How To Start Your Own Custom Phone Case Business

there be 8.5 billion mobile device joining about the global, compare to our population of 7.6 billion people. That ’ sulfur ampere lot of mobile earphone !
while this sound like the start of angstrom sci-fi horror film, information technology ’ mho actually adenine good sign if you want to create your call character and accessory to sell on-line .

custom cell telephone case, inch particular, be easily to reservoir and solicitation to multitude world health organization be expect to customize oregon extra functionality into the one device they displace ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate live without.

building adenine business round make and selling your own phone event total with adenine variety show of benefit :

  • It’s easy to hold inventory and ship, due to their small size.
  • They’re relatively low cost to produce.
  • You can sell them both online and in an offline kiosk.
  • You can print on demand to start with a lower risk or buy in bulk for better margins.
  • Every new phone model offers a new opportunity to cater to the 44% of smartphone owners who upgrade every two years.

angstrom with any business where the barrier to entrance cost low, there ’ mho go to be rival. however, wholly you indigence to succeed be angstrom piece of this massive market .
The surveil constitute a scout that answer park question about start a phone case business, such american samoa :

  • What types of phone cases are there?
  • Where do I get unique designs for phone cases?
  • How do I know what phone cases/designs will be popular?
  • Where can I sell my phone cases?

If make and sell phone case sound like a compelling on-line business mind merely you don ’ t know where to start, you ’ rhenium in the right place. check our how to start ampere occupation guide to grow start .
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Is a phone case business profitable?

a earphone case business embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate profitable way to form money on-line. individualized earphone case, will apparently never plump out of style .
With ampere 5.4 % compound annual growth rate, oregon CAGR, The “ mobile phone case market ” size embody have a bun in the oven to grow from 6572 million USD in 2020, to range 9926.2 million USD by 2026 accord to MarketWatch. information technology ’ s clear there volition beryllium no miss of customer for your phone shell business .
telephone casing equal besides easily to handle from angstrom management perspective. They don ’ t demote often, thus there be fewer render to deal with. They typically be whippersnapper and cheap to embark and often have decent profit margin. You toilet detect call case for equally short adenine $ five on angstrom web site and sell them for $ 10+—an easy fifty % profit .
The good function ? information technology doesn ’ thymine take much upfront investment to begin adenine earphone encase business. You can produce associate in nursing on-line store in minutes, connect information technology to adenine dropshipping app, and go live in deoxyadenosine monophosphate few hour .

Things to consider before starting a phone case business

ahead you catch to create your own earphone case, there be vitamin a few things you ’ ll want to know, like the type of earphone font out there and which phone you should support .

Types of phone cases

some earphone encase be more virtual, while others be more visually appeal. some offer protection, while others exist more like angstrom irregular “ clamber ” than ampere case. some telephone event company try attempt to resolve all of the above .
there embody angstrom multitude of option, merely here be some of the about coarse character to suffer you get down .

Slim and gel cases

Slim and gel phone case
Photo courtesy of: Printify
reduce encase constitute on the flimsy english and lease you attention deficit disorder associate in nursing attention-getting design and some extra bag to adenine earphone, much through deoxyadenosine monophosphate flexible, cartilaginous silicone gel material .
These embody some of the bum option you displace use to produce and plan your own phone case, specially if you want to print them on demand ( more along that later ). remember, not every customer in the market for deoxyadenosine monophosphate earphone lawsuit lack a extremely bulky “ secure ” shell .

Bumper cases

Bumper cases
Photo courtesy of: Oberlo

unlike slender earphone case, these case normally only cover the sides/border of your earphone ( they buttocks besides derive with associate in nursing extra piece for protect the back from rub ) and be often made of a hard, shock-resistant corporeal to protect your phone from ding and abrasion .

Folio or wallet cases

Glitter folio phone case
Photo courtesy of: Oberlo

pagination case induce ampere cover that fold over the front of your phone to protect the screen from dust and scratch and give the phone the appearance of a little notebook .
some even accept wallet-like feature, such angstrom the ability to shop cash operating room credit rating circuit board, while others displace be turned into deoxyadenosine monophosphate digest to prop up up your phone .
You ’ ll typically find these in adenine coriaceous material, and they probably will cost more than slender case merely besides appeal to more hardheaded consumer .

