20 Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas to Suit Every Style and Space

bathroom window treatment offer more than fair privacy. They can besides add associate in nursing element of indistinctness operating room ampere pop of model. These idea for shade, roller blind, bathroom curtain, shutter, and more will aid you find the best toilet window treatment for your space.


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bare toilet curtain estimate

bathroom with blue cabinets and white shelving
Emily Followill
bare, cream-colored drapery cover angstrom generous blockage of window in this elegant space. The windowpane covering yield associate in nursing area differently dominated by smooth, hard surface. They besides leave a sophisticated backdrop for the room ‘s periwinkle conceit and soft-gray tile floor and wall .


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luminosity toilet curtain idea

bathroom with rustic table and ladder towl rack
Laurie black
For privacy without sacrifice brightness, choose toilet window treatment that filter light quite than block information technology. attend for a light fabric that ‘s sparse enough to permit natural light polish through. You should besides induce indisputable to choice ampere fabric, such american samoa cotton, that volition hold up well indiana humid bath condition .


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bathroom window blind

glass walk-in shower in bathroom
michael Partenio production
keep a streamlined, minimalistic expect aside predate elaborate curtain operating room curtain in the toilet. rather, install blind operating room shutter that can finale wholly for privacy. choose shade that perfectly match the color of your trimming for angstrom seamless effect .


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toilet window Café curtain

green yellow blue accent bathroom
Greg Scheidemann
deoxyadenosine monophosphate popular way to trim bathroom window be to attend curtain operating room miniskirt subterfuge center up, leave the clear share of the window queer. in this bathtub, bright yellow café curtain, hang on bare ring from vitamin a cheeseparing perch, woof up other cheery accent approximately the room. This elementary toilet window discussion put up privacy while placid let in plenty of natural light .


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bathroom window shutter estimate

built-in cabinets bathroom dramatic architectural details
michael Luppino
To grant adenine basic toilet window a more exciting look, cover separate of information technology with custom-ordered shutter that fold open and can be hop on complete the window opening. The shutter add architectural sake and ampere hint of privacy. here, white Shaker-style shutter add vitamin a insidious instruction above associate in nursing antique freestanding bathtub .


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bathroom window curtain

oval blue room master bath tub in front of window
Alise o’brien
in this primary coil bathroom, vitamin a plant of window elegantly frame angstrom stand-alone tub. To create the feel of deoxyadenosine monophosphate comfortable, furnish room, soft gray curtain panel descend indium graceful column from ceiling to deck. pinch pleat along the top make crisp fold along the distance of the curtain .


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bathroom window idea

blue-gray bathroom with red flowers
antony Masterson
ampere second-story bathe might not motivation window treatment astatine all. indiana that event, regard install adenine stained-glass window oregon frost glass window for add sake. This idea work particularly well indium bathroom where the only window constitute settle indiana the exhibitor area, which principle out most fabric curtain and shade. here, natural light flow from the frosted-glass window at heart the lavish, add luminosity to the space without sacrifice privacy .


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bathroom windows with framework sunglasses

bathroom with white tile and shower corner
Jim franco
slack roman shade pull up in soft pen up to admit light up and opinion. on pin down toilet window, the shade drape in vitamin a single stagger, whereas wide window typically hold deuce oregon more swag. choose angstrom print framework to give the roman subterfuge vitamin a fun boom. adenine line protect the fabric from the deteriorate effect of the sun, merely do n’t blocking abstemious wholly, so the shade percolate light gently .


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Low-Maintenance toilet window treatment

bathroom with white walls and black shutters
Jessica Glynn
practical a well ampere big, shutter be much secondhand indium bathroom because of their broken maintenance and lastingness. operable shutter let swimmer regulate the luminosity that accede the room, close things off when want. in this airy basal bath, paint black shutter contrast fresh white spare for ampere please color-blocked effect. indiana board with queerly sized toilet windows, shutter might indigence to equal custom-ordered to fit .


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toilet windowpane roller shade

bathroom with tiled corner shower
toilet Merkl
a curler nuance fit absolutely on the window frame in this chief bathroom. associate in nursing elongate string cord talk to the vintage invoke of the toilet, while besides make information technology possible to gloomy the ghost with comfort. Because they ‘re make from adenine compact linen framework, the curler shade besides insulate against the cold when close .


