HP 8-inch Digital Picture Frame (Espresso Wood) review: HP 8-inch Digital Picture Frame (Espresso Wood)

Composed of some sort of smoothly finished pressed forest, the frame comes in basic black. It ships with exchangeable pairs of mattes for ivory and black, blue, gold, or red. Unlike many cheap frames, this one looks reasonably attractive — not cheap or plasticy. It ‘s easy to change the mattes ; you remove the formative back via four bombastic thumbscrews and barter ’em out. The fictile kickstand rotates for vertical or horizontal put, and the frame mechanically senses the predilection and rotates images and video recording accordingly — a courteous touch in an cheap model. On top of the rear are menu, playback/navigation, and mute buttons, plus a brightness-control dial. The frame besides comes with a outback — a preferably big one — with some direct-access controls. Two speakers sit on the back with a big power throw far down. On one side of the frame is the world power input signal, plus mini and life-size USB connectors for a personal computer, cameras, thumbdrives, and printers, a well as a CompactFlash slot and a multipurpose slot for SD, Memory Stick, and xD-Picture cards. You can play directly from the media or copy everything onto the frame ‘s 512MB of memory. If you copy from media onto its memory, it can mechanically resize photos to save space. One annoying omission : it ca n’t automatically copy the entire contents of the media onto its memory ; you have to hook it up to a calculator for that. It can alone copy or delete files one at a time. ( It does n’t seem to like connecting to a personal computer through a hub, however. )

The menu structure is identical easy to navigate. Pressing Menu twice brings up the choice of source media. The top level presents you with five options : photograph, Music, Video, Time, and Setup. The first three allow you to select from those files ; it supports JPEG photograph, MP3 audio, and MPEG-1, MPEG-4, and Motion JPEG video. This covers the bases for what most owners of this type of frame would need. Time pulls up a reasonably customizable four-quadrant display with a clock, calendar, and a two-photo slideshow. You can set an dismay vitamin a well as exponent on/off times for the human body. apparatus options include linguistic process ( english plus a handful of european options ) ; wax or crop photograph display ; a few slideshow conversion effects, though none is not an option ; slideshow rush and shuffle ; and digital matting, where it overlays assorted designs on the periphery of your photos. If there ‘s music, you can set it to mechanically play as background music for a slideshow ; keep in mind that the files will play alphabetically.

Like many of its 8-inch competitors, the DF820 uses a 4:3 aspect proportion 800×600-resolution LCD display. The expose quality looks pretty typical as well. It ‘s o from a distance, but a bit easy. Because of the circumscribed moral force and color roll of the displays, bark tones render a bite off — either excessively cool or besides warm — and highlights get clipped. But given all that, there ‘s surprisingly little discolor contour or jaggies on diagonal lines. And like most LCD frames, when positioned vertically the off-axis view angle on one side maxes out at about 25 degrees before the painting inverts or disappears.

however, operation is reasonably good. Video plays back smoothly and tied large photos load and transition fairly quickly without artifacts. The speakers are n’t great, tinny and not very forte, but they ‘re not bad for the price. besides not bad for the price : the guarantee. Most frames under $ 200 extend 90-day parts and british labour party, but this one provides a full class of coverage. For its low price, the HP DF820 8-inch Digital Photo Frame delivers quite a lot of value, and with the large buttons, big icons, and easy operation is particularly suited for the stereotyped senior or technophobic giftee .

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