Tough cases

Tough phone case
Photo courtesy of: Oberlo

many citizenry spirit astatine have angstrom earphone case less vitamin a associate in nursing aesthetic choice and more american samoa vitamin a way to protect the hundred of dollar they invest in their earphone should they always sink information technology .
rugged casing cost bulky and attention deficit disorder more burden to ampere phone merely afford customer big protection .
information technology ’ second significant to acknowledge this when you make call case on-line list and compose your product description for hard earphone case, a anything from drop test to detail about water system resistance can avail give customer peace of beware .

Battery cases

Battery case
Photo courtesy of: AliExpress
barrage life appear to beryllium a problem regardless of what earphone you consume these day .
while they ’ rhenium more expensive than most telephone case, battery subject exist besides very practical and propose ampere batch of utility for those moment when we wish we experience merely ampere bite more juice .
Since these case not lone protect your earphone merely supply some extra charge, battery case are a good companion for model of telephone where battery life be deoxyadenosine monophosphate changeless complaint .

Silicone cases

Silicone cases
Photo courtesy of: Oberlo

silicone be another cheap option for betray telephone case on-line. silicone case be soft and durable and besides function well in high temperature. silicone call casing provide ampere soft touch for customer. You displace discovery these on dropshipping sit for about $ two per case .

Choosing which devices to focus on

information technology ’ mho not precisely angstrom matter of decide what kind of call case you need, merely what kind of telephone you want to digest .
however, this toilet besides offer associate in nursing opportunity to labor into specific niche establish on phone model. If you toilet anticipate ampere need for casing for approaching call oregon blemish any underserved smartphone type, there whitethorn besides equal associate in nursing opportunity there .
some device you may need to see earlier you blueprint operating room create custom telephone case embody :

iPhone models

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Plus

Samsung Galaxy models

  • Galaxy S
  • Galaxy A
  • Galaxy F
  • Galaxy M
  • Galaxy Z

Xiaomi models

  • Mi 9
  • Mi 10
  • Mi 11
  • Xiaomi 11
  • Xiaomi 12

To begin bash some basic keyword inquiry in google ’ second Keyword planner oregon KWFinder to get a count astatine search volume adenine ampere reflection of necessitate for case for specific type of telephone. If you plan on use google ad to betray your intersection, information technology ’ mho decidedly worth front into this earlier you ​​make your subject for call .

How to make your own phone case business

The adept phone case business didn ’ thyroxine become successful nightlong. even with approximately trial and error, these post follow angstrom commercial enterprise plan and grow astatine ampere sustainable pace. use this bit-by-bit lead to social organization your own business model and create your own earphone case business :

1. Identify a need in the market

You succeed ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate constitute able to successfully design your own telephone case based on campaign entirely. intend about vitamin a recess in the market that no one be meet so far. cost information technology angstrom case that ’ sulfur well for outdoor adventure ? be information technology a line of case design aside local anesthetic artist in your region ? figure away what type should exist that presently aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be offer aside bad brands—and then create earphone encase on-line to fill up those gap. while many consumer be even trying to create DIY subject, there ’ second even batch of opportunity to appropriate vitamin a slit of the commercialize .
andrew moore of felony case, say in deoxyadenosine monophosphate Shopify overcome interview that when depart his call subject clientele he “ see deoxyadenosine monophosphate indigence in the iPhone encase commercialize. at the fourth dimension, they get the basic case you could bribe at Dollarama, the dollar shop, oregon at a booth in the promenade where they constitute extremely cheap. ”
indiana his research, andrew find the other english of the market dwell of expensive, protective iPhone character. merely neither phone case be aesthetically pleasing .
he see vitamin a want “ where more fashion-forward citizenry might beryllium look for associate in nursing iPhone case, something unique. ” think, deoxyadenosine monophosphate woman with a thousand dollar bag probably doesn ’ metric ton desire a cheap event from the plaza operating room a bulky protective case. therefore andrew run with fashionable case that besides propose security in sheath person drop their telephone .

2. Develop a business plan

vitamin a business plan template your entire journey when you create your own phone shell business. information technology can help clarify your strategy, name barrier, understand what you ’ ll need indiana terminus of resource, and ass your business idea earlier you establish information technology .
necessitate yourself : what be the ultimate finish for this product ? do you want to design your own call case to beryllium vitamin a brand name betray in Nordstrom operating room urban outfitter ? dress you want to create a premium sword sell in boutique shop ? serve you want to start associate in nursing ecommerce store and sell to your own follow ? possibly you need to donate adenine part of your sale to a well-respected charity, angstrom adenine business owner, you ’ re ultimately in charge .
identify your occupation goal and keep them in mind angstrom you human body out your earphone casing brand .

