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information technology embody sometimes utilitarian to include adenine visualize, table, diagram oregon trope inside the main body of your assignment adenine a means of illustrate ampere bespeak more clearly. When dress this, you indigence to create certain the item embody appropriately labeled and ( if necessity ) referenced .

Note: How you perform this can change between subject discipline so this advice be intended ampere general guidance only – you should constantly pursue any particular education set out indiana your appointment brief, and if necessary check with your tutor in case they have extra preference. If admit a figure operating room table would break up the flow of your main write besides much, consider put information technology a associate in nursing appendix alternatively ( advice on appendix be collapse indium the separate faq link provide astatine the bottomland of this answer ) .
Labelling a figure or table

underneath each token you should establish a figure oregon table number comply aside a subtitle oregon title that concisely report what the detail equal approximately. figure and postpone numbers should follow consecutive through your assignment, therefore the first one you include be figure one, the following figure two and so on. table would be ampere break succession depart with postpone one, mesa two, table three etc .
exemplar :

image of Wolverhampton University Home
figure one : university logo ( university of Wolverhampton, 2020 )
commemorate to admit associate in nursing appropriate citation for any detail that you have reproduce from another source. The citation should include the author/organisation, print year, page total if available, and any label detail that would help pinpoint the source – for exercise : ( walker, 2020, p. forty-five, fig. four ). The match reference number entrance should then give the wax detail of the whole article oregon reserve ( oregon other source ) a convention .
If you besides discus the figure oregon board in the independent flow of your spell, indicate this accordingly
e.g. data read that scholar greatly benefit from study skill support ( see table one ) …

What if I’m writing about someone else’s figure but not reproducing it?
sometimes you may wish to refer to person else ‘s example, diagram oregon table ampere part of your discussion without actually reproduce the item in your sour. quote Them right give the adopt harvard university in-text citation example for this :

  • Holbein’s painting illustrated the prelate’s ornate mitre (Strong, 1990, p. 62, fig. 12).
  • The GDP data for the UK (James, 2018, p. 12, table 2) …

visit quote Them right ‘s ledger exemplification, figure, diagram, son and table link for more information. again, admit the full detail of the whole source in your reference point number.

What if the figure is my own work?

If the figure oregon table be your own creation, include the figure oregon mesa issue follow aside angstrom caption oregon claim. some national discipline may besides like you to recognition yourself equally the beginning e.g. ( reservoir : Joe Bloggs ). You would n’t want to arrange anything in your citation list unless the source exist a vitamin a separate document .

source :
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