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How do I get my password?
Within a few hours of your ceremony, your photographer will be sending you an electronic mail with your password to view your private gallery.

How do I download wedding photos?
To download photos, you must be on a calculator or laptop ( the files are excessively large to allow download on other devices ). Following the instructions sent to you by your photographer, select your favorite photos and add them to your haul. After all the photograph you would like to purchase are in your shopping handcart, embark in the promo to get your spare images. If you have selected more photos, there will be a remaining balance that you can take care of using your bank card.

Can someone else edit these photos?
We are happy to digitally enhance photos for you ! For pricing, please contact us at the phone number below .

How long will my gallery be up for?
We hold onto galleries for 6 months ! If you need extra aid with accessing your gallery, please contact us directly .

Do we receive hard copies of our photos?
All of our photos are digital, and download onto your computer or your laptop. Full copyrights are included with the purchase of your images so you are welcome to bring the digital images to your local anesthetic store to get hard copy prints made .

Will my photos have a watermark?
The watermark is shown on the photograph that have not been downloaded. After you have purchased and downloaded the photos to your calculator or laptop, the water line will not be on the final copies .

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I placed an order for my photos. Now what?
After placing your order, you will be receiving an e-mail confirming the transaction. Soon, you will receive another e-mail containing the radio link to download your digital files. Please allow astir to 6 hours to receive the secondary electronic mail. Be sure to check your spam booklet equally well .

Can I get these photos printed?
decidedly ! With the purchase of your photos, the photographic print liberation is included. You are welcome to bring the digital files to your local anesthetic storehouse to get printed .

What size are these pictures?
Our photographers shoot in full resolution ( 6000 x 4000 ). This allows your photos to be blown up or shrink down without a personnel casualty of quality.

Are my friends and family allowed to purchase photos too?
Yes ! Simply provide them with the connection to your gallery to enjoy the photograph ampere well .

How do I get the video?
The video recording record is sent to your electronic mail after purchase. To order the video, please contact us directly .

Do I get a DVD?
For the same reason as our photograph, our videos are sent digitally. You are welcome to make hardcopy DVD ’ s of your ceremony !

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