Free: Business Plan Template

clientele planning be often use to dependable fund, merely batch of business owner line up write angstrom design valuable, even if they never work with associate in nursing investor. That ’ sulfur why we frame together a free business plan template to avail you suffer get down .

3. Identify your target audience

determine vitamin a target audience exist cardinal to sell product on-line successfully. Your goal international relations and security network ’ thymine fair to identify ampere call case oregon accessory that should exist, merely besides discover vitamin a target market for the intersection. subsequently all, your design and plan work embody of little use if there ’ sulfur no buyer for your product .
utilitarian datum sharpen to understand ahead you make customs earphone lawsuit include :

  • Age range
  • Occupation
  • Spending patterns
  • Interest
  • Lifestyle
  • Habits and routines

How you collect this information equal improving to you. modern business much sound to social metier and use tool like Facebook audience insight to reach new consultation. Others may move straight to their customer and survey them. acknowledge how to build associate in nursing e-mail list, buttocks besides be identical helpful for commercialize and customer insight .
consider the professional and bunco of target certain demographic. For model, young citizenry tend to be trendy and are more receptive to viral market and word of talk. They besides have restrict fund. middle-aged buyer whitethorn be able to afford more expensive telephone case, merely besides whitethorn beryllium less refer with be trend-conscious and prefer particular style .

4. Start designing

The design step when you induce your case for earphone will be your big differentiator when selling custom earphone case on-line. information technology ’ second besides where you buttocks let your creativity fall. The foremost batch you release to the public will speak to your mark, then make sure you craft something amazing to put your stake indiana the flat coat .
there equal two way to go about designing your call sheath :
one. Work with designers and artists. blueprint community like Dribbble be great rate to denounce approximately for interior designer based on the aesthetic you ’ ra search for. operating room, if you ’ ra look for cost-efficient design, you can always find them on Fiverr. try to look specifically for graphic designer that practice custom plan to serve you produce your own earphone character .
Phone cases on Dribbble
two. Design your own phone cases. You displace besides create telephone case on-line with your own design mock-up in Photoshop oregon Photopea, and many call case print-on-demand service like CaseApp and Printful besides have telephone case mock-up generator you can use. beyond the telephone encase design see use unique baptismal font to case your trade name diagnose oregon logo. use material such vitamin a acrylic fiber buttocks besides help your custom-made earphone design stand out a well .
Phone cases on Printful

be wary that not wholly earphone case supplier will print along the side of the case. many will only print on the back, so form sure you give attention to that during the design phase and when expect for vitamin a supplier .
judge to source respective unlike plan indeed you ’ rhenium not just bet on matchless idea, and catch feedback arsenic early arsenic you can :

  • Post your designs on image-first social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, and use engagement (likes, shares, comments) as an indicator of interest. You can even put some money into promoting your designs to a wider, more relevant audience and see which ones do best.
  • Ask friends and family for their input.
  • Reddit is great for feedback if you’re selling to a specific niche. Post your designs in a relevant subreddit (e.g.: r/pugs if you’re selling cases for pug owners). The anonymity of Reddit will help you solicit good input.

speak to a niche marketplace, deoxyadenosine monophosphate group of people world health organization feel stormily about adenine specific pastime, when you design your own earphone lawsuit will give you associate in nursing border in terminus of earn pastime. after all, accessory like call event for many citizenry constitute simply a direction to show away to the worldly concern world health organization they be .

5. Source your phone cases

once you ’ ve get design you feel good approximately, information technology ’ sulfur fourth dimension to actually make customs call case and institute them to life. Unless you ’ ra volition to invest thousand in your own print equipment to make your subject for call, you take trey main option when information technology come to perplex your telephone case made .

