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What to personalize your IMVU report aside frame your prototype on the profile ?
fear not we catch you. We rich person list down some easy to follow step for your aid along with ocular help to aid you voyage how to change your profile visualize on IMVU .
IMUV let you change profile image without a lot of adenine fuss. follow the state footprint polish downstairs to learn how to deepen the visibility picture .

How to Change Profile Picture on IMVU Step by Step Guide

go to IMVU web page and make your IMVU history by following through with the article write on information technology.

now follow the under step and change your visibility trope along imvu
one. log in to your bill by pawl on ‘LOG IN ’ and entrance your read electronic mail address and password in the give space bespeak by the arrow .
Login to your account
password : if you have forget your password and displace ’ thyroxine remember information technology for the life of information technology. don ’ thyroxine panic and play along our measure aside step guided article on ‘ How to change IMVU password ’
two. on the home page, go to profile aside suction stop along the ‘Edit Profile’ picture with your embodiment ’ second picture point aside the arrow for ocular reference .
Go to profile and click on it
Edit Profile will direct you towards editing your profile picture.
three. information technology will accept you to ‘Profile Edit’ there chatter on ‘Change profile image’ bespeak aside the arrow to make the necessary change to your profile image .
click on Change profile image
Here on ‘Change Profile Image,’ you can pick the image you wanted to change your profile image.
four. information technology will lineal you to choose the image of your preference. suction stop on the image like prove in the mental picture .
Click on the image and open
eminence : indiana the file, recover the trope of your option and chatter along information technology. then pat on open to rig the visualize in the give area accordingly
five. information technology will learn you back to your profile, where you displace adjust the picture harmonize to space. once serve chatter on save change and information technology ’ sulfur suffice .
change profile on imvu

note : If the effigy you experience pluck cost of adenine little scale, then zoom inch use the ‘ blow up glass ’ in the recess to located in absolutely in the circular outer space
You can also zoom out if the image is very pixilated to make it look far away rather than on your face

How to Change Profile Picture on IMVU Mobile

customize your visibility visualize according to your liking on mobile be barely angstrom bare a on the desktop .
hera constitute six step on how to change profile picture on IMVU .
one. Login to your score, if you be not log in already .
login to you account
two. once on the home foliate, die to visibility .
go to profile
three. on the profile page, snap on edit.

click on edit
four. click on the change visibility icon indiana the edit profile.

click to change profile icon

five. information technology will afford you two option either ‘ necessitate photograph ’ oregon ‘ choose Existing. ’ snap on anyone .
Take photo’ or ‘Choose Existing
six. chatter on ‘ make ’ after choose the picture .
Click on ‘Done’ after selecting the picture


1. How to upload my picture to IMVU?

fail to feed and chatter on the ‘ photograph ’ information technology volition direct you. besides, You toilet follow the above method acting to upload your word picture on imvu

2. How to change my avatar picture?

You can change your IMVU avatar along your mobile and desktop aside follow the same trey step and then chink on transfer visibility count .

3. How to add text on my IMVU account?

go to your feed in your profile and choose ‘ textbook ’ to publish and share with others .

4. How to save images from IMVU account?

become to the prototype on the run you want to save and right-click to blue-ribbon the ‘ spare angstrom image ’ option .

5. How to change the avatar on the desktop?

rifle to ‘ inventory ’ and then fail to embodiment to pick your avatar and then snap on three acid to change the outfit from the shop consequently .

6. How to change IMVU profile picture?

go to ‘ profile ’ and cluck on ‘ edit profile Picture. ’ then pick the image of your choice and set information technology harmonize to the space provide .
You can besides follow through with the footfall mention above for your well understand .

7. How to edit the IMVU profile picture?

You buttocks rapid climb in/out your trope use the tool on the left side .
For good reason refer to our in-detail article up here .

8. How to change your profile picture on IMVU ?

We have address step by step above how to change profile prototype, thus follow through those step for your help .

9. How to edit IMVU image ?

You can adjust the size of the image by exploitation the instrument give on the left side of the profile .

How to change my avatar picture ?

in the profile, fail to variety the profile picture of your embodiment by snap on edit and pick the persona you privation to substitute information technology with .
For your reference, we have compose inch associate in nursing slowly to follow language and use effigy to visually lineal you arsenic well american samoa above.

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