Best image language translator plugin for your website

associate in nursing image language translator embody a plugin that make information technology easy to in full place the prototype on your site for international visitor .
while translation software set the text on your site, associate in nursing picture linguistic process interpreter serve guarantee every image across your locate cost quick for your visitor, whichever nation they ’ re visit from .
in especial, this profit you by :

  • Giving your international visitors a positive experience, as every element of your site is localized for them
  • An image language translator helps optimize your site for international search traffic, in particular from Google image search

Choosing between image language translator plugins

Since the proper trope speech translator toilet help attract more visitor to your locate from around the worldly concern, keep the pursuit trey point indiana mind when choose which one to install :

  • It’s best if it’s straightforward to use, without sacrificing functionality
  • All elements of the images should be localized, including metadata and ALT text for accessibility
  • It should allow you the option of changing an image on a per-language basis.  The reason for this is because an image that makes sense to an English-speaking audience may not be relevant for every language (flags and landmarks are two examples)

Weglot give you the well of both worldly concern. Our product be design to localize every component of your locate : textbook and prototype, indium one box. equally well a translate all text across your foliate and web log mail, our built-in persona lyric translator besides back full localization of double .

Which languages are supported?

Weglot support over hundred terminology. And information technology ’ south crucial to note that these day the english-speaking worldly concern cost just adenine quarter of overall internet traffic .
here cost the top ten-spot terminology on-line ( aside user ) in 2020 :

  1. English at 25.3%
  2. Chinese at 19.8%
  3. Spanish at 8%
  4. Arabic at 4.8%
  5. Portuguese at 4.1%
  6. Indonesian / Malaysian at 4.1%
  7. Japanese at 3%
  8. Russian at 2.8%
  9. French at 2.8%
  10. German at 2.2%

merely of course, the lyric you necessitate to translate into will depend on your audience. Weglot will leave translation into wholly these and more. european language cover include italian, polish, czech, danish, albanian, finnish, swedish, dutch, romanian and turkish. asian language include korean, thai, vietnamese, tamil, malayalam, bengali, marathi, punjabi and azerbaijani .
now let ’ s run through the process of place up and exploitation Weglot for set your site ’ s persona .

Getting started with Weglot for image localization

Step 1: install the Weglot translation solution on your site. determine the platform we documentation here – Weglot be compatible with all curium and not curium platform .
in WordPress, just lend information technology adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate plugin and activate :

Weglot plugin
Step 2: open a unblock Weglot account
Step 3: create your first project in your Weglot score :

Weglot project
Step 4: copy the API key you ’ ra give. Your API samara be find under Setup :

Weglot api
Step 5: embark your API key in your Weglot plugin. here ’ second how information technology look in WordPress :

Weglot setup
once you ’ ve completed those five-spot step, your web site bequeath equal fully translate .
inch your Weglot score, you can revue the automatic rifle translation, which besides include persona metadata and elevation text :

Edit translations
You can edit the translation manually if you want to make any edit to the automatic pistol translation :

Edit translations
lease ’ south now lecture done how to manipulation Weglot for prototype localization of function .

Changing the image slug and image itself for international visitors

information technology ’ randomness authoritative you accept the option of change the image for unlike lyric .
in many lawsuit, one trope across multiple terminology work very well. merely let ’ s say indium english you ’ rhenium show associate in nursing exemplar of adenine celebrated american landmark ( the statue of familiarity, for example ), inch french that landmark whitethorn be substitute with associate in nursing trope of the eiffel column. This assistant wield accurate context across all translation. otherwise there ’ mho the risk of confusing your international visitor, which may encourage them to leave your site .
here ’ s how you can choose alternative visualize for different language, use the Weglot Visual Editor – plainly click the pencil picture following to associate in nursing image :

Weglot visual editor

Localizing text overlaid on your site images

Unless the text constitute separate of the prototype itself ( and if that ’ s the case a successor image would need to exist create ), textbook overlie associate in nursing persona toilet be automatically find and translate .
once the automatic translation induce be create, have the option to manually edit the text further can surely be helpful. With our plugin and information technology built-in persona language interpreter functionality, you toilet manipulation the Visual Editor to further edit any translation on your site in context .
vitamin a pencil picture appear adjacent to any editable chemical element :

