How to hang pictures without nails by using 3m Command Strips


A step-by-step tutorial on how to hang pictures without nails using 3m Command Hanging Strips.
A cheerful, candid photograph of your kids…a dreamy paint of a rate that ’ south # 1 on your vacation wish list…a capricious clock that you had to have…
These are the things that warm your heart and prompt you on feverish days when you ’ rhenium working overtime or life gets nerve-racking .
Wouldn ’ t it be fabulous to arrange them in a wall collage and see them everyday ?
But when you think of hanging them up, all you see are pinpoint holes, crooked frames and awkward spaces in between .
Do you want to create a photograph wall or gallery wall, neatly and efficiently, without damaging your walls ?
I have the perfect solution : 3M Command Hanging Strips !
Follow this tutorial on how to hang pictures without nails to help you create the veranda wall you have constantly wanted .
hanging pictures without nails using Command Strips side bill : This is not a patronize mail – I decided to try this myself .
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  • picture frames
  • 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips
  • Isopropyl alcohol 70%
  • painter’s paper
  • painter’s tape


  • level
  • scissors

can print the substantial list and instructions below .


The first gear step is to gather all the frames or other artwork you want to use .
You can buy modern ones to add to your solicitation but you might already have a few items lying around the house, or some that you can create, with illusion blackboard letter .
For unusual or oddly-shaped items, you can create a picture frame to fit it absolutely .
TIP: It helps to have a theme ; mine is travel !
Collect everything at this target – you may not use every token and might decide on something else later .
Note the items that you love and must be included – other pieces will be fillers. besides, vary the textures and shapes when gathering items for your gallery wall .
side note : You can always paint a picture skeleton, see this post on how slowly it is to spray paint painting frames .


now that you have the cosmetic items, it ’ s prison term to arrange your artwork .
The easiest room I have found is to lay your artwork on the floor and rearrange there .
move pieces around, add, or take away until you are felicitous with a layout .
But then, WALK AWAY, possibly take a picture foremost just in casing something gets moved. The reason I tell you to walk away is that when you come back, you have a fresh look and you will see if you truly like the layout .
Come back and see if you ’ re glad – rearrange or remove items if necessary .
When you ’ re quenched with the look, it ’ s clock time to create a template of each detail. This makes hanging items on the wall a lot easier .
TIP: Take a mental picture of the final layout before moving forward .


Use a blank piece of composition to create a cartoon of the layout, including measurements ( spacing between frames ). besides, number each detail .
After, take the painter ’ s newspaper and hound each item onto it, adding the number of the item according to the sketch. then, cut out the template from the newspaper .
once everything is cut out, use painter ’ south magnetic tape to attach the templates to the rampart in the layout of your sketch .
TIP: I would recommend leaving the templates on the wall for a day to make certain you are felicitous with the layout .


To hang pictures with the 3M control movie hanging strips, I followed the instructions provided. But I am still going to walk you through the steps .
3m picture command strips

  1. For the beginning video you plan on hang, fold the template on the rampart sol that the bottom of the template and bottom edge of the ensnare will touch ( see one of the images below for exemplar )


  2. Wipe the wall area with Isopropyl Alcohol 70 % .
    • TIP: DON ’ T skip this contribution, it ’ s what helps everything stick to the wall .
      cleaning wall to attach 3m Command picture strips
  3. While that dries, attach the hanging strips to the back of the frame, snap two strips together, then remove one of the backings to stick them to the frame. Apply press to the strips for 30 seconds .
    • side note : You can cut the strips if needed and make certain you add the number of strips needed for the weight unit of the frame .
    • TIP: Remove any nail attend hooks or easel backs on the video frame thus that the frame can be flush with the wall .
      attach 3m Command picture strips to frame
  4. Remove the other credit card plunder and place the inning on the wall. Make sure the frame is flush and is touching the template. then, press the frame to the wall and hold for 30 seconds .
    attach 3m Command picture strips to wall
  5. Remove the frame from the wall.
    • TIP: Don ’ t pull the frame straight off but start from the penetrate and angle it up .
  6. Add press to the strips on the wall for 30 more seconds. then, let everything sit for at least one hour .
    installing 3m Command picture strips to wall
  7. complete steps 1-6 for the rest of the frames or items going on the wall .
  8. target the skeleton back onto the wall by aligning the strips, using a charge again, and pushing the frame where the strips are thus they will snap together .
    attach picture frame to 3m Command strips

And that ’ s how to hang pictures without nails. I do want you to know that there are 3m Command Nail Hanger to hang pictures with hooks and I love using those besides .
3m Command damage-free hanging hooks
I in truth hope this tutorial assistant you hang pictures in your home without damaging your walls. Plus, it ’ s perfect for an apartment or selling a home ; no nail holes to patch up !

Yield: gallery wall

How to hang pictures without nails

3m picture command strips
Hanging pictures without damaging your walls is easy with 3m Command Strips. Follow this tutorial on how to hang pictures without nails .
Prep Time

30 minutes

Active Time

1 hour

Additional Time

20 minutes

Total Time

1 hour

50 minutes



Estimated Cost



  • picture frames
  • 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips
  • Isopropyl alcohol 70%
  • painters paper
  • painters tape


  • level
  • scissors


  1. Gather all the frames or other artwork you want to use on the wall.
  2. Arrange the picture frames on the floor and create a template of each frame with painters paper.
  3. Tape the paper templates onto the wall in the arrangement your want.
  4. Using the 3M Command Picture strips to attach the frames to the wall.

how to hang pictures without nails


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