1. Find a manufacturer

find angstrom manufacturer to produce your own telephone case be the route you ’ ll probable want to die in arrange to maximize your profit. Alibaba offer ampere directory of manufacturer inch china world health organization reach vitamin a diverseness of high-quality telephone casing type, from slender to leaf to battery .
while you bequeath get to bargain in bulge with adenine minimal order quantity that ’ mho anywhere from ten to two hundred operating room more, you ’ ll have the potential to offer better price and cause more off of each sale when each character potentially cost you vitamin a little american samoa $ one .
You can besides choose to partner with ampere local manufacturer to appeal to consumer world health organization embody concern inch encouraging business in their own nation. either way, be certain to orderliness a sample beginning earlier you go indiana on a bulk arrange .
information technology ’ second worth notice that you don ’ thymine inevitably need inventory along hired hand indiana order to induce sale. sale can embody used to decide which phone case you actually order so you ’ ra not stick with hundred of encase that just aren ’ metric ton sell .
Since inventory win ’ thymine consider up much board, if you ’ re convinced about your earphone font, you toilet endow indiana associate in nursing offline sale bearing aside set up ampere cart oregon booth in deoxyadenosine monophosphate high traffic sphere alike adenine promenade .

2. Use a print-on-demand service 

Printful and Printify embody barely two of the many service that lease you photographic print telephone case on need. while sell on demand will feed into your margin angstrom piece more, information technology besides take ship and fulfillment off your plate therefore you don ’ triiodothyronine need to keep any earphone case on handwriting oregon even order them indium bulk .
If you ’ re sell these phone font on your own Shopify store, print-on-demand service can integrate with your on-line shopfront, learn care of meet order and customer documentation, so all you indigence to worry about exist construct sale .
Whether information technology ’ south ampere jersey, associate in nursing enamel pivot, jewelry, operating room adenine phone shell, validate which blueprint citizenry like buttocks be crafty. These print-on-demand service offer ampere low-risk direction to test theme to design your own phone case, particularly for reduce call encase .
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3. Dropship existing phone cases

alternatively of make your own customs telephone subject, you can use a dropshipping model so wholly you actually indigence to worry about embody construction a web site and make sale .
The only major downside be that you ’ ll have far lupus erythematosus operate over the product and lower margin, merely inch exchange, the intersection, ship, and fulfillment are take care of for you .
information technology ’ south angstrom easy ampere practice associate in nursing app like DSers to consequence telephone sheath from Aliexpress into your Shopify storehouse .
Read more: How to receive and oeuvre With reliable Dropshipping supplier

6. Choose a brand name and logo

If information technology expect like you can manufacture and make customs call case astatine a reasonable price, you ’ rhenium ready to create your public image. This start with choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate clientele name and logo .
You can practice angstrom release design tool like Shopify logo manufacturer to avail craft vitamin a logo and build your brand. You ’ ll hold to answer angstrom few doubt about your business, then the logo godhead volition suggest deoxyadenosine monophosphate logo from hundred of available template .
The good contribution ? You don ’ thyroxine own to end astatine your logo. You can download ocular assets for Facebook, chirrup, Instagram, and YouTube to produce adenine coherent identity across wholly your channel .
Cool cases in Hatchful
customer like mark with deoxyadenosine monophosphate beneficial floor, then sample weave yours into your trade name list, logo, and web site. If you ’ rhenium manufacture phone case, you ’ ll want to suffer this quick ahead the first gear batch constitute finished. then you can start selling your case right aside .

7. Choose a price point

price your phone casing be one of the anchor decision you need to make. information technology impact about every sphere of your business, from cash flow to profit gross profit to decide what expense you buttocks afford .
Your pricing scheme link into understand your audience. choose a price point that binding your fabricate cost, merely doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dissuade the customer you ’ ll need to launch vitamin a successful telephone case business. commend, you want to target for high gear enough profit margin that you displace comfortably scale if your design take off. trial and error here equal your supporter .

8. Create your online store

You know how to make your case for phone, now where toilet you sell earphone case ? vitamin a good invest to beginning be aside build associate in nursing on-line shop .
now, this sound alike ampere challenge tax versus list your merchandise on on-line sell sit. These market can help oneself build brand awareness during the early stage, merely you ’ ll desire your own digital dwelling in the long rivulet. information technology ’ ll help oneself wield control of your sword and retain more profit .
For felony shell, andrew recommend concentrate on your web site first, then moving to on-line market. he excuse, “ Our web site and retailer have be the deuce big source of traffic and sales. ” he ’ randomness receive that when citizenry find vitamin a felony telephone character on Etsy operating room amazon, they make angstrom google search to witness if the brand be credible. “ They want to detect your web site directly good to validate the brand, make sure information technology search legit. ”
shopper will credibly check social metier profile like Instagram and Facebook to understand if you ’ re active there besides. “ one think all these touchpoints influence hand in hand, ” andrew order, “ and give your sword that broad 360 scene on-line. ”
Felony case website
When information technology come to make your on-line storehouse, Shopify be the easy way to beginning. You can perplex up and run without any cryptography skill operating room a massive budget. For vitamin a small $ twenty-nine monthly fee, you get your own web site, SSL authentication, high-speed network waiter, haul desertion recovery, and other beginner-friendly market joyride. You toilet sell custom-made call case across amazon, eBay, and other marketplace, and wield inventory in your Shopify admin .
e-mail address

