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Allison here. A late article highlighted a survey conducted by call security company, Lookout, in which one-third of people admitted to sneaking glances at text messages, photos, and emails on a sleep together one ’ sulfur earphone. This is a concerning statistic, nowadays that our mobile phones store more and more of our personal data. A snoop with malicious purpose that has access to personal data from your mobile device can even put you at risk for idaho larceny and idaho imposter. If you suspect that person is snooping through your personal data on your mobile phone, here are four apps that can help you catch the perpetrator :
HiddenEye – This Android app takes a picture when person tries to unlock your call by falsely guessing your passcode. The app can besides be synced with your Dropbox account, so any pictures taken can be sent there immediately. It merely works when your passcode is at least four letters/numbers long, and reviews have said that this app doesn ’ t take pictures on Nexus phones, but it can however be a valuable resource should your call scram stolen, or should person try to access your data without license.
Lookout – This Android app will not alone take a movie if person incorrectly guesses your passcode, but it can besides be remotely tracked. Should your call precipitate into the faulty hands, you can use your computer to lock your earphone american samoa well, ensuring no one is able to access your data. The premium version besides comes with a distant interlock and wipe feature that wipes all of the data off of your earphone if it gets stolen.
WhoSnooped – One of two iPhone options, this app enables you set a trap for a snoop, should you suspect person is trying to access data on your mobile earphone. To set the trap, set your camera to front front, chatter on “ Start Who Snooped ” to lock your phone. Whenever anyone tries to unlock your call, his or her word picture will be taken. Please note that this app must be set by you, so it is only helpful if you already have a suspicion that person is snooping through your earphone.
iTrust – This app states that it will allow you to see an actual log of an intruder using your phone, recorded by the camera on your iPhone. To set the trap, plainly start the iTrust app, follow the in-app instructions, and then leave your earphone laying around for the suspect snoop to find. The app will then create a log and video recording record of anything a snoop accesses after the app is set. As a disclaimer, it should be noted that this app is not yet compatible with the iPhone 5, and not all reviews were positive.
now, these tools alone won ’ thymine prevent identity larceny, so you calm need to check your credit reports and be mindful of the information you contribution online. Check back often for more tips and trends in mobile security system.

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