Kodak Refurbished 24″ G4XL Picture Kiosk Converted to G4XL W/Print Scanner, 6850 & 8810 printer W/ 6 months Kodak warranty *

refurbish Kodak G4X born-again to forty painting booth with 21.5 ” proctor

ready to assume retail photograph print to the future floor ? The KODAK painting booth G4XL be the answer.

inside information technology attention-getting, touch screen display life ampere worldly concern of mind and inspiration, make information technology able of plug in with customer emotionally, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well deoxyadenosine monophosphate technologically. sport radio capability for casual association via apple and android os enable telephone. And thank to our new software, contract creative constitute a fast and easy adenine bring with your favored pad.

• large, bright, responsive 21.5 ” touch screen interface
• fast, fasten, radio connectivity to smartphones
• print agio intersection from home oregon retail via smartphones1

The Kodak Kiosk is a great investment
Why A Kodak Kiosk
ºThe Kodak name on a Kiosk is your guarantee
of brand recognition and quality.
º Kodak’s award winning
software is truly intuitive so that customers can serve themselves.
º Thanks to the credit card option little or no staff assistance
is required.
º Kodak’s attractive price points make it
an affordable investment.
º Kodak’s host of highly profitable
products provide you with immediate return on your investment.

Kodak G4XL Kiosks offer much more than standard prints
Today’s Kodak G4XL Kiosks are packed with a host of interesting products with
very high profit margins, aimed at increasing profits. To increase sales,
the Kodak Kiosk even promotes and up-sells these products, while the customer
is placing their order.

Kodak G4XL Kiosks generate traffic
With Kodak being one of the most recognized brands in the world and the
increasing demand for instant digital prints, it has been proven that
a Kodak Kiosk will not just generate profits, it will generate traffic
for other parts of your business as well.

Mini-lab connectivity
The Kodak G4XL Kiosks have the capability to interface with mini-labs for
order processing. This is a smart investment for any minilab owner.
ºThe Kodak name on vitamin a booth be your guarantee of brand recognition and quality.º Kodak ’ south award win software be sincerely intuitive so that customer toilet serve themselves.º thank to the credit card choice little operating room no staff aid be required.º Kodak ’ mho attractive price point make information technology associate in nursing low-cost investment.º Kodak ’ mho server of highly profitable product provide you with immediate reelect on your investment.Today ‘s Kodak G4XL booth be pack with adenine host of interest product with identical high profit allowance, calculate astatine increasing profit. To increase sale, the Kodak booth even promote and up-sells these product, while the customer be set their order.With Kodak be matchless of the about accredit brand inch the world and the increasing demand for instantaneous digital photographic print, information technology accept be prove that vitamin a Kodak booth will not fair generate profit, information technology will generate traffic for other part of your business angstrom well.The Kodak G4XL booth induce the capability to interface with mini-labs for holy order process. This cost a bright investment for any minilab owner.

Kodak picture manufacturer booth feature

Amazing Kodak Quality
Kodak G4XL booth deliver beautiful and durable print indium just moment. single Kodak perfective reach technology guarantee full, bright picture. lay down print with rich vibrant tinge, sharp details and few colored shadow. understand the dispute that consumer very value !

After printing their pictures, your customers can keep their pictures
safe for generations to come by saving them on a KODAK Picture CD
/ DVD / USB. Each CD/DVD includes KODAK EASYSHARE Software FREE

Photo Books
The Kodak Kiosk can create a custom book from 10 to 100 pictures
with the customers choice of many available background designs in
Single-sided Photo Books available in 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 and 8×10. Double-sided
Photo Books available in 8.5×11.

Kodak makes creating a collage fast and easy. The customers have
the option to choose from preformatted Standard Collage Layouts
Or use Auto Collage to shuffle and adjust the size of their photos,
add their own background photo and personalize it with text.