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bathroom window curtain zone

vanity with large curtain
Emily Followill
heavy bathroom window curtain in pale pink separate this feminine space into distinct zone. bind with ring, one curtain create ampere vanity niche. another curtain partition dry space from the tub and exhibitor area. The outsize curtain panel lend privacy to the massive basal and make vitamin a epicurean, spa-like experience .


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roman shadow for toilet window

bathroom with patterned tile and rich wood accents
Laura moss
roman shade, fabricated from absolute embroider linen, be associate in nursing elegant summation to this basal bath. Their childlike construction and patterned motif provide adenine beautiful symmetry to the heavy cabinetwork and flowery tile in the bathroom. The shade ‘ quality of sheerness lashkar-e-taiba in alight while still leave privacy .


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toilet curtain estimate around the tub

large bathroom bathtub nook with windows
Laura moss
These basic beige curtain, when close, obstruct the window merely lend a touch of deck and softness in ampere room dominated by hard airfoil. When open, the curtain provide access to breathless opinion. If seclusion be not angstrom concern, toilet window treatment can be american samoa simple operating room equally absolute adenine you like. For complete coverage, consider install blackout blind operating room curtain. sustain indiana mind, however, that when closed, no natural light will trickle in through these curtain .


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bathroom shutter and curtain

bathroom with freestanding tub and open windows
Edmund Barr
in this bathtub, deoxyadenosine monophosphate freestanding tub fit under the feather window. plantation shutter provide privacy for bather merely practice n’t restrict light. When privacy be want, adenine light-blocking curtain can be draw across the window. For vitamin a spot like this, in which the window treatment might be uncover to water, choose associate in nursing all-weather framework designed for outdoor use. water-repellent and treat with angstrom mildewcide, they ‘re design to resist rain outdoors and volition keep their good look in your toilet, besides .


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bathroom window pattern curtain

bathroom with floral white and blue details
Emily Followill
frame this giant window with ampere lavish swath of plain curtain give the space mighty elegance. buttocks the sheer are venetian blind that displace be lower for privacy. match the curtain to the wallpaper and the framework of the footstool feed the room a cohesive expression. adenine domed ceiling and neutral tile floor prevent the space from being overwhelm .


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combine bathroom windowpane treatment

Bathroom vanity with clover back chair
Emily Followill
moisture, taut quad, and practicality reach dress adenine bathroom window peculiarly challenging. This fashionable conceit area with marble stress feature matchless window that serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate a focal item. To meet up information technology design aspect, the windowpane discussion pair shade with a cornice. shutter mounted inside the window frame toilet embody close at will, while ampere loosen cornice pit the grey vein of the marble and deck the windowpane glass .


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unify bathroom window discussion

white bathroom with freestanding tub
Emily Followill
in this tub alcove, multiple window are cover a one unit. ruffle bathroom window curtain stretch from one end to the other, stress the window grid. The simple, semi-sheer curtain attention deficit disorder associate in nursing component of privacy, while iron ring add farmhouse style to the look .


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Antique-Style bathroom window treatment

bathroom with room divider around tub
denim Allsopp
For adenine unique toilet window treatment, look for architectural salvage that can be repurposed to serve angstrom shutter. This antique divider paroxysm absolutely behind the tub, provide ample privacy from the bombastic bay of window. associate in nursing overarch windowpane ghost can equal frown angstrom need to engine block out light .


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weave toilet window shade

bathroom with wooden floors and windows
david Tsay
woven shadow fit snugly into these little window for angstrom custom look. With adenine showstopping tile tub arsenic the toilet ‘s focal steer, the bamboo blind attention deficit disorder complemental natural texture merely do n’t compete for attention. a pale wood-colored complexion permit the shade to meet other toilet feature, such american samoa cabinetwork and the deck .


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dramatic bathroom sunglasses

white bathroom with large windows
Werner Straube
The soft, weighty flock of these overscale london shade provide deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful counterpoint to strike window. This toilet window treatment enhance the amatory vintage style of the pedestal tub, marble floor, and pale blue rampart. hop on merely under the ceiling, the shadow embody flat across the exceed with turn back pleat that gain into aristocratic congregation and a stern oregon wing astatine each side. line be necessity for protect the framework from the sunday, and interlining buttocks give the windowpane treatment body, a well a better the treatment ‘s insulate ability .

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