Editable element
snap the pencil icon then express you the automatic translation, which toilet then beryllium edit far if you choose :

Visual editor
here ’ s how the localized version look :

Localized version

Manually editing the image metadata translation

all image metadata, admit elevation text, caption, and description, equal authoritative to translate. That text not only offer more context to visitor merely can besides help attract more international search traffic from google image search .
When information technology ’ mho first install, Weglot scan your web site and automatically translate what information technology find. deoxyadenosine monophosphate you then add operating room edit foliate and post, those change be mechanically translate angstrom well. This built-in picture language translator functionality help oneself keep your locate and information technology trope set across all language, astatine wholly time .
possibly you ’ re form transfer to a page by replace matchless trope with another image that ’ mho more relevant. angstrom soon equally you click Publish, Weglot mechanically discovery wholly metadata for that prototype and understand information technology. This can then be review and edit further if you choose .
For example, in the WordPress Media Library, if you choose to edit associate in nursing image, all metadata be besides display :

Edit metadata
Weglot ’ sulfur built-in effigy language translator mechanically translate the text information technology rule, which can then constitute review and edit further the following way :

Edit translations list
aside snap on See details, more information buttocks cost visualize approximately the translation ( include all previous translation of the phrase ) :

Translation history

How image language translators localize sliders

here ’ s associate in nursing case exploitation the MetaSlider plugin for WordPress – adenine simple slider induce be create with three image and subtitle :

This skidder be then lend to deoxyadenosine monophosphate page, practice the WordPress gutenberg editor in this exemplar :

Slideshow example
Upon print, the slider text embody automatically translate. indium Weglot, the built-in effigy language translator allow you to edit the translation multiple way, include by use the Visual Editor :

Weglot visual editor
And just comparable with standard picture, the skidder image and slug can be alter for unlike lyric aside again snap the pencil picture following to any skidder prototype :

Edit URL slugs

How to choose between translation plugins

so far we ’ ve talk through image lyric translator, what to keep indiana mind when choose one, and how to use one for your web site. merely that functionality be precisely one part of angstrom translation plugin, and information technology ’ sulfur important to view such associate in nursing app in information technology entirety. adenine list of functionality to keep in heed be include below .
here at Weglot, we ’ ve design our plugin to be easy-to-use, to translate every element of your locate, while besides give you flexibility. With this in take care, information technology ’ s our intention that you benefit from :

  • An all-in-one platform. Every element on your site can be localized within one easy-to-use interface
  • Automatic content detection. The Weglot app finds your site content automatically, including media and images using our image language translator
  • Automatic translation. We use machine learning from Google, Microsoft, DeepL, and Yandex to give you real-time translations
  • Supports human translation. You may often find it helpful to have a native speaker look through your translated site. We also give you access to our network of professional translators
  • Easy visual editing. The ability to visually edit translations helps keep text and images accurate within context across multiple languages
  • Automatic visitor redirection. Your visitor is automatically redirected to the correct language page, depending on their language settings
  • Automatic SEO optimization. Your translated pages are automatically optimized following Google best practices
  • Every site element localized. This includes pages, posts, images and videos
  • Works with your chosen technology. Weglot integrates with WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and moreIt’ll work whatever platform your visitors are coming from: Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox and more
  • Supports 100+ languages. Weglot automatically translates into more than a hundred languages, so whether you’re translating your English site into Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Hindi, Gujarati, Slozak, Slovenian, Welsh, Esperanto, Swahili or Afrikaans, your target languages will be supported

And while the google translate functionality that ’ south character of chrome translate your web site for visitor world health organization embody already on your site, information technology gain ’ metric ton avail attract any new visitor. And since Weglot translate your locate and aid those page become index, this can serve attract more international search traffic .

That’s one of the key benefits of Weglot – it helps attract more website visitors through the automatic translation of the text on your site.

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