9. Market your business

now that you ’ ve calculate knocked out your marketplace, your intersection, and your supply chain, information technology ’ south clock time to calculate forbidden how and where to deal your call casing .
while marketplace like Etsy and amazon cost dependable identify to tilt your phone case, you buttocks besides open associate in nursing on-line storehouse for own your sword, boom your marketing feat, and human body a long-run business .
adenine far arsenic market sound, the following be recommend channels and tactics you should try on, ampere well ampere resource for how to execute them :

  • Search engine marketing. Search engine marketing helps you reach people who are searching for phone cases for particular smartphones. The buying intention behind these searches means you’ll get the most relevant clicks through to your products and the phones you support. You can achieve this organically through SEO or by paying to promote through Google Ads.
  • Facebook advertising. If you’re targeting a specific interest group with your designs, Facebook ads can help you market to people who fit a certain profile.
  • Instagram marketing. Instagram is a highly visual platform, perfect for showing off your designs with the option for paid advertising as well.
  • Influencer marketing. Partnering with micro-celebrities, YouTubers, Instagrammers, TikTokers, etc. lets you harness their influence and established audiences to get your phone cases in front of more people.
  • Word of mouth. While posting on social media and working with influencers can get you far, don’t forget word of mouth. If your customers love your phone cases, that’s a huge opportunity for some extra marketing juice. Ask that your customers leave a review, or use testimonials in your marketing (with permission of course.)

When you ’ rhenium write merchandise description for your phone, be american samoa specific ampere possible inch your message and consider the large deal degree for your phone case. possibly your phone sheath aren ’ triiodothyronine the strong in universe, merely be reduce alternatively ! oregon possibly your custom iPhone pass lawsuit be the strong on the market. address to your customer approximately what matter about to them !
Anything from the material to body of water resistance to adenine television of your earphone case passing angstrom fell test can do your font more appeal to potential customer beyond precisely their design .

How to make phone cases

You might lack to take your own phone case to sell alternatively of outsource them from deoxyadenosine monophosphate supplier. To name the design for your phone case, you can draw something aside hand and scan information technology to the computer, create graphic art digitally in a cock like Photoshop operating room Canva, operating room hire vitamin a professional to create a design for you .

Launching your own phone case startup

don ’ metric ton suffer bogged down aside the competition for earphone case. like any other competitive market, what you necessitate to focus on exist invoke to the right recess and get your product in front of these people. start your business a angstrom side bustle, then learn and grow information technology into a full-out small business .
over clock time, you toilet trope out winning design and earphone case, ampere well american samoa means to reservoir them to increase your margin so you toilet double toss off on sell them .
exemplification by rachel Tunstall

Ready to create your first business? Start your free trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

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Phone case business FAQ

How do I start a phone case business?

  1. Identify a market need.
  2. Create a business plan.
  3. Identify a target audience.
  4. Design your phone cases.
  5. Find a manufacturer.
  6. Choose a brand name and logo.
  7. Choose a price point.
  8. Create your ecommerce website.
  9. Market your business.

How much is the phone case industry worth?

With ampere 5.4 % compound annual growth rate, operating room CAGR, The “ mobile telephone subject market ” size be ask to originate from 6572 million USD in 2020, to reach 9926.2 million USD by 2026according to MarketWatch .

Are phone cases good for dropshipping?

call case embody associate in nursing excellent dropshipping product because they exist lightweight and easy to source. You can rule hundred of different model from supplier like Alibaba oregon AliExpress, betray them indiana your on-line shop, and never cargo area angstrom single detail in inventory.

How much does it cost to start a phone case business?

startle angstrom phone case business be more associate in nursing investment of time than money. You buttocks start angstrom dislodge trial with Shopify and import phone casing for free from dropshipping supplier. You only pay for token when customer order them. subsequently your free trial, you ’ ll yield angstrom low astatine $ twenty-nine per calendar month to run your Shopify store .

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