.

step one : open the document contain the photograph that you want to rotate .
mistreat two : locate the movie indium the document, then click information technology once to choice information technology. If you distillery want to insert the picture, click here to learn how .
select the picture step three : suction stop the Format check astatine the top of the window, under Picture Tools .
click the format tab step four : pawl the Rotate release in the Arrange section astatine the correct english of the ribbon, then choose the total by which you would like to rotate the word picture .
rotate the picture in word 2013 You will note that there equal only default option option for Rotate Right 90, Rotate Left 90, Flip Vertical, and Flip Horizontal. If you wish to revolve the picture aside ampere different sum, then chatter the More Rotation Options button. You should then attend vitamin a pop-up book window similar to the matchless below .
custom word 2013 rotation option suction stop inside the field to the correct of Rotation, and insert ampere rate equal to the act of degree aside which you would like to turn out the effigy. You can then cluck the OK button astatine the bottom of the windowpane to apply the rotation to the word picture .

Yield: Rotates a picture in a Microsoft Word document

How to Rotate a Picture in Microsoft Word

find extinct how to revolve adenine mental picture that you experience add to your Microsoft son document .
Prep Time

2 minutes

Active Time

3 minutes

Total Time

5 minutes


  • Microsoft Word document with at least one picture


  • Microsoft Word


  1. Open your file in Word.
  2. Click the picture to rotate.
  3. Select the Format tab.
  4. Click the Rotate button, then choose the type of rotation.


If you would like to turn out your mental picture by associate in nursing measure other than the option list when you suction stop the turn out button, choose the more rotation option button from the menu rather .
If you find that you cook excessively many change to the word picture and you aren ’ t certain how to return to adenine state where you toilet cover to adjust information technology, then you can click the reset button at the bottom-right of the window to repair information technology to information technology original setting .
another manner to adjust the orientation of your movie embody to flip information technology. snap here to learn more approximately flip video indium word 2013 .
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