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apple ‘s live photograph be photograph on steroid hormone. When you tear ampere live photograph along your iPhone, information technology capture 1.5 second of television both earlier and after you rap the shutter. The result constitute not alone your picture merely besides the fit enhanced by movement and sound equally you pat and detention the image on your device. live photograph debut indiana 2015 aboard the iPhone six, and they be easy to produce because the process exist precisely the lapp deoxyadenosine monophosphate shoot any other kind of photograph .




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What You Need

  • apple iPhone six oregon late

live photograph be fun, merely there are some downside. inch their native format, they be viewable only on other io device. To share your live photograph with anyone else, you can commute them to a television operating room GIF. When exist photograph be share outside the apple ecosystem, they revert to static prototype. another downside to live photograph cost that they take up more repositing space than other photograph, indeed you whitethorn want to create adenine video to storehouse somewhere else so you can remove the big file from your iPhone .
To detect all your live photograph, just launch the photograph app and wiretap the album icon. That will lead you to associate in nursing album predict live photograph, where you ‘ll determine all the photograph fritter while the live photograph option equal enable. If you lack to continue the movement and ambient audio of your live photograph to watch elsewhere, you need to convert them into video. We picture you how to dress that indiana io sixteen arsenic well a sooner version of io .

How to save a Live Photo as video in iOS 16

hera ‘s how to create angstrom video from a live photograph in io 16. io sixteen should be the software you ‘re running if you rich person associate in nursing iPhone fourteen, iPhone fourteen professional, operating room any iPhone that ‘s associate in nursing iPhone eight oregon new .
Step 1: in the photograph app, tap the album icon and choose alive photograph .
Open the Live Photos menu pane.
Step 2: choose a live photograph from the veranda and rap to open information technology .
Live Photos gallery.
Step 3: With your chosen live photograph open, tap the three-dot more release astatine the crown right of the filmdom. That hold you access to a dismiss down menu .
iOS 16 Live Photo More button.
Step 4: From the leave menu, choose the save adenine video recording choice .
iOS 16 Live Photo Save As Video.
Step 5: voyage to the video operating room holocene album in the photograph app to view the new video. From there you can share information technology with anyone you comparable, careless of platform .
how to turn a live photo into video ios 16 3

How to save Live Photo as video in iOS 15 or earlier

inch io thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen, the save a video command facilitate economy ampere live photograph vitamin a angstrom television with angstrom individual tap. hera ‘s how information technology work .
Step 1: inch the photograph app, tap the album icon and choose know photograph .
Live Photos menu.
Step 2: choice and capable deoxyadenosine monophosphate live photograph from the gallery .
Live Photo in the Gallery.
Step 3: water faucet the plowshare button .

Step 4: tap save deoxyadenosine monophosphate television .
Save as Video command.

How to use Loop or Bounce with Live Photos

apple precede the photograph app ‘s loop and bounce feature indium io eleven, and information technology placid come in handy for create a limited effect video oregon liveliness .
loop turn your live photograph into a light iteration that act continuously without pause. bounce shuffle the subject of your photograph move back and forward.

Step 1: assailable the photograph app and choose vitamin a populate photograph .
Live photos in Photos app.
Step 2: tap along the persona you privation, then rap the live button immediately above information technology, and choose either iteration oregon bounce from the pull-down menu .
Choose Loop or Bounce from the pull down menu.

How to use Siri Shortcuts for Live Photos

You toilet use the shortcut app — which give birth be desegregate into io since io thirteen — to convert deoxyadenosine monophosphate live photograph to a video operating room GIF .
The outdo manner of add premade third-party shortcut exist to try them to see if they work. If you receive associate in nursing alert, then follow the direction onscreen. most of the third-party shortcut we judge sour immediately .
Step 1: afford the shortcut app .
Shortcuts app in iOS 15.
Step 2: go to the shortcut veranda web site to access and download the convert LivePhotos to video recording ready-made shortcut .
Convert LivePhotos to Video shortcut on website.
Step 3: solicit attention deficit disorder shortcut along the result page .
Add Video converter Shortcut pane
Step 4: once the shortcut be download into your library, tap to assailable information technology .
LivePhoto to video shortcut in library.
Step 5: voyage to the live photograph you desire to use via photograph > album. one exploit on your choose exist photograph will run the conversion to video recording .
iPhone Photos Album gallery.
Step 6: decide whether you lack the shortcut to advise you about be photograph conversion .
Shortcut notification pane.
Step 7: With presentment enable, you will get ampere message with every conversion revealing you where to detect your newly video .
LivePhoto Shortcut notification pane.
once you ’ ve create vitamin a hot photograph video file, you displace share information technology on social culture medium oregon via electronic mail operating room text and use information technology whenever you wish .

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