LaFayette Big Picture School – Education Reimagined

TEN YEARS AGO, in rural LaFayette, New York, “ 15 excite, over-aged, under-credited, at-risk high school freshmen ” gathered in a little wing of a local anesthetic elementary school. They were “ excited ” because they knew they were not entering a learning space that had continuously failed them year after year. They were “ over-aged ” according to the arbitrary standards set by the traditional system. And, they were “ under-credited and at-risk ” due to a skid of singular circumstances and a lacking support structure. little did these learners ( and their residential district ) know the approach years would result in individual and residential district transformation of unprecedented proportions .
All of the barriers listed above are what LaFayette Big Picture School was designed for—meeting every apprentice where they are and unleashing the alone possibilities within each one.

LaFayette, New York borders the sovereign Onondaga Nation. With limited opportunities to engage with each other, misunderstandings of culture and ways of life were frequently felt on both sides. When Lafayette Big visualize opened its doors, learners from both communities gathered in a single, intimate space where a socially embedded culture was front and center, so everyone could be known for the singular gifts they were bringing to the community. In doing sol, learners found adequate value in themselves and their peers. Inside, stereotypes were being broken down on a daily basis. Outside, alike transformations began to occur as the learners engaged in open-walled experiences. By working hand-in-hand with residential district partners, these “ troubled ” youth showcased their divers skillsets and, precisely as importantly, brought understanding to the unique cultures they represented.

fast forward to today, and LaFayette Big Picture ’ s competency-based, learner-driven approach attracts youth from every corner of the county, careless of labels. even learners ( and their parents ) who experience unbridle achiever in the traditional system look over at LaFayette Big Picture School with noticeable curiosity. After hearing about the personalized, relevant, and contextualized teach experiences designed with the learners ’ interests and passions at the center, they wanted in on the natural process.

With this, the “ alternative ” condition of LaFayette Big Picture School has taken on a whole newfangled intend. Rather than standing as a place for “ those kids, ” it is now known as an environment mean for any child who desires a eruditeness know where they are agents of their learn. What was in the first place a final repair for a handful of struggling young person has evolved into a beginning choice high school for learners and parents from all walks of life .

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