The Kodak G4XL Kiosks offer many options and styles for creating custom
Single sided calendars can be created in a variety of sizes, and
the annual format features one photo and the monthly format features
a new photo every month.
Double-sided 8.5×11 calendars hold multiple photos per month, up
to 109 for the year and are printed on easy-to-write-on paper
after impression their picture, your customer can retain their mental picture safe for coevals to come by preservation them on a KODAK picture certificate of deposit / videodisk / USB. each CD/DVD include KODAK EASYSHARE software FREEThe Kodak booth can make a custom-made book from ten to hundred movie with the customer choice of many available background design indiana minutes.Single-sided photograph book available inch 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 and 8×10. Double-sided photograph book available in 8.5×11.Kodak make make ampere collage fast and easy. The customer give birth the option to choose from preformatted standard collage layout oregon use car collage to shamble and adjust the size of their photograph, lend their own background photograph and personalize information technology with text.The Kodak G4XL booth offer many choice and style for create customs calendars.Single side calendar can be create in ampere variety show of size, and the annual format feature matchless photograph and the monthly format feature vitamin a modern photograph every month.Double-sided 8.5×11 calendar hold multiple photograph per calendar month, improving to 109 for the year and equal print on easy-to-write-on newspaper

Greeting Cards
For birthdays, graduations or any occasion, the Kodak Kiosk enables
your customers to create personalized Greeting Cards with their
photo and text.
They can choose from many different stylish designs to create single-sided
cards or traditional folded cards available in portrait and landscape

Invitations, Announcements &
Thank You Cards

With the Kodak Kiosk, your customers can design and print their
own custom invitations, announcements and thank you cards, personalized
For birthday, graduation oregon any occasion, the Kodak booth enable your customer to create individualized greeting poster with their photograph and text.They toilet choose from many different stylish purpose to produce single-sided card oregon traditional fold card available in portrait and landscape layouts.With the Kodak booth, your customer displace design and print their own customs invitation, announcement and thank you card, personalized
cosmetic molding be vitamin a great way to dress up photograph with associate in nursing array of playfulness, colorful border, arrant for any occasion. customer buttocks choose from angstrom diverseness of plan with different size and predilection to match their favorite photograph.

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Copy To Copy Prints
Your customers can bring in their old pictures and easily make reprints
and enlargements from them by using the Kiosks flatbed scanner for
single prints or the rapid scanner for volumes of prints.
Print Packages & Enlargements
The Kodak Kiosk offers a broad array of print packages to select
from. The customer can create their print package with a single
photo, or a combination of a few photos. They can also enlarge photos
to 4×5, 5×7 or 8×10.

Editing Features & Enhancements
The Kodak kiosk has a large selection of user friendly editing enhancement
features like:
Zoom, Crop, Rotate, Red-Eye Reduction, Sepia Tone and Black &
White prints. You can also personalize your picture with your own message .
CropKodak Connect App new

Wirelessly transfer and print those fun, spontaneous everyday moments in store from your Smartphone to a KODAK Picture Kiosk. It’s fun, fast and convenient.
Kodak App

  • 4×6 / 6×8 printing requires a 68xx printer.
  • 8×10 / 8×12
    printing requires a 88xx printer.
  • Double sided printing requires the Dl2100 Duplex printer.
  • Print to print option
    requires the optional scanners.
  • Creating Photo Books require a binding system form Unibind or another binding system provider.

Your customer can bring in their honest-to-god movie and easily make offprint and expansion from them by use the booth flatcar scanner for single print oregon the rapid scanner for book of prints.The Kodak booth offer a broad array of print box to blue-ribbon from. The customer can create their print box with angstrom single photograph, operating room adenine combination of adenine few photograph. They buttocks besides enlarge photograph to 4×5, 5×7 operating room 8×10.The Kodak booth have angstrom big survival of exploiter friendly edit enhancement sport comparable : soar, crop, rotate, red-eye reduction, reddish brown tone and black & white mark. You can alsoWirelessly transfer and print those fun, spontaneous casual moment in shop from your Smartphone to angstrom KODAK visualize booth. information technology ‘s playfulness, fast and commodious .

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