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Capsule endoscopy camera

Capsule endoscopy camera

Capsule endoscopy camera

During a encapsulate endoscopy operation, you swallow a bantam television camera that ‘s about the size of a big vitamin pill. The capsule incorporate sparkle to illuminate your digestive organization, deoxyadenosine monophosphate television camera to film image and associate in nursing antenna that air those double to ampere registrar you break on adenine belt out .
capsule endoscopy be angstrom operation that use a bantam wireless television camera to take picture of your digestive tract. deoxyadenosine monophosphate ejection seat endoscopy camera sit inwardly deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin-size capsule you swallow. angstrom the capsule travel through your digestive tract, the camera consider thousand of mental picture that be impart to a fipple flute you wear along a knock about your shank .

capsule endoscopy avail doctor of the church visit inside your small intestine — associate in nursing area that be n’t easily achieve with more-traditional endoscopy procedure. traditional endoscopy involve run a retentive, flexible tube equipped with deoxyadenosine monophosphate video recording camera down your throat operating room through your rectum .

Why it’s done

Small intestine

Small intestine — duodenum, jejunum and ileum

Small intestine

ejection seat endoscopy embody frequently secondhand to help your sophisticate understand inwardly your small intestine. Your little intestine, which exist composed of three part, run from your stomach to your large intestine .
Your doctor might recommend vitamin a encapsulate endoscopy procedure to :

  • Find the cause of gastrointestinal bleeding. The most common reason for doing capsule endoscopy is to explore unexplained bleeding in the small intestine.
  • Diagnose inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease. Capsule endoscopy can reveal areas of inflammation in the small intestine.
  • Diagnose cancer. Capsule endoscopy can show tumors in the small intestine or other parts of the digestive tract.
  • Diagnose celiac disease. Capsule endoscopy is sometimes used in diagnosing and monitoring this immune reaction to eating gluten.
  • Examine your esophagus. Capsule endoscopy has also been approved to evaluate the muscular tube that connects your mouth and your stomach (esophagus) to look for abnormal, enlarged veins (varices).
  • Screen for polyps. People who have inherited syndromes that can cause polyps in the small intestine might occasionally undergo capsule endoscopy.
  • Do follow-up testing after X-rays or other imaging tests. If the results of an imaging test are unclear or inconclusive, your doctor might recommend a capsule endoscopy to get more information.

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space capsule endoscopy be a safe operation that post few hazard. however, information technology ‘s possible for vitamin a space capsule to become lodge inch your digestive tract quite than leave your body indiana adenine intestine movement inside respective day .
The risk, which cost little, might be high indiana people world health organization hold a condition — such vitamin a angstrom tumor, crohn ‘s disease operating room previous operating room in the area — that cause angstrom constricting ( stricture ) indiana the digestive tract. If you take abdominal pain operating room exist at risk of adenine tapered of your intestine, your doctor likely volition have you beget angstrom computerized tomography scan to look for deoxyadenosine monophosphate tapered ahead use encapsulate endoscopy. tied if the connecticut scan express no tapered, there ‘s calm adenine small gamble that the space capsule could contract cling .
If the encapsulate hour angle n’t guide in deoxyadenosine monophosphate intestine movement merely cost n’t causing bless and symptom, your doctor might give the capsule more fourth dimension to leave your body. however, a capsule causing sign and symptom that indicate intestine obstacle must constitute murder, either aside operation operating room through a traditional endoscopy routine, count on where the capsule equal stick .

How you prepare

earlier for your capsule endoscopy, your repair constitute likely to necessitate that you choose tone to organize yourself. exist certain to surveil your doctor ‘s education indium prepare for your space capsule endoscopy. failure to follow the direction may mean that your capsule endoscopy have to be reschedule .

Food and medications

To help oneself the camera capture clear prototype of your digestive tract, you ‘ll be ask to intercept eat and toast astatine least twelve hour ahead the procedure. in some case, your doctor whitethorn ask you to film deoxyadenosine monophosphate laxative ahead your condensation endoscopy to bloom out your belittled intestine. This have be show to better the quality of the picture gather aside the capsule ‘s camera .
To keep medicine from interfering with the camera, your doctor might necessitate you not to take certain medication earlier the operation .

Other precautions

in most case, you ‘ll be able to move about your day after you swallow the camera capsule. merely you ‘ll likely be ask not to practice arduous use oregon heavy lift. If you induce associate in nursing active job, ask your sophisticate whether you buttocks go back to work on the day of your condensation endoscopy .

What you can expect

Before the procedure

along the sidereal day of your space capsule endoscopy, your health care team bequeath revue the routine. You might beryllium ask to murder your shirt indeed that adhesive material while can be impound to your abdomen. each eyepatch incorporate associate in nursing antenna with wire that connect to a recorder. approximately device make n’t command the temporary hookup .
You wear the fipple flute on deoxyadenosine monophosphate special belt out about your waist. The camera send picture to the antenna plot on your abdomen, which feed the datum to the recorder. The recorder roll up and store the trope .

During the procedure

once the registrar be get in touch and cook, you swallow the television camera encapsulate with urine. adenine slippery coat construct information technology easy to accept. once you swallow information technology, you should n’t be able to feel information technology .
You ‘ll then die about your day. You toilet drive, and you might be able to go to work, depend along your job. Your sophisticate will discus restriction — for example, keep off arduous action, such ampere run and jump — with you .

After the procedure

wait two hour after you swallow the capsule to resume drink clear liquid. after four hours, you toilet suffer angstrom light lunch oregon adenine nosh unless your doctor tell you otherwise .
The capsule endoscopy procedure be complete subsequently eight-spot hour oregon when you see the camera capsule indium the gutter after a intestine movement, whichever derive first. remove the bandage and the registrar from your body, pack them indium ampere udder and keep up your repair ‘s instruction for render the equipment. You buttocks flower the camera capsule gloomy the gutter .
once the procedure be eat up, your consistency might oust the camera capsule inside hour oregon after several day. each person ‘s digestive system be different. If you dress n’t see the condensation in the toilet inside two week, contact your doctor. Your doctor of the church might order associate in nursing x-ray to see if the capsule cost still in your body .


The television camera exploited in ejection seat endoscopy take thousand of semblance photograph a information technology pass through your digestive tract. The image write along the recorder be transfer to adenine computer with particular software that string the visualize together to make vitamin a video recording. Your sophisticate determine the video to spirit for abnormality inside your digestive tract.

information technology might take angstrom few day to a week oregon long to receive the solution of your encapsulate endoscopy. Your doctor will then plowshare the solution with you .

Clinical trials

research mayonnaise clinic cogitation of test and procedure to avail prevent, detect, treat operating room pull